27. Yan Family’s Downfall
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"Wow, you're amazing, Snowy! How can you know how to break the formation?" With a pitter-patter, Feng Xue ran toward Snowy and hugged her tightly.

"Well, it's one of my techniques. I can see through the formation and found the weak links." Snowy said while patting Feng Xue's head.

"Nyaa~" Feng Xue's eyes narrowed and let out a purring sound in reflex. She felt Snowy's touch was really comforting.

"Okay, okay. Stop flirting around; we should end this quickly," Elder Yang said with an exasperated sound. How can his silly disciple so relaxed in enemy territory, he thought. Even though their enemy won't have a chance to flip the situation around, they had no excuse to drop their guard down.

Feng Xue snapped back to her sense when she heard Elder Yang's voice. In a blink of an eye, she had released her hug and kept her distance from Snowy. She was blushing so hard that even by covering her face with her hands, anybody can still see her face redden like a ripe tomato.

Urgh, what's wrong with me? Feng Xue screamed inwardly as she groaned with a low voice, How can I be so bold?!

Lin Ming and Zi Ling giggled for a moment when they saw Feng Xue wriggled in embarrassment and then followed Elder Yang toward the Yan Family's mansion.

"Let's finish this. You still need to collect the debt," Seeing the trio had begun to move, Snowy patted Feng Xue's shoulder, urging her to follow them.

"Yes, let's finish this." Feng Xue nodded and took a deep breath to calm down.

Soon after that, Snowy and Feng Xue finally catching up with the trio. Feng Xue's expression turned complicated when she saw the ruin of the Yan Family's mansion and many collapsed bodies. Although she knew that they would put some resistance, she didn't expect that there would be so many casualties.

Feng Xue looked over Ancestor Yan's disheveled figure. His looks suddenly grew much older and his eyes turned blank; he could only weakly murmured, "Impossible..." again and again.

When she imagined this situation would happen to her family if her master, first brother, and senior sister didn't come back in time, her eyes once again turned cold; there was no shred of pity left in her gaze.

"I will give Yan Family one day to take your treasures and get out from here. Ancestor Yan and all surviving Elders must cripple their cultivation. From today onward, there will be no Yan Family anymore in Phoenix City as long as Feng Family is still ruling. Anyone who dare to ignore my words will be slain!" Feng Xue said coldly.

All of the Yan Family members looked dejected and aggrieved. They are only left with two choices: obey Feng Xue's warning or fight to the end.

They were unwilling to abandon the city where they had flourish for more than four hundred years, yet, what can they do? Even their ancestor was beaten black and blue.

If they choose to get out of the city, they might be able to rise once again if they sold most of their treasure and focused on cultivated their younger generation. But, that would only happen if they could leave safely from the city. Who knew how many wolves had already set their greedy eyes on them? Who could guarantee there would be no betrayer who readies to stab them on their back when they outside the city?

"Please guide your unfilial descendant, Ancestor!"

Because they couldn't make up their mind, they prostrated to Ancestor Yan, waiting for his decision.

Seeing all of his descendants prostrated before him, his eyes regain their clarity. In contrast with his determined gaze, a hopeless smile appear on his face as he said, "Yan Family will get out from Phoenix City, and the elder will choose the next leader! You all should learn from today's mistake, and maybe one day our family can get our glory back!"

"Bang!" Ancestor Yan blew his dantian and meridian; thus, he lost all of his cultivation. In a second, Ancestor Yan's body shriveled; his skin wrinkled, losing its vitality; his hair turned white and slowly fall off from his head.

Ancestor Yang howled before he finally closed his eyes, "After stood strong more than 400 years, Yan Family finally fall under my watch. A sinner! Truly a sinner!"

"Ancestor!!" Yan Family's members were shouting and crying when they saw Ancestor Yan's dying body turned into dust.

"Bang! Bang!" After that, one after another, elders follow Ancestor Yan lead to cripples their own cultivation. Their body turned so weak that they couldn't even stand straight.

The disciples from Yan Family swiftly supported their body and went toward the mansion to collect their treasure before they finally moved out from the city and disappeared into the horizon.

"Thank you for Elder Yang, First Brother Lin, and Senior Sister Zi's support. I don't dare to imagine what will happen if you had coming back late. Half of the Yan Family's property, Feng Xue will give them to the sect as a token of gratitude. Please accept it," Feng Xue said with a serious look while cupping her hands.

"You silly kid… this matter also affecting our Sect's prestige, so our action today is mainly for upholding our sect's pride not to seek benefit. Just take it back." Elder Yang said with a firm tone as he shook his head.

"No, no, master. If you don't accept it, I will feel guilty for the rest of my life. Also, I still need assistance from the sect to collect the ingredients for my father's medication later. If I don't give this much, the debt would never be paid in this lifetime," Feng Xue insisted.

"Aah… From whom you get this stubbornness." Elder Yang said while a faint smile appeared on his face. She very much reminded him of her father.

"Anyway, Master. How could you suddenly come back together with First Brother Lin and Senior Sister Zi without anyone noticing? Didn't you ordered to go back to the sect by Sect Master?" Feng Xue suddenly remembered the unexpected appearance of the trio when she was in a grave situation earlier.