Chapter 34 (part 2)
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Han Yanyan didn't leave the police station immediately. Instead, she went to the bathroom to wash her face. She had had a shock tonight, and it had taken her until now to recover a little.

She looked in the mirror to see a beautiful face.

Every "Han Yanyan" was young and beautiful, as if being young and beautiful was a prerequisite. Just like the online novels of today, when readers could not accept unattractive female leads.

She washed her face. Clean water couldn't usually remove makeup, but thankfully her makeup was light, and her lipstick had been chewed off by Yao Chen, that hooligan. Her mascara was waterproof, so it wouldn't stain the rest of her face. Looking at the face in the mirror, she found that although it was still beautiful, it was no more beautiful than before. It wasn't the face of a peerless beauty.

Han Yanyan was a little obsessed with peerless beauty. She had written many beautiful ladies who were victorious purely on account of their faces, no hard work needed. She had always had the pipe dream of having a face that could launch a thousand ships.

She didn't know what on earth was wrong with her fate. She was in Leo's hands now, and there was nowhere to escape, and indeed she had no idea how to escape, so at the very least she should be able to have some fun in her bitterness. She just wanted to be a peerless beauty, and she hadn't yet been one so far.

She dried her face and looked at it. Her eyes and nose were lovely. Although thin, her face was not the pointed, awl-like shape of an online celebrity. The lines of her cheeks were soft, gentle and intellectual. She had a pleasant, comfortable type of beauty.

When her face was dry, she left the police station. As soon as she walked out the door, she wanted to curse.

Although she had to wear a mini skirt to work at the club, it was actually late autumn in this world. When she had been pulled out of the clubhouse, the policewoman had given her her vest to cover herself in the likely event of a wardrobe malfunction, since her own vest and shirt buttons had been torn off by Yao Chen. Dressed in a thin vest and shirt, Han Yanyan's bare legs trembled in the cold evening breeze. She searched her pockets and found nothing. Let alone a wallet, she didn't even have her cell phone.

The police had brought them all to the police station in handcuffs. There hadn't been time to put on a coat or bring a wallet. As for her phone, it had been in her original vest pocket, so it was likely still in Room 812.

Han Yanyan wavered on whether or not to go back and borrow the money for a taxi from Jiang Ye. But then she reconsidered - if she had too many dealings with the police in this world, it might hinder her strategy against Yao Chen. In the end, she decided to take a taxi back to Jinhao1Golden Tyrant, more or less Club, which Yao Chen owned, and pay the driver's fare when she found her wallet.

Unexpectedly, there were no taxis at the gate of the police station. Who went in and out of the police station at night? No taxi driver wanted to get mixed up in that!

Rubbing her arms with her hands, Han Yanyan had to walk some distance in the hopes that she could get a taxi. The police station wasn't located in a busy area. After she had waited for a while, it wasn't a taxi but a black limousine that stopped in front of her. Her eyes hardened slightly.

Someone stepped off to open the passenger side door for her. Han Yanyan bent down slightly to look inside and met Yao Chen's eyes. She shivered and heard him say, "Get in the car."

Han Yanyan didn't hesitate, but got into the limo and sat down opposite him. The car was heated, and suddenly going from chilly to warm, she sneezed twice.

Yao Chen looked over at her. Holding his cigarette in his mouth, he took off his suit jacket and threw it at her. Han Yanyan quickly put it on, sniffled and said, "Thank you."

He merely inhaled from his cigarette and exhaled white smoke.

Although the car was a limo, it was still a confined space. Han Yanyan immediately found it hard to breathe.

Yao Chen probably didn't know what being a gentleman was. Although he was now wearing a fancy suit, he was in fact a gangster who never graduated high school. He had fought his way up to his current position from the streets. Now, he was the uncrowned king of the underground world of K City. One couldn't expect such a man to be polite enough to take the initiative of putting out his cigarette in front of a lady.

Even in the car, he always sat with one ankle on the other knee. It was a posture that showed the dominance embedded deep into his bones.

Thankfully, this limo had two rows of seats facing each other. It was spacious enough that with Han Yanyan facing backwards and sitting diagonally from Yao Chen, their knees didn't touch.

The rear compartment lights were on. It was a soft, dim light. Yao Chen examined her from head to toe and finally asked, "What's your name?"

"Han Yanyan," she answered.

Yao Chen nodded. He opened the compartment underneath the armrest, took out two bundles of banknotes and threw them at her. "For you."

One fell on the seat and the other on Han Yanyan's legs, red bills against fair skin. The contrast made one think about transactions involving money and sex.