Chapter 40 (part 2)
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Han Yanyan caught Yao Chen's groping hand, looked up at him and asked, "Mr. Yao, do you want to hear the truth?"

Yao Chen raised an eyebrow. "Go on."

"It's true that I'm currently in financial difficulty, and that the main reason is due to my brother's medical fees. But more importantly, it's also because I'm still a student. I have no full-time job nor source of fixed income. I may be working for you right now, but me working for one of your businesses is a coincidence. Yes, I'm earning good money there, but when I graduate with a decent education, I'll have a decent job, a decent life, and a decent boyfriend." Han Yanyan used four 'decents' in a row to get the point across. "I take my future seriously1she uses a term that I can't think of an equivalent for, where she implies that she is a 'good girl', who conforms to classic moral norms and I have every step planned. I can't accept a courtship that isn't heading toward marriage, let alone a relationship of casual sex."

Yao Chen stuck his tongue into his cheek. He felt like he had a toothache.

"To hear you say so, am I not decent?" he asked.

Han Yanyan's eyes were deep and unfathomable.

"You, sir? You're 'Boss Yao'," she stated calmly. "I may not have been at Jinhao for a long time, but I've heard a lot about your deeds. Mr. Yao, you and I don't live in the same world. The life you're thinking of giving me and the life I want are completely opposed to each other. I just want to live a simple life, so won't you please let me go?"

Their eyes met. Yao Chen clenched his teeth and loosened his arm.

Han Yanyan stood up, tidied her loose bathrobe and asked, "Where are we?"

"Jinhao, the fifth floor," Yao Chen answered lazily.

"Do you have any clothes here?"

"No," he said wickedly.

Han Yanyan: "..."

She tamped down what she actually wanted to say, and instead said, "Thank you, then I'll be going." She bent down and picked up the key to her locker.

"Why go anywhere?"

"I'm a student," Han Yanyan said, dumbfounded. "I have to go to school."

"Ahh," said Yao Chen, as if suddenly enlightened.

Having found out that she was still at Jinhao, Han Yanyan left in her bathrobe. After she was gone, Yao Chen lit another cigarette, took a deep breath, spat white smoke at the ceiling, and sneered, "A decent and respectable family."

It was still morning. Jinhao was closed, but there were a few people still on duty inside. Han Yanyan ignored their strange looks, went to the staff locker room, and changed back into her own clothes. She didn't care about feeling any shame.

What was the big deal about shame? In these worlds, even loving or hating was meaningless, let alone embarrassment.


Before she could leave Jinhao's parking lot, a sports car drifted over to prevent her. The car nearly brushed her skirt as it stopped. If the driver's hand had slipped, she could have been sent flying.

The window rolled down. Yao Chen lifted his chin in a nod and ordered, "Get in."

She didn't move. He raised an eyebrow. Han Yanyan gave up resisting and opened the car door to get into the passenger side.

"What else can I do for you, sir?" she asked.

"Nothing. I'm sending you to school," Yao Chen replied. "University S, isn't it? Fasten your seat belt."

"You don't have to se....." Before she could finish her sentence, the car engine roared. It shot out of the parking lot like an arrow, forcing her to fasten her seat belt.

"If you really want to live a decent life, don't hang out in Jinhao." Yao Chen told her on the way. "I've seen a lot of girls like you, wanting to earn a few tips through your beauty. In the end, they find that the money they earn even after working hard for a month can't be compared to spreading your legs as an escort for a night. Every day you watch other people have fun getting drunk, you meet a few local influentials or rich second generations who court you, and your mind becomes hazy. In the end, when they've had their fun and dump you, you'll be another familiar face among the escorts in less than a year. All of them vowed at the beginning that they would get out of the mud without being stained2referring to a lotus flower, which emerges from a muddy pond without stains.."

"Are you going to fire me, sir?" she asked.

"I'm telling you that you should change your job." 

"I'm still a student. All I can work are part-time jobs, and this is the most well-paying one I can find," Han Yanyan replied. "Don't worry, sir. My mind is clear."

"Being clear-headed is exactly what I like about you." Yao Chen's mouth quirked in a smile. "I have another job for you, if you want it."

"...What is it?" she asked.

"Being my girlfriend."

"I'm being serious. Don't you want a serious, decent courtship? I'll give you a name and a title3referring to the title of 'girlfriend', as opposed to an unnamed, casual 'mistress'.," Yao Chen said solemnly.

University S wasn't far away. As they spoke, one could see the tall library building in the distance. Han Yanyan rubbed her temples and told him, "Please drop me off at the north gate."

The car came to a halt at the north gate, and she opened the door to get out. "What time does class end in the evening?" Yao Chen called.

"What are you thinking of doing, sir?" she asked.

"Chasing you, of course," he laughed. "Didn't you want to be courted? I'll give you a ride to work. "

Han Yanyan was left speechless. "Will you stop making fun of me?"

"Absolutely not."

She could only tell him, "I take the bus to work after school. You won't find me here if you come."

Yao Chen said with a smile, "I wouldn't count on that." When he was done speaking, he stepped on the accelerator and roared off.

Watching the sports car recede into the distance, the corners of Han Yanyan's lips turned up in a smile.

Not bad progress at all for one day. All her refusals to him were playing hard to get, retreating in order to advance. He fancied himself a master of romance, and she had given him a well-bred, respectable girl from a decent family. Yao Chen had obviously taken the bait.

During class Han Yanyan was still pondering the matter. When Yao Chen came to pick her up that night, how could she control the situation and make more progress? But she had forgotten that Yao Chen was a thug, one who didn't go by the regular routines of ordinary bullies.

After school, she received a text from him saying, "I'll be waiting for you at the North Gate."

Along with the message was attached a nude photo of herself.

The mission goal of this world was complete scum. It made Han Yanyan extremely happy.