You Didn’t Know It, But he’s A Siscon
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Lucius's voice was calm and powerful as he issued words of condemnation. "Sir Claude, you are found guilty of high treason. Your sentence is lifetime--"

"Oh gods." Alex was green. "How did we--? We just--we were there. And now we're here. How in the world..." 

The Prince was about to throw up, wild-eyed and confused. Meanwhile: "IT'S HIM AGAIN!" Someone shouted.



We popped right into the throne room during a hearing. There's at least a few dozen Nobles on either side of the grand hallway, whether they were there as a jury or just to bear witness, I didn't know or care. 

But the way everyone just took out their blades and pointed them at my face, that was another thing. It was SO rude. 

I was gonna take their pig-stickers and shove them where the sun don't shine but Lucy's command the next instant prevented that. 

"Silence." He intoned without a single inflection. 

"But, Your Majesty, he--!"

"Withdraw your weapons." He cut them off with great authority. He then turned to me and asked, "Damien-sensei." A pause. "And Alex, too?" He frowned. "You're supposed to be at the Dry Lands, how did you two get together, and why're you here? Is something wrong?"

 As expected, he wondered why we were here but not how. He wasn't at all mystified at the sudden teleportation apart from a brief surprise. He knew Mary, after all. This pretty much confirmed he knew what kind of being she was. Did EVERYONE know about this shit except me? Ugh. Anyway, onto the important bits.

"Wrong? Boy, you got no idea." I nodded. " I'm gonna need to speak with you, in private. It's about Charlotte." 

His brows scrunched together, curious. "Very well. Let's go to my study." He turned back to the others. "You're all dismissed." 

One of the Nobles spoke up. "Your Majesty, your sentence?"

"Hm? Ah...yes. As I was saying, lifetime--"

"Just kill him, dude. Can't have traitorous rats cluttering the dungeons, now can we? I say off with his head!" 

Crap, I think my King of Hearts persona is still alive and kicking....Eh, I'm not that concerned about it though.  

My words, I noticed, made Baz's ahoge twitch in fright. Likely remembering his own lack of loyalty at hiding such important secrets from his own Master. 

The King considered for a moment before nodding. "Perhaps that's the better option. So be it. Set the execution for a week from now. This is a good opportunity to make clear how we handle traitors to our Nation."  Lucy's got a bit of a Red King kinda persona himself, don't he? Dude didn't bat an eye at following my suggestion.

And for those who think the two are the same, they aren't. Take me for example, I've got a temper when handing out decapitation orders. And, okay, I DO, at times, get angry easily besides that. In true Queen of Hearts fashion.

Lucy, seems he's more cold. Just like the Red Queen.  Bet you didn't know they were two seperate people, huh? It's useless information, but hey at least you learned something. 

With that one sentence a young Knight with a handsome, hard-set face was led away. He struggled violently but was held down by two burly older Knights.

For some reason I couldn't help but stare at the young man. There was something about his figure. That red armor. Where have I...?

"Are you coming?" The King interrupted my thoughts. 

"Huh? Yeah."

I shook myself and followed him. 


"Oh my sweet baby boy...what are you doing here?" The Queen, Dana, was hugging her son. She'd been signing papers at the desk before we entered and lit up when she saw Alex come through the door. 

It was a cute reunion, or would be if she didn't ask that last question as if about to smack him for running away from some errand he was supposed to attend to.

I answered for him. "He's about to experience his first purge, that's what he's doing here."

"...I'm sorry?" The woman smiled, unable to understand.

"Listen up, you two." I addressed her and her husband both. "We got ourselves a problem only a broadsword can fix."

"You're making no sense." Lucius rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Kid, what are you trying to say?"

"I'm saying some cultist assholes kidnapped Charlotte, took her to the Dry Lands, and tried to sacrifice her to some Evil God before Yours Truy swooped in and smashed their faces in."

This drew blank faces. Lucius was the first to break the silence. "Is this a joke?" 

Dana also cut in. "It's not funny if so." 

"Charlotte's been training with Sir Kane, Damien-sensei."Lucy explained patiently. "Escorted by some of our most experienced knights on her way, even. With that man with her there's no way she could be kidnapped."

"Unless he let them take her to gain information on the bastards."  

Frowns all around. 

"He...wouldn't do that.  Probably."

"Please, that guy totally would and you know it."

They gave me an intense look, searching for a lie. They found nothing. "Yes, okay, he would. But that's crazy. In the first place, how are you even involved even if what you said IS true? "

Alex stopped them from asking further by saying, "Father, Mother, Damien's been in the Dry Lands for at least a month already. Have you not received word of some mysterious "Water God"? Or Bandit King Solaire?"

