Chapter 21. A Demon Indeed…
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The Vampire Empress.


The two of us soon reached back to the town hall where Ayaka suddenly opened the door and jumped straight towards me, her eyes were filled with tears which made me unconsciously look around with a glare before turning back to the little girl, patting her back.


“Did someone hurt you, my sweet darling?” I kissed her forehead before she shook her head, snuggling onto my shoulder.


“There is no one within the vicinity, there shouldn’t be someone who could have attacked her,” the Demon Queen spoke which made me frown, “Could it be she had a nightmare? I heard children cry a lot because of nightmares.”


My eyes looked down at the cute little elf who was crying on my shoulder, patting her as I asked as gentle as possible, “Did you have a nightmare, sweetie?”


She looked at me and nodded a bit before a soft cry escaped her mouth, “Mama… don’t leave me…” which made a certain Demon Queen beside me look at me with sarcastic horror.


“You abandon your children?! How could you?!” she mockingly spoke.


I really wanted to smack her head, but I understood that our power gap would simply make me fall to the ground, I still don’t understand much about my powers, nor do I understand anything about this world at all even after reading many of those books.


There are a few more powers of mine that have revealed themselves, like for example, when I first arrived here. There was this voice or window that showed the skill I was using but somehow that vanished… now there was also this voice or window back on the other town that told me I completed a quest.


It seems like the only way to find out what all the powers I hold is either to force that tomato sauce deity to tell me or to figure out what can trigger them to activate.


“Mama…” Ayaka’s voice whispered into my ear before she slowly fell asleep on my shoulders as I continued to pat her before walking inside the town hall as I looked at the Demon Queen who is possibly another troublemaker like His Majesty.


After placing Ayaka down on the sofa, taking off the leather jacket that somehow appeared over me without me knowing then placing it on Ayaka. I turned my attention back to the Demon Queen before asking, “Do you have any other purposes for coming here?”


“Well, I do have to formally register myself as a resident here which requires me to file some paperwork at the town hall, and also, according to traditions here, I have to offer a gift of some sort as well to the town hall… what do you want?” she smiled.


Taking a seat on a chair, I looked at her in the eye with both my hands supporting my head: “A gift is supposed to be given as a surprise, why are you asking me what I want?”


“Well, wouldn’t it be better to get what you like over something random that may or may not be the item that you really want to get?” she replied.


“You can skip the tradition part if you like, after all, I was not born on this kingdom… not even on this world to add. There is no such tradition like that back in my world, instead, just pay the proper amount of taxes on time and don’t make trouble,” I looked out at the window with a wry smile before turning around as I asked, “By the way, you cooked that barbeque right?”


“I could have sworn I said I did cook it myself,” she showed a bitter smile, but I ignored it with a shrug.


“How about this, if you want to stick to traditions then how about cooking us a meal or two?” I suggested while resting my head on the table, “You see… I want to be lazy today like always and sleep on the table without having to cook stuff myself.”


“Were you perhaps a lazy person?” she asked.


“Were is not the right word to use here, because I was never unlazy and is always lazy,” I lazily spoke before a soft giggle escaped her soft lips.


“To think that you are asking a ruler of the strongest kingdom of this continent to cook you a meal, aren’t you quite amusing, little vampire?” she walked over to my table, sitting on top of it as she grabbed my chin seductively.


But that seduction force of hers was useless as my stomach growled loudly in anger, “Rulers or whatever, they look the same to me. Peasants can become village chiefs; those village chiefs can become town chiefs and those town chiefs can be city lords which makes them a noble.”


“And those city lords could eventually grow into major leaders of several fiefs before marrying a random crown princess and turning into rulers themselves. There is no difference between them anyhow, anyone can become one as long as they persist,” I sighed before she looked at me with a surprised gaze.


A silent moment stood between us for a few moments before it was disrupted by a loud laugh from her as she looked at me as if a tigress preying on a rabbit, “You are quite the amusing girl indeed, it’s no wonder why that idiot ruler’s son had taken an interest over you.”


“You also managed to take my interest as well, are you sure you aren’t some sort of succubus hiding behind the skin of a human and a vampire?” she smirked, “Well, succubus, vampire or human… whatever you may be.”


“As long as you remember that you are mine then I won’t mind a single bit of your race, even if that idiot ruler’s son had taken an interest over you… no one will have you other than me even if it means war,” her eyes turned bright red for a split second.


I felt shivers running down my spine, it was like I was being stalked by some kind of yandere or a love-crazed killer. Sweat dripped from my forehead as I soon realized that the Demon Queen isn’t just some kind of person that I could messily talk around with… she is more terrifying than that.


“You can wait here if you like, I will make the best meal you will ever try,” she hopped off from my table and showed a bright and confident grin before she suddenly winked at me as she spoke in a seductive and teasing voice, “The meal will even make your stomach growl for me and will force you to starve for a bite of me.”


I felt a bit afraid of what she was going to bring and could only swallow my regret for asking a Demon Queen to make a meal for me… I hope she doesn’t throw in some kind of aphrodisiac or poison that I can’t resist…


—Author note: Aya, are you sure you aren’t planting death flags for yourself?