Chapter 10: B&B 1
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In a big classroom, there were around 380 students. They stood in little teams and excitedly spoke.

It’s their last year in the academy. During these 10 years, they had joint lessons and they slowly became familiar with each other.

The teacher walked in and threw his bag on the table.

„Sit on your place and stay silent! The class will start!”

They ran to their places and sat down. Slowly, the classroom became silent and all the students paid attention to the teacher with interest.

„On the next week will be your final exams. With this, you can graduate from the academy. This time your result will affect your future because the best 200 students have the right to stay in the academy for another 10 years. You remember, the first time you entered the academy you got a mentor. Now it’s your time to become one!”

The academy located on the most energy-rich place on the whole continent. It’s the best place to cultivate. Every immortal dreamed about to stay there forever. Sorrowfully, after 10 years they needed to leave and it was really hard to get another chance to come back.

To give a chance for the best talents to cultivate, they came out with an idea. They let them stay for another 10 years, but they needed to work as a mentor. To select them, they made the exams harder than in the previous years.

The teacher walked to the blackboard and started to write on it.

„The more students you take under your wings, the more benefits the academy will give to you. To make it suggestive we let you have students depend on your result, so the better you do, the more you can get. We usually divine them like this.”

On the blackboard there was written:

1st place - 6 students

2-10th place - 5

11-30th place - 4

31-50th place - 3

51-70th place - 2

71-200th place - 1

„There will be some difference. It depends on how many new students will be here in the next year. If you want to spend more time on cultivating, you have the right to refuse to take on too many children. But don’t forget, for you to stay, you need to have at least 1. There’s no exception! And you have the right to ask for more children. You can write an application and give it to any teachers. You need to write down your performance and the cause why you think that you are qualified to have more. If you had a high place in any of the previous tournaments or races, you can use them as a reason.”

„And these new students if they can perform well, then you can get benefits for that too. Their cultivation and learning depend on your helping. If they don’t reach the standard, we have the right to send you away! So I hope that all of you will work wholeheartedly and don’t forget your duty!”

The students started to whisper with each other. The teacher didn’t care and just continued to write on the blackboard.

„The original 8 classes will take their writing exams separately. Before it was separated by professionals, but now you will have an exam from the basic knowledge about monsters, pills, herbs, seals, and arrays. Your martial arts knowledge will be tested in a real fight. And in the end, we will measure your cultivation level.”

An immortal could use his internal energy to make his voice been heard, it didn’t matter, how loud the students were. He finished writing and turned around.

„Here are the tests’ locations and times for the next week. Write it down and don’t be late! Those who will be late will be excluded, and they lost all the points for that exam.”

He walked between the tables and spoke more about the exams. The class slowly ended.

In the yard, the students stayed to speak about the mentoring. They were sure they would pass and didn’t intend to spend more time on learning.

A bigger team with a lot of girls stood around a young man. He had blond hair and a gentle smile on his face.

„Zotmund, what do you think about the mentoring?”

„I’m really waiting for it. As a man my responsible to protect girls, so I hope I can get more under my wings. I will teach them properly, so they can protect themselves.” he said proudly.

„Such a gentleman!”

„Oh, why I’m not younger by 10 years?!”

They started to look up to him.

„Gentleman my ass, he just wants to build out his own harem!” a passing-by boy said mockingly.

The girls were stunned.

Zotmund felt the cold sweat running down on his forehead. He watched around to find a way to change the subject.

He saw a woman standing not far from them. Her head was down, watching the floor. She seemed really depressed.

„Little Nani, what’s the problem? Why are you so sad?” he ran there and grabbed her hands.

„Zotmund, you bastard! You violated your promise and treat it as if nothing happened!” she cried out angrily.

„Promise? I’m sorry! You know my final exams are on the next week. I spend a lot of time on studying. I read a lot of books and forgot everything else.” he apologized, then knelt down. „Excuse me, but can you tell to this slave, what’s he forgot?”

„You!” her face became completely red, then whispered. „You promised to visit me yesterday! You know my time as a mentor ended, and we can’t meet after this…”

Her voice died down and she picked the ground with her shoes.

„My class ended for today, and I’m done with studying, so if it’s good for you, I’m free for the whole afternoon.”

„Really?!” she excitedly looked up.

She didn’t care about the women around them, just grabbed Zotmund’s hand and pulled him toward her room.

They disappeared for the rest of the day.

The next morning, the students saw Zotmund walking into the cafeteria with a smirk on his face…