Chapter 38 (part 2)
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Han Yanyan tidied herself up neatly and went out. Though her wardrobe couldn't be updated for the time being, she couldn't skimp on underwear. She went to the mall and bought herself several new sets of underwear, then to an electronics store for a new laptop - not for her brother, of course, but for herself. She had been using the computers in the school lab, and borrowing her boyfriend's laptop at home, but now that he was gone he had obviously taken his laptop with him for his studies. Since there was no living without a computer, Han Yanyan bought one for herself.

Then she had an exquisite lunch and spent the afternoon in a cozy little coffee shop.

This was the life, girl! - if 'Student Han Yanyan' had a soul, Han Yanyan would have liked to tell her that.


When she went to work that night, her supervisor told her, "You're in charge of Area 8." Area 8 contained Room 812.

Han Yanyan couldn't see much difference. Their areas of responsibility changed with the shift schedule. She had been in charge of Area 8 before.

Yao Chen appeared that evening, trailed by his brothers. Han Yanyan leaned against the wall to make way for them, and bowed slightly with the tray in her hands. "Mr. Yao." Yao Chen's footsteps stopped before her.

Han Yanyan looked up at him with her dark, ink-black eyes. "Thank you for last night, Mr. Yao."

Yao Chen nodded. Then without even a grunt of acknowledgment, continued on his way.

One moment caring enough to send a little brother to pick her up, the next moment acting like a passer-by. If this had been some fantasy romance with a despotic tyrant, the woman might surely have lost her heart by now.

First being cold, then being kind, then switching freely between the two modes, had this man taken pick-up artist lessons or something?

If she thought about it, it was impossible to rise from a street thug to a mafia boss only on the strength of fighting and killing. Being able to command the hearts of others was a necessary prerequisite. He may not have taken pick-up artist lessons, but he knew naturally how to understand and grasp hearts.

Holding her tray, Han Yanyan turned back to work.

No, what the man had done yesterday had already shown his interest in her. Even if he didn't make a move now, he would move sooner or later. She couldn't take the initiative in the matter, or it would all fall apart.

On Monday and Tuesday she took a rest, going nowhere except school. Since "Student Han Yanyan" was always busy working and making money, she had no special friends among the other students, though she got along with them for the most part. Han Yanyan had no intention of growing close to any of them.

A woman in a mission world didn't need friends.

Her father called her several times to yell at her. The moment he began raising his voice, Han Yanyan simply hung up. This man was clearly living in modern times, yet his mind was full of feudal ideas. He felt that "Since I gave you life, you should be glad to work like an ox for me for as long as you live. Your brother is the only root of our old X family, and as a sister it's your duty to spend your life making his as easy as possible."

Thanks for giving me life, bye. Hang up, block.

After nearly a week of stalemate, the family finally realized that their daughter had grown up. Her wings had hardened, and she would no longer pay up after a few scolding words. Her father stopped calling and her mother went into battle instead, crying endlessly.

"I'm a little short of money this month," Han Yanyan told her. "So I won't be sending any home."

Hang up, block.

The world fell silent.


Perhaps it was because Yao Chen had been busy these last few days, but she hadn't seen him for almost a week. If he wasn't there, then neither was undercover Xiao Yang.

Han Yanyan went to school during the day, worked at night, had no social life, and lived like a hermit.

Though her base salary wasn't much, there was a commission for selling drinks and considerable tips. Han Yanyan had done very well with liquor sales this week, and her supervisor praised her. "It's like you gained enlightenment all of a sudden or something!"

A silly, naïve student was different from someone who had been out in society for years. Han Yanyan was able to talk the local tyrants into buying a lot of wine, yet also cleverly avoid their grasping hands. These were all things 'Student Han Yanyan' could never have done.

But if one walks by the roadside, one will sooner or later step into a puddle. Han Yanyan eventually met someone who couldn't be deflected.

A chubby Minister Liu took a fancy to her and appeared in Jinhao for three days straight, asking for her by name.

To escape him, she had switched shifts with a male colleague. Believe it or not, the fat bastard had followed her into the corridor, blocked her way, and when she had fended off his piggish hands, deliberately poured wine on his own suit. He then claimed that the suit cost 20,000 yuan and demanded that she pay for a new one.

"If you don't have the money, come have a few drinks with me," the fat man offered. "Who knows, maybe I'll forget all about it."

Han Yanyan had been listening to her fellow colleagues from the club tell stories. She was well aware that these 'few drinks' were part of a scheme. Who knew what would be added to the wine? After one drank it, you would then lose consciousness, and the other would have his way with you.

She stared at the fat man. His eyes were puffy, and his footing  unstable. She figured she should be able to take him.

Yes, she wanted to complete her mission, but not so much that she would go to bed with this greasy middle aged man. Well, if she thought about it, the "frank and honest student angrily beating up a rich lecher" character setting wasn't bad either. Maybe it would surprise Yao Chen. If she really had to pay up, she could look to Yao Chen to borrow money, and if he took the opportunity to blackmail her, she could also seize the chance to tie him down.

All these potential routes in mind, Han Yanyan clenched her fist. Secretly, she shifted her body, coiling herself up to mow down the fat man the moment he stretched out his lecherous paws toward her.

Those lecherous paws did indeed reach out. Han Yanyan's eyes swept downward toward the fat man's private parts. Her heels lifted, her knees bent, and just as she was about to deliver a blow that would cut off any possibility of grandchildren--

Someone stepped in and stopped the hands reaching out.

The 'Tyrant Saves the Beauty' soap opera had begun.