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"Fuck," James said desperately, holding his broken leg, "I knew it would end like this one day," he puts his last clip into the M16

(8 hours earlier)

She fears with Aqua and Fey to the mission goal. Aim of the mission to destroy the lair of demons on the islands in the Pacific. It's strange that only the three of us are flying, for two magic girls it will be difficult. Intelligence data did not mention what monsters there, what does the base of the defense force look like, it is flying to certain death


- "Hey, you will go on slacking" - shouted Aqua arrogantly

- "You know perfectly well that this is the maximum speed of this backpack," I said irritably. Now it will be the main point of any mission to poke fun at me to build up my ego or just their dislike of men. It irritates me when I have the opportunity to take revenge

- "It just excuses, you always slow us down, but as a shield you are perfect," she laughed arrogantly.

- "Close those pussy lips, we are in place" - my irritation level was at its zenith. You can see that he is turning red with anger. She tried to attack me, but the welcoming committee warned her.

The fight over the land lasted a long time, but there was no base anywhere, everyone looked as if they were waiting for us. One thought of the traitor, he put up the two weakest of the five, you can see that their mana is running out and they have no way to fill it, I still have 2 magazines and it is probably half full


I fucking knew this day was going to be unlucky.

-Ahhhh! FUCKINGGGGGG! - A demon pierced my thigh

Tries to crawl on Magic Girls. In the communicator, I hear a voice saying that in 15 seconds, emergency evacuation through teleportation. Aqua is trying to crawl the emergency stone. Well, he smiles mockingly and disappears in the stream of white light, I am touching a tree

- "If I have died here so easily you will not take me !!!!" - I shouted as much strength in my throat as I am killing more monsters and in M16 I have no ammunition. I take out my Colt and shoot until the magazine is empty. Demons are slowly approaching me, my body is already retired.


from getting tired and losing blood, is it over I think. I can't finish like this. Arya will be left alone, after the death of my parents, only I was left as her only family.


But this is the end, I can see the massive demon's hand approaching implicitly to deliver the final blow.

- "Ara Ara. "- Violet premieres appeared from the sky, massacring demons -" little man playing with a soldier ...... poor human. "

Until there was a pretty mesmerizing charming voice, all the pain was gone, only a feeling of excitement appeared. I see a girl, about 18 years old, slowly descending from the sky, with long silver hair and purple eyes with sharp features. Big tits I think it's an E-cup dressed pretty slutty. Her peeling something quite tight because you can clearly see her nipples and the outline of her pussy. She looks at me as if she found the perfect toy.


- "I can see it through your eyes, you want revenge? - she said bluntly - "right?"

"Yes, but in this state, revenge isn't my main concern," I said sarcastically

- "I see, I see" - she clapped in her hand - "Can I offer you power? I am able to give you the power to take revenge "

"And you think it's so easy going with a demon?" I said sarcastically

-"Yes!" - She said happily with a beautiful smile "you do not want to leave your little sister will be sad, right?"

- "Bitch" - I said under my breath - "What's the catch"

-"hook?" - she said with surprise - "there is none"

- "Yes, if I destroy these five bitches in revenge, your fucking organization will turn the world upside down," I said in anger

- "What not polite, but I like you anyway if you were a girl I would fall in love with you" - she said seductively

-"What?!" I said, surprised another lesbian

- "There is one thing that connects us both we have been betrayed, by helping you you will become stronger then you will help me, you do not think that this is a good pass. And I advise you to hurry in a few moments, you will not be allowed to rejoice, there is no magic of resurrection- "he points to my pierced thighs which I have forgotten.

- "I have no choice but to do this, but know one thing, I will not be your pet once before I was, so what should I do?

A smile implicitly warm my heart was beating with excitement - "Nothing much, you must die once" - she said happily, and I did not manage to deal with how the stream hit me.


purple light I felt nothing pain but boundless darkness. When after a while I feel soft on something.