Chapter 35 (part 1)
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Although she had once joked that "I wish some rich man would slap me in the face with a wad of cash", this was in fact the very first time Han Yanyan had had money thrown at her. With curses in her heart but no expression on her face, she tucked the two bundles away into the only two pockets she had - the left and right pockets of her vest.

"Thank you, Mr. Yao."

Yao Chen nodded. "You deserve it."

He exhaled again.

Eldest Miss Han used to smoke in the previous world, but this Han Yanyan had a very low tolerance of secondhand smoke. She choked up and coughed.

A brand-new world, a brand-new body.

In the dim light, Yao Chen's bright eyes assessed her. "We were in a rush before, so I didn't get to ask. How did you know?"

Han Yanyan looked up at the mission goal of this world.

He had on a completely different face, but the aura he gave off was just as powerful. But what made Han Yanyan even more uncertain than his oppressive presence was the familiarity she had sensed when he had pressed her down on the sofa for an act.

She called it an act, but Yao Chen had done it for real. If the police had taken their time, she thought he might actually have had sex with her.

Back then, as soon as she had tipped him off, he had only given her a look, then chosen to believe her without asking any questions. Trading partners and goods were immediately shown out, and then he had taken her by the arm, dragged her into his embrace, ripped open her shirt and said to her, "Cooperate with me. I'll make it worth your while."

At that time, Han Yanyan had been mentally prepared for anything to happen. Yao Chen had lowered her onto the sofa, tore open her clothes and made out with her. He was an experienced man and easily found her sensitive spots. Touched expertly, given pleasure, Han Yanyan responded without even knowing and their bodies seemed to merge.

When she realized what was happening, the little hairs on her body stood erect.

Cold sweat prickled the nape of her neck.

A man and a woman who had been lovers for a long time were intimately familiar with each other's habits. He wore a completely different face, he was a completely different man, yet when Yao Chen's body entangled hers, she recognized him immediately.

Ding Yao!

It was like an explosion went off in her brain. Just then, the police rushed in, and Yao Chen let her go. She didn't realize how white her face was.

It wasn't until she was taken to the interrogation room at the police station and repeatedly soothed by the policewoman that she slowly recovered her calm.

She looked at Yao Chen. She had switched to a new body and a new face. Was it the same for Ding Yao? If Yao Chen was Ding Yao, would he recognize her too? Would he, just like her, recognize her through the fit of their bodies and the habits of her caress?

Han Yanyan regarded him, full of thoughts. But Yao Chen seemed no different. He only narrowed his eyes, waiting for her answer.

The girl was looking at him strangely. Her dark, varnished eyes were too deep and mature for her young face.

However, this was quite normal for the sort of girl who worked in a nightclub. Those girls invariably came from poverty, and often grew up quickly compared to their peers. Not to mention this girl, who had been shrewd enough to tip him off in that situation, daring enough to cooperate with him when acting for the police, and was quite a realistic actress on top of that.

"I overheard it by accident." Han Yanyan didn't try to dodge the question, but looked Yao Chen in the eye. "I was feeling a little uncomfortable, and I thought I would sit down for a bit in the prep room. I was sitting on a stool in the corner, behind a shelf, so the policewoman didn't see me when she came in. She thought the room was empty, so she used her comm to make a report to the policemen outside. I heard everything. "

A very fair and reasonable explanation that conveniently also made her out to sound 'decisive'.

Yao Chen found it quite interesting. Thanks to Han Yanyan's face, most people would think that she would be the sort of person to turn in money to the police station and call them when she saw a thief. But instead, she had chosen to tip him off.

"It's because I need the money," Han Yanyan answered his question.

"How long have you been working in Jinhao?"

"Two months," she replied. "My classmate introduced me. She said that I would make more money earning tips than tutoring."

Female college students.

Yao Chen was no stranger to this group. He had several 'financial companies' under his name which specialized in loans targeting young female students1Simply put, these loans take naked videos and photos of a girl as a 'deposit'. They are very high-interest, as you would expect, and if the girl cannot repay in time, they either sell the videos online or blackmail her by sending them to her family. Girls are oftentimes forced into prostitution like this. Anyway, suffice to say that Yao Chen is scum, scum, scum, 100x scum. More reading if you like.. It went without saying that there were plenty of undergrads and grad students among the escorts working at Jinhao. His brothers were all mostly uneducated, and men like them were very keen on sleeping with young women more highly educated than themselves. It gave them great satisfaction and stroked their ego, so female college students were particularly popular.

Yao Chen once again met Han Yanyan's eyes. While in the private room, his thoughts had not been on her. He had had her under him on the sofa, but his ears were on the sounds outside the door, wondering if his business partner had left in time and whether or not the boxes of goods had been safely transferred.

But now his eyes swept over Han Yanyan's slender, graceful neck and tantalizing legs. It suddenly occurred to him that in the few seconds before the police had broken in, the girl's soft body had seemingly surrendered to him.

"Are you very short of money?" he asked.

Han Yanyan lowered her eyes. "One of my family members is sick..."

"Being an escort will make you more money than waitressing." Yao Chen took a puff of his cigarette. "With your face and my backing, I can guarantee that you'll be popular."

She looked up at him, her lips tightly pressed together, and said nothing.

Yao Chen observed her beautiful face. "No?"

"I don't want to," Han Yanyan replied.

"Why not?" he asked. "You don't have to work this hard."

First make the worst offer, then throw out a slightly better one. For those who are forced to choose, the latter seems more acceptable. Han Yanyan's hands clenched tightly inside her sleeves. Here, once again, was a familiar feeling.

Her lips moved. She almost called out that name. Then she pinched herself inside her sleeves. Awake again, she refused in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Mr. Yao. I have a boyfriend."

Yao Chen sneered a little, raised his chin ever so slightly, and said it didn't matter. "Where do you live?" he asked again. "I'll send you back. "

"I have to go back to the club," she replied. "All my things are still there."

Yao Chen pressed the intercom in the car and said to the driver, "Back to Jinhao."