"I have." Lucy nodded. " What does that have to do with anything?" There was an edge to his voice. I could tell he was coming around and that the truth upset him.

"They're both Damien." 


"Nope, it's true. Kane sent me. I awakened my inner water snake. Nearly turned his place into a jungle with all the life force I was leaking out. Exploded, made a new crater near his castle, entirely filled with flowers. "

"You awakened your bloodline? I see." He paced. "Water Dragons like you have such abilities, not to mention that they'd be boosted by your father's lineage. The power you describe isn't impossible. And given the state of the Dry Lands right now you, with those sort of abilities, would be treated with even more veneration."

I folded my arms. "You know about the place's situation?"

"I've got a fairly decent information network." He confirmed. "I've been hearing about those figures, Solaire and the Water God. It's suspected they're one and the same. Now that we know they're both you it's understandable why they'd flock to your side. Especially with how the place seemed to be drying up even more in recent years."

"Well. You're right. And I been gaining so many followers. Like seriously, it's crazy."

A twisting of his lips. "Yes." Lucy said. "Your mother had similar good will directed at her, and she only revived a small territory's vitality. It seems you've been informed of your true origins, huh? I'm sure you weren't aware last time we met."

"Right once again. Mother told me a while ago, about the Dragon part. Just after we got back."

"Um, Dragon?" Alex laughed shakily. And gulped.

"Later, son." Dana pinched a cheek. "We'll explain things to you some other time."

"Moving on, so yeah.  I didn't even believe her at first since I don't like the idea of waking up with scales one day.  Unless the scales are attached to a slutty Argonian maid bringing me french toast."

"I've no idea what you just said. But noted."

"However I've come to understand being in denial isn't the way to deal with my worries. Oh. And seeing how you mentioned Father, I assume you know his background too then?"

"...You could say that." He smiled thinly. " I'm not suprised you gained a following either. Beings like you have always been had that effect of the general populace."

"Tell me about it. Those guys really think I'm the second coming of Jesus or something."


"Never you mind about that. Shut up and listen. Now that we've got the how and why of me being there out of the way it's time to tell you everything else.It's like this: the Aeil sent me an invite to meet their Goddess. Sent a small gang, of which Yesmina and our lovely little Prince were part of. I went. Everyone left me. Had to meet the girl alone. Well, with Cass, but you don't know him. We talked, me and the Goddess. Mother showed up later on, apparently spying on me. Mary was there too. And father. I went to have a chat with him, Father I mean. Came back to an empty temple and note from Mother saying she dumped my friends somewhere in the desert. So I kidnapped the Goddess, who likes to be spanked by the way. Followed Mother's map. Found Charlotte in an old cathedral, about to be sacrificed, saving her as any good Papa would. Sometime later I, after falling down into a hole caused by an explosive piece of paper sent by Mother  via Mary, met my uncle. Then I stole his drugs. But nevermind that. Getting back to the main point, yeah. Kane was there so she wouldn't have died, but some fuckers are out there wanting to offer up our little girl to some stupid Evil God and Papa ain't havin' that shit. So you, me, and Alex are going on a purge tomorrow and I'm not taking no for an answer. Also I have wings now."

I quickly summarized the events.

The two looked like they were experiencing whiplash.

"That was...something." Dana grimaced, holding her head in pain. 

As for Lucy, he was cursing like a sailor. "Goddamn whoresons! Dana, where the hell is my axe? The nerve of these bastards! Who the fuck do they think they are, trying to harm my cute little sis like that?!"


 First off, its a short chapter. Yeah I know.  Rewrote several times. Don't worry, another one coming tomorrow. 24 hours, starting from when this is released. It's way late cuz I been working on something and wanted feedback before doing anything with it. What is it? Well...I STARTED A NEW NOVEL! 

Which WONT effect this one in any way. But I been writing two or three chapters for it these past few days apart from waiting for the feedback. So that took time. Sorry. What kinda story is it? Oh It's just your average, every day, ordinary incest romance novel. Nothing hard to write, simple formula. But i expect it'll be well received. 

Ahem. Personally i think ya'll gonna love it. First chapter? ...Steamy AF. A small demonstration of my skills. You think THIS novel aint gonna have any erotic bits? You think I CAN'T write ero? Well think again! Hmph. I am the Pervert Surpreme of NUF, I can write ero with my eyes closed. 

Go, enjoy. And know that it's merely a taste of my power...

Your incest, good sirs:

How you like the cover? Sexy, eh? Oh. And, um, so i had that novel in my drafts for years but never did anything with it until now. I had that one in mind way before this novel was ever even an idea. So you might recognize a few names. I could think of new ones but i loved the way they sounded combined with their last names, so Im keeping it.