Chapter 1 – New life
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James drifted in the dark remembering how it all started when the whole world started fucking …


It was 15 years ago 2020, archaeologists found catacombs in China, they could not add. While exploring the crypt, they didn't know it was a mythical pandora's box. Without thinking, they opened it, the whole expedition died in a second. The evil world wave along with the demons. Seven sins are freed from demons, and seven women are in possession of it. The region where evil has been released has been called the region of darkness where there is eternal night. After the demons, mana appeared in the world, and in some areas, mana began to crystallize and became a new strategic resource. At the same time, the seven virtues appeared and created seven magical girls. To fight the demons, a special unit was created in cooperation with all nations. Thanks to mana crystals, they created super soldiers like me who had the strength to fight demons …


James starts to wake up slowly, he is lying on something soft, with his eyes still closed he touches he knows this feeling he heard a gentle "kya" very well


- "I see that the sleeping beauty woke up for a week you were asleep, darling" - the familiar voice of the witch from the woods, said


-"Weekly…?!" - When he said the words, he grabbed his lips something happened to his voice, he became very sweet and feminine, he looked down saw a pair of big d-cup tits very firm with medium-sized cherries on the tops. When he looked at the crotch, he saw only pubic hair cut to a belt.


- ”She fucking did something to me! “There was pure fury in his voice


- "I turned into a girl" - she kissed him with a strong French kiss and stuck out two fingers - "he recalled to you in the forest, if you were a girl I would fall in love with you" giggling and closing your finger - "and the main reason why I want to take revenge on these magical girls, only girls can use magical power as you intend to fight them "- she kissed her with another kiss -" Look how cute you are now "- a mirror appeared in front of James' face. 

He could see the face of the young girl about 16 years long. A small nose and mouth of beautiful purple large eyes were all adorned with black hair with purple accents. When she momentarily looked around, she was in a large room looking like a cement block apartment room, overlooking the Tokyo tower. She lay in a King size bed. James began to slowly come to terms with the fact that he suddenly realized what his sister was.


- "Seeing everything on your face, everything starts to come to you" - she sighed - "I took care of your sister-in-law I will not leave people with strangers, in the end, there is still a minor truth" - she giggled quite playfully playing with the girl's nipple "- don't worry I didn't take it for a hostage she lives in your little house, but I didn't say anything about your condition, she was at your supposed funeral "- she looked at the girl sadly" - Where are my manners - "she coughed softly -" I'm Lilith the goddess of lust, your old name does not match to you so as a man you will be hmm Alice Alice yes Alice Black, and your real name as a magical girl is Alisha the witch of lust "- caresses Alice's cheek gently

-"Magic Girl?" he asked in surprise


- "Yes" - she chuckled slightly ironically - "only another magic girl can defeat another, as there are seven deadly sins there are also seven virtues, but in your case, you should call the fallen magic girl the truth or a witch sounds better" - bites an ear lobe. Strange energy circulates through Alice's body all the time, which slowly warms up his body.


"But a girl," - sighed Alice


- "Don't be sad, you've become a very sexy girl plus now you're 16, I like younger" - she licked lasciviously - "are you more worried that I castrated you and you don't have your small penis? Do not worry, as the witch of the lord can conjure it for a moment, but be careful you can get pregnant "- after these words she touched her clitoris, an intense purple light shone in the place of the clitoris, a penis of about 25 cm with a circumference of 5 cm grew, Alice's body went numb for a moment -" do you see "He brings his penis closer to the girl's vagina -

" I think there will be the first person to lose her virginity as a man and now as a woman - "she quickly inserted it inside, sex lasted a good couple of hours. The sheets were stained with Alice's blood, her juices and Lilith's sperm.


After bathing together, Lilith handed her a bag of clothes. The lingerie was either sex shop or very slutty. She dressed as normal.


- ”So what's the plan? And will you not mind if I tell Airi about myself "- she asked Alicja, already giving up completely.


- "It will be easy for her to accept the fact that she now has a sister"


- "It will be easier than being dead," he said honestly and having a feeling that she would like her current self more


- "I understand, I enrolled you in a school where magic girls attend, as your domain is lust, you are very sensitive to it plus I can control it, I'm not a good teacher, so come Eila" - she clapped her hands. Loli entered the room in a gothic dress and blonde hair with twin ponytails. Loli had a chest size C in both hands she was holding a teddy bear.

- "Who is this loli" - I asked curiously


- "Elia is one of my servants and now your servant can do whatever you want with her because sex toy or perfect weapon is all up to you" - she chuckled - "have fun, this apartment is mine so you can use her, and a little advice do not hold back his desires ”- after these words, he kissed me on the lips.

I wanted to go to training looking, but the date and time is Friday 2 pm. First I will visit my old house and tell Airi the truth, knowing her will help me with revenge at first I wanted to kill them but I had a better idea to turn them into my toys depending on mine touch. 

After these thoughts, I went shopping, bought ingredients for loli, went to chocolate, and was sweet. Everyone is staring at me and I can feel their excitement, it's nice how women get excited at the sight of me, but I still feel her gaze on my tits and ass. After an hour of shopping, Alicja bought the necessary things, she entered the apartment, no one was there, she noticed her altar with lit incense, she destroyed it in anger and started making her sister's hot tempura dinner.


After some time she came into the apartment I ran into the kitchen it was a short blonde girl type of beauty loli about 150 cm tall long blonde hair her breasts are big c-cup


- "bra ..." - she broke in half as she noticed that her brother is only a strange woman cooking in her kitchen, she blushed slightly at the sight of her. She noticed that the altar was broken, her face turned red with anger

“What the fuck have you done and who are you!” She screamed in fury


- "Altars become dead" -


- "Are you from the army? But he says he is dead, " -he says in tears

- "I'm not from the army, your brother did not die, but was left to die" - she took a deep breath - "now you have a sister instead of your brother" - she pointed at herself with the finger


- "HA ?! I don't believe it, ”she screamed


sighed - "Okay Airi-chan, you're an informal lesbian with a sister fetish, you hide your porn in fake books when you were little fell out of a tree you have a scar on your knee"

- "James?" he says incredulously.


"Now Alice," she sighed


Airi threw herself hard at Alice and hugged her. He feels his sister getting excited more, but surprisingly she feels a strange tingling sensation in her crotch too. I can't go to bed with my sister! He is unconsciously stroking her ass