Chapter 04: Memories – The test 1
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After that incident, Médea never went into the forest again. She closed herself in her room.

Her belief collapsed. All of them were told that they would be sent back to their village if they failed. And the cultivator’s academy? Would they treat them worse?

She had nightmares, lost her appetite, and started to lose weight.

But time couldn’t stop. Her most feared day finally came.

Médea was pale and had dark circles under her eyes. She was trembling and spent a long time to stand up. After taking a deep breath she went out.

In the hall, there were already all the families from the city. Their children were learning in a different school.

The nobles paid for private teachers, and let their children learned at home.

The cultivator families’ children didn’t just learn at home, but they would be tested by their relatives. They never came here.

„My son is really good at archery. From 100 meters distance, he can hit the middle!”

„That’s nothing, my son started to learn swordsmanship at the age of 3. In the previous week, he defeated a senior who was older by 6 years! His teacher said, he never saw another child with such good talent.”

„Oh, my daughter…”

The parents were in a big fight to show off whose child was better.

The students watched them with envy and hate. They hoped, their parents could be here too and shared their excitement.

Belinda watched the 2 teams and sighted. It was easy to see that the citizens looked down on the students from the countryside. The discrimination and hatred between the 2 sides existed everywhere.

Médea leaned against the wall a little farther away from them.

When they saw a mighty middle-aged man walking in, the noises stopped. They watched him with surprise. He was an immortal with a gentle smile on his face. They never saw him before. He wasn’t the one, who usually came for the children.

The principal was breathless while rushed down to meet with him.

„Welcome to the Lavender School, honorable elder. I’m Lavender Mikeás, the principal. How can I help you?”

„Hello, principal. I’m Fecz Horác. Sorry for coming this early, but Tarsch Gobert is in retreat. We just finished to split up his cities, and didn’t have the time to send a message.”

„In retreat? You mean he can finally ascent to the next level?!” The principal was overexcited. In their age, the change for a breakthrough rarely came.

The man smiled at him and nodded.

„Good! Good!” Mikeás happily walked over. „I’m sorry. I just intend to start the test. You will need to wait for a little longer.”

„It’s okay. If you don’t mind, I can help you out.” He watched the students and laughed. „I’m really interested in your school’s students.”

A hardly visible light ran through on the principal eyes, then bowed. „I’m sorry for troubling you with it.”

„It’s nothing, I’m used to do this.” He waved his hand and walked to the students. He felt the wrathful eyes on his back.

„Why the hell he test them?!”

„Those dirty countrymen!”

„How can they be better than my son?!”

The immortal watched the children with a gentle smile on his face. His hearing was better than ordinary humans. Of course, he heard the citizen’s whispers.

He slowly turned around, his smile became bigger, but didn’t reach his eyes.

„It’s not that I don’t want to test your children. But I’m sure, you don’t want me to touch them, because I come from the countryside too.”

The parents froze from fright. They didn’t dare to say more.

  Hahaha! I like his personality! It will be interesting if he is a teacher from the Academy.

Belinda was happy. Maybe the Academy wouldn’t be a better place, but at least there were some nice people. Médea would have a better life there. Then she suddenly froze and watched the child.

  Then why I come here? What happened?

The students were surprised. An immortal with the same origin was standing in front of them. They became excited and waited for his instructions.

Horác slowly watched the children one by one. There were 24 students. He saw their respect, and his smile became gentler.

„Hello, children. I’m Fecz Horác. I’m a teacher from the Academy.” He took out a table and a grey stone. „I’m sure, all of you know how the test is going. So please stand in a line and don’t be impatient. I need some time to check properly your bodies.”

They nodded and after some seconds they stood in a line. They didn’t try to fight for a better place or pushed the others. Even the most troublesome child was obedient.

The teachers didn’t stand far from them. They were angry. They never got so much respect from them. They couldn’t wait to give them a big lesson before sending them home.

Belinda tried to go closer to watch the test. It seemed simple, but the immortals needed completely focus on to use only pure internal energy, or he could harm the children’s bodies.

Horác grabbed the first student’s hand and sent his internal energy into his body. Little by little, he sent more in and let it run around. Simply, it was for the sake to let see if the vascular system had any problems. He let his energy circulate with the blood in the body.

Secondly, he needed to test if the body showed any rejection, or had a low receiver ability.

Lastly, the root. He needed to check if there were any reactions. The pure energy could force them into a false awakening state. It would absorb some energy, but then let it out slowly and fell asleep again.

This energy needed days to leave the body, and this was where the grey stone came at handly. It could pull out the energy after some seconds and shined. The stronger the light, the better the body’s receiver ability.

If the root showed any sign of awakening, then the color would change. Sometimes the body had a perfect condition, yet the root didn’t show any sign of awakening. Those times it needed some special treatments.

The best roots had only one color. The more colors were there, the worse the root was. For a mortal, a 5 colored root was already big luck, yet to an immortal, it was a waste.

Everyone believed that those who couldn’t awaken, they didn’t have roots.

Once a well-known immortal doctor saved a badly injured mortal. What made him surprised was that he found some signs of the internal energy in his body. It seemed, when his life was in danger, to save himself, his root awakened for a short period of time.

After the incident, he did some research and he said, ‘it’s sure, every human had roots, but not everyone could accept the world’s energy. They couldn’t awaken, because they were protecting their life.’

Belinda sighed. These things were really similar to those things she read in cultivation novels. She’s a little sad for not reading much maybe she could understand better this world.