Chapter 33: Prologue of vol 3
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(Author POV)

"Shinazugawa! Stop your attacks, the demon isn't regenerating anymore!"

"It's over" screamed Gyomei as he stopped Sanemi.

"THAT FUCK-EYED BASTARD!" screamed Sanemi as he woke up.

"The battle is over?" muttered Muichiro.

"Aniki, we did it." said Genya.

They had survived but one person was kneeling on the ground, not with them.

"Where's Tokan?" asked Genya.

They looked over to where the demon died and there she was.

Both her knees were on the floor, holding onto her katana to keep her up.

"Tokan!" said Muichiro running towards her body.

Muichiro and Tokan had a friendly relationship. They would occasionally train together to hone their sword accuracy, Tokan would train Muichiro in speed while he taught Tokan in accuracy. They started off as training partners but soon became friends since they had similar hobbies.

Gyomei, Sanemi, and Genya ran after Muichiro to check if Tokan was still alive.

"Curse you Tokan! You better not fucking die until I beat your ass." said Sanemi.

"She's barely breathing, but she's alive. At the moment, she's hanging onto her life." said Gyomei.

"Tokan." muttered Genya who was at a lost for words.

Whenever Genya would get scolded by his brother, Tokan would tell him that Sanemi held no hatreds to him. She was able to reassure him that his brother didn't hate him, he only wanted to protect him.

Sanemi liked Tokan as a friend but also hated her. She was always able to beat Sanemi with that blank expression of hers, despite that. They both were able to increase their brute power. From this day on, Sanemi still hasn't defeated her.

Gyomei thought of Tokan like a little sister, she enjoyed being with Gyomei. They would often have lunch together and train their physical abilities together.

"For now, let's carry her. We still have to fight Muzan." said Gyomei.

"Who's going to carry her?" asked Genya.

"Sanemi will." said Muichiro.

"Tsch fine." said Sanemi grabbing Tokan and her katana.

The message, 

「Tokan, Gyomei, Sanemi, and Genya has defeated Upper Moon 1. Tokan is heavily injured and hanging onto her life. Focus on your mission, don't let the news hinder your focus! 」

said the kasugai crow.

(With Tanjiro and Giyu)

"No way, Tokan is close to death?" said Tanjiro.

"She won't die, she's strong." said Giyu.

But deep down in Giyu's heart, he had a few doubts.

(Obanai and Mitsuri)

'Tokan's heavily injured, we basically lost her' thought Obanai.

"Tokan-chan's injured?" muttered Mitsuri.

Tokan and Mitsuri were best friends, even if Mitsuri was the only one who openly said it. They would often eat together and Tokan would listen to her tell stories. Tokan would sometimes show a little bit of emotions and laugh with her.

(Shinobu and Kanao POV)

"Master..." said Kanao.

"I know Tokan will survive and stay strong." said Shinobu.

"Yes Master." replied Kanao.

"Let's go find Muzan." said Shinobu.

Kanao liked Tokan's company, she was the one who taught Kanao the best way of breathing. How could she not be sad when Tokan was heavily injured and was close to death?

Shinobu's heart hurt but she was holding on, she knew Tokan would survive know matter what.

(Author POV)

The news had the hashiras devasted, Tokan wasn't one to lose in a fight. So they couldn't believe Tokan was the only one who was severely injured.

Gyomei knew why, when Kokushibo's final attack. Tokan sacrificed her body and pushed herself and broke the limits of her body resulting in her being close to death. It was incredible on how her lungs haven't ruptured or her heart hasn't exploded yet.

(Tokan POV)

It was dark, the last thing I remembered was killing Kokushibo and the passing out.

Then an endless sky took over my vision, there were 2 figures.

I instantly knew who they were,

"Mom and Dad." I said.

Tears were threatening to come out of my eyes.

"Hello Tokan." said my mother.

"You've gotten strong Tokan." said my dad.

"Thank you, did I do well?" I asked.

"You did great Tokan but" my dad was about to finish but my mom cut me off.

"But it isn't time for you to come here yet." said my mother.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Have you forgotten your mission?" asked my dad.

"You still have to slay Muzan, Tokan." said my mother.

"Oh yeah Muzan, he hasn't died yet." I replied.

Memories started overwhelming me, visions of myself defeating the demons.

Right before I could say anything else, I had woken up.

Sanemi was carrying me somewhere I don't know. 

My body felt weak, I was still able to breath, and my vision was still blurry.

"S-sanemi." I managed to mutter out.

"You're awake! But now isn't the time to celebrate your little awakening, we still have to find Muzan." said Sanemi.

That was probably one of the most rational things he's ever said.

I was turned my head to the front and I saw Gyomei, Muichiro, and Genya towards a direction which I assume was where the battle was going to be.

I closed my eyes to rest and regain my strength, the final battle is coming soon.