Chapter 40 (part 1)
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Han Yanyan turned over to get a look at the man lying behind her, and woke him. He gave her a kick underneath the quilt. "Wake up and go shower. You stank all night."

It was Yao Chen.

Her hangover hadn't gone away quite so easily. Han Yanyan's body felt weak. As she propped herself up to a sitting position with some effort, she caught sight of Yao Chen beside her. The man had just been woken. His brow was creased, and he let out a sleepy groan, quite unlike the usual Mr. Yao or Boss Yao, who hid a dagger behind his smile.

Han Yanyan ducked her head and lifted up the quilt to check her body, only to be overwhelmed by the foul fumes of alcohol rising up in waves. She almost threw up again.

Yao Chen finally opened his eyes. Inclining his head to one side, he caught sight of her slender shoulders and her waist slim enough to make a man hard as stone.

Last night, this woman had been drunk and hazy, whispering "no" while her limp hand lightly brushed his Adam's apple; looking for all the world like a forlorn and lonely fairy, but actually a nymph in fairy skin, who could make a man die in her arms!

As those nimble, naughty fingers had seduced him, Yao Chen swallowed, and then he saw her eyes shoot open. Knowing that it wasn't going to be good, he had gotten up, pulled Han Yanyan to her feet, and carried her to the bathroom. One step away from the door, that unruly, seductive nymph had thrown up all over them both. 

Boss Yao could only admit his bad luck and clean up after her.

Now he cocked his head. Seeing her back, he remembered what a good time he had had the night before. Reaching out, he caressed her waist.

Han Yanyan quickly turned.

"Don't look at me like you're seeking revenge for the death of your father." Yao Chen sat up. The bedding slipped down - he had a firm chest and cut abs.

Lighting a cigarette, he took a drag as if the two of them had just had sex and he was having an afterglow cigarette.

"Go on, go take a shower. Don't worry - your chastity is still perfectly intact." He laughed viciously. "I didn't have sex with you."

She really didn't feel anything different about her body. Furthermore, her underwear was still on.

Han Yanyan didn't know whether it was a win or a loss. What she had bet on was that a certain sort of self-proclaimed 'charming' men wanted both a woman's body and her heart. Here you were, thinking that you would surely be raped, yet when you wake you find that the man didn't touch you. You felt a sense of relief, gratitude and trust. But for the man, it was merely the difference between going to bed with you now or going to bed with you later.

The real game was to move your heart.

But Han Yanyan felt like perhaps she was thinking a little too highly of Yao Chen. He probably hadn't slept with her last night because...

"Hurry up and go wash. I'm about to suffocate," he told her in disgust.

As soon as he said so, she felt like throwing up again.

There was a used bath towel in a heap on the stool at the end of the bed. All Han Yanyan was capable of doing was snag it, wrap it around herself, and stumble into the bathroom. There she vomited for a long time before feeling a little better. After taking a bath and blow-drying her hair, she found her clothes and bra where Yao Chen had thrown them into the trash, stinking horribly. But there was a bathrobe in the bathroom, and she came out wrapped in it.

Yao Chen was sitting at the head of the bed making a phone call. When she came out, he signaled to her, telling her not to say anything. Han Yanyan stopped in her tracks and stood there, watching him.

The phone call was quickly over. Yao Chen hung up and told her, "Come here."

Going forward meant obedience, going backward meant fear. She didn't move.

"Thank you for helping me out of a fix, sir. Last night was an accident. I'm grateful that nothing happened. I... ah!"

Before she could finish her routine lines, Yao Chen lifted the quilt and stood up, then dragged her into his arms, sitting them both back on the bed.

Instinctively, Han Yanyan struggled, but with his arms pinning her, she couldn't move at all. As she was about to speak, he nibbled on her ear from behind. "Come now, don't pretend."

She paused and turned to look at him.

The tip of Yao Chen's nose was nearly touching hers. A faint smile quirked the corner of his mouth. "You know exactly what sort of person you are, so don't pretend in front of me." Last night when they had contested against each other, only the two of them understood and knew the feeling.

Han Yanyan's heart thudded in slight alarm, but she said, looking normal, "What do you mean?"

"You look serious on the outside," he sneered, "But deep inside, you're quite a naughty little girl."

She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Did you and your boyfriend split up?"

Han Yanyan suddenly lifted her eyes to his.

Yao Chen threw the phone on the bedside table onto her lap. "Idiot. All your cute loving little photos were deleted. Did you break up?"

After Xiao Xu had left, Han Yanyan had deleted all of 'Han Yanyan's' photo albums so that there would no longer be any traces of her in this life. Yao Chen had shamelessly browsed through her photos again.

"That's none of your business, sir," she answered.

She attempted to break away, but Yao Chen's arm around her waist was like iron.

"Don't move. If you make me get all excited you'll only have yourself to blame." He blew smoke in her face.

She choked and coughed on the smoke, but she could indeed feel him hardening under her, so she stopped moving.

One arm holding her fast, Yao Chen flicked the ash off his cigarette. "My previous offer is still valid. I'll make it to you again - follow me, and you'll never again worry about money. The treatment fees for your brother are problems easily solved. This time you no longer have a boyfriend. Think about it. "

Having said these ruffian-like words, he put out the cigarette, reached in under the hem of her bathrobe and groped upwards.