Chapter 14.5. The Angelic Queen
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The Vampire Empress [Mitsuki’s Perspective]


“Hey Mitsuki, have you heard about the Queen?” Aitsuki who was reading a book looked at me and asked.


“The Queen…” I sounded a hmm before munching on the cookie on my plate, “I only heard about her from the rumors, but it is said that she is actually not the official Queen but rather someone who the King went after on first sight.”


“Right, don’t you think she is quite mysterious?” Aitsuki who was fond of mysteries said with interest, “You see, from what I heard, apparently she rejected the King and left the palace almost immediately after she arrived on this world.”


“But fearing that she would be taken in by another man, the King deliberately announced that she would be the Queen instead of the Duchess title she was supposed to receive! Don’t you think that is quite romantic?” her dreamy eyes looked out at the window.


Aitsuki was someone who also loved those romance books, even the book she is holding right now is titled ‘The Dreamy Princess’ which is her taste. I don’t understand why she likes such books but what she said indeed matches what I heard from the rumors.


The king who was in his earlier twenties apparently fell for the ‘Queen’ at first sight but was immediately rejected and went on to read books for three days before leaving the palace. Normally, that would be the end of everything, but it didn’t end there, the king apparently didn’t want to give up and afraid of someone else going after the ‘Queen’, he deliberately spread rumors and made a public announcement while she was away on the town she was assigned which was pretty isolated.


“I don’t understand how that is romantic,” I placed the cookie I was biting on the plate, tapping on the table while leaning my back to the chair, “If I was Her Majesty then I would hate him even more, after all, the king is restricting her freedom to love. A true romantic story would be where the two of them are mutual.”


“Aren’t you a bit too tough, Mitsuki?” she pouted, “It’s the world of nobility, we are talking about. Most noble ladies most likely never fell for the person they are with until the man went after her first!”


“Yeah, yeah… keep reading your romance books,” I started shooing her away as she continued to rant on a lot of stories regarding noble ladies. Aitsuki was a bit annoying in that part since she always rants about them whenever she has the chance.


There was one time where she went on ranting for an entire night after I argued about a certain noble family’s relationship being faker than a rock and almost immediately, she fired up her engines and started ranting.


I continued to eat my cookie before all of a sudden, the door to our house suddenly opened wide as the sight of a brown-haired lady sweating nervously appeared in our view. Aitsuki and I were both surprised since Camellia who was the guild receptionist would never be sweating this nervously… just when we thought that it was some small matter, she suddenly spoke.


“Aitsuki and Mitsuki, the two of you are being called by Her Majesty for a job request. Are you two available to move right now?”


Both Aitsuki and I were shocked to hear what came out from her mouth. Aitsuki, in particular, stood up almost immediately while slamming her hands onto the table as she shouted, “I am available! Are you sure it is the Queen herself?!”


“Would I be sweating this hard if it wasn’t?! I have to call Kyle as well since the samples the three of you had shown caught the interest of Her Majesty and is looking to hire the three of you for a large project,” she replied before looking around as she asked, “Have you seen Kyle around?”


“Kyle should be on the inn where he usually stays, what kind of project is the Queen hiring us for?” I asked.


“It’s house design plans that will be used by common people and are affordable to build at a large scale while also being comfortable for the people who will live inside, the rate she is offering is twelve gold coins per design while for Kyle, she is going for fifteen though from what I can tell, she is willing to go higher,” she replied.


“That is quite the dreamy request. A house design that can be built at a large scale while also being comfortable, I do have a few designs in mind but that all has to depend on how much qualifies as ‘affordable’ but then again, those rates are pretty high…” I showed a bitter smile.


Most requests only cost around half or even a single gold coin with our qualifications, unlike noble institutions, the guild is mostly hired by merchants who wish to save a few coins. The highest Aitsuki and I were paid before was around two gold coins for two designs which is still a large amount.


“Mitsuki, let’s take this request!” Aitsuki encouraged as I sounded a hmm.


Indeed, there isn’t anything bad with taking this request… moreover, we will have a chance to see the rumored Queen who managed to take the King by surprise. I am always intrigued by her after hearing a lot of rumors about her.


“We will take it; do you want us to follow you to Kyle as well?” I looked at Camellia who nodded.


“I don’t know where Kyle is residing on right now, so I will need the two of your help,” she replied as both Aitsuki, and I looked at each other and nodded before the three of us soon moved out from the house and went towards the inn just a few blocks away from our house.


After arriving inside the inn, we immediately went to the receptionist and called for Kyle who soon arrived in a simple black shirt and white pants. I always wondered since the three of us met whether Kyle was a noble moving incognito but from the years we spent with him, it doesn’t seem like so.


“Why are the three of you here this early in the morning?” Kyle asked while yawning like he always does.


“The three of you have an important job request from one of the highest-ranking figures in the kingdom, she is currently waiting on the guild which is why we are rushing here early in the morning,” Camellia replied almost immediately.


“I see, let me guess, this request is more focused on affordability and comfort, correct?” he asked with a straight face which always makes me surprised, “Let’s get going then. I don’t want to have a client wait for me for hours.”


He was always someone who could guess something in a glance. Although all the samples he submitted were indeed focused on affordability and comfort but before that, he never made a mistake on what the client would request which only adds up to the mystery around him.


Almost immediately after, the four of us left the inn and ran back towards the guild where we stood outside the door a bit nervous. I was curious to see how the rumored Queen looks and behaves, was she as beautiful as mentioned or is everything about her exaggerated?


Camellia soon pushed open the door as Aitsuki and I followed behind Kyle before the two of us peeked from his side where an extremely beautiful angel was waiting. Her beautiful long white hair was something that looked completely out of this world.


Her red eyes looked as if rubies and the soft, milky skin she had almost made her look like she was a divine creature out of this world. I couldn’t help but take a deep breath as her beauty completely overwhelmed me.


Not to mention, there was this supremely adorable child she was with. The child had golden hair that looked like the sun, her eyes were also golden. Most importantly, she had short pointy ears that resembled an elf. The two of them had this extremely royal aura around them where you couldn’t help but admit that the rumors were only bringing down her actual beauty.


“Do you mind introducing yourselves first?” her melodic voice echoed as all sound around the guild vanished. I could feel something inside me heating up as I looked at her beautiful face… almost like I fell for her beauty.

This was a side story that was supposed to be for 14.5 but was missed out while I was scheduling the chapters, apologies. It doesn't add much to the main story but shows you some stuff about Mitsuki, Aitsuki and Kyle who are part of the renovation team for the town.