Chapter 45. Elven Village (3/3)
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Chapter 45. Elven Village (3/3)


As we entered a decently sized wooden hut which is practically the largest one in this place, a bizarre sight of history came to our view. Portraits of elves were hung over the walls with the papers used to draw the portraits showing their age; the vases and even some of the tables were contrasting in quality as well.


The better ones were placed at the front while the aged ones were at the very back, it was like they were preserving their own history even if it meant losing their luxury. I couldn’t help but gasp over the amount of past this place has been through.


“I still can’t imagine how you elves can maintain such past items that even ranges back to your first ancestors, even the first portrait of the first elf chief is still there with its old paper and drawing,” Helesta frowned as the elder elf only shone a smirk.


“Mommy! I smell delicious food!” Ruby and Aquamarine both excitedly spoke.


The two which are supposed to be artifacts are quite an interesting pair, they both are attracted to things that are of their attribute. For example, Aquamarine seems to like seafood even if it was raw more while Ruby likes those that are properly grilled or cooked according to my observations from our walk towards here.


“You really can’t think of those two as artifacts when they act like this,” the elder elf who had been observing the two laughed as she smiled at both Ruby and Aquamarine, “I sure am a lucky elf to be able to see the existence of two legendary artifacts in their truest form.”


“Are they really that much of something that should be revered?” I asked before she nodded while gesturing us to take a seat.


We happily took her offer and sat down with Ruby and Aquamarine, in particular, acting up like Ayaka as the two sat on both of my laps while kicking their feet up like children while the elder elf responded, “I’ve only heard about legendary artifacts from what the ancient books have written.”


“According to the books, these artifacts are practically demigods by themselves. They cannot be created by man which is still not that uncommon among artifacts but what separates them from the usual is they are actually alive like us elves, humans or demons.”


“These artifacts… no, creatures grow both mentally and physically. You can think of them as children of your own… which is really what you should think of them. According to again to the books, if you can take care of them properly and let them grow, even more, their powers would far surpass basic imagination,” she explained.


I looked at Ruby and Aquamarine with a frown. After having Ayaka, I really can’t help but think of these two as children instead of artifacts. They act like ones but with a weird thing where they can react to random stuff and battle stronger but other than those, they really are just like children.


“Well… children just reminds me of a possible tragedy coming up to Aya,” Helesta suddenly spoke which surprised me a bit as she showed a wry smile, “I think you don’t realize yet Aya, but Ayaka is quite the jealous child, she might suddenly go wild on you for bringing Ruby and Aquamarine without notice.”


“Huh?! Ayaka is a jealous type of person?” I looked confused to which she nodded.


“That girl really hates me… not just me but even that brat of a royal that summoned you. She often throws glares at me and one time, she even warned me to not try anything against you,” she laughed.


That was quite the revelation to me… but that also doesn’t make sense, where did she get such attitude, and isn’t that practically some kind of bad behavior? I may need to look into her more otherwise who knows what kind of person she will grow into.


“Royal huh… that reminds me, are those six brats still alive? Those six who kept rambling about throwing you out of the rankings?” the elder elf inquired.


“You expect those humans to survive that long, it’s been like 20 or so years since all of them passed away from old age and I have to admit, those idiots really were close to fifty percent of my statistics. If given at least forty more years, they’d probably be able to do it,” Helesta showed a smile that was filled with nostalgia.


“They were quite the lively one if I remember correctly, those six were people from another world as well but unlike this girl over here, they were born through reincarnation under the blind spot of the deities and because of that, they weren’t blessed by the deities but rather detested,” the elder elf laughed.


Detested by the deities… and reincarnated people?! I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information that was suddenly dropped and couldn’t help but ask, “What does it mean to be detested by the deities, and can I hear more about these six?”


“Well, it’s normal that you don’t hear about it but being detested by the deities meant that you were unable to receive their blessing and therefore is handicapped a lot. For example, the blessing that I have is called Leadership which allowed me and this elven village to survive through many tragedies,” she explained.


“I also have several blessings but it’s a pain to explain them all, you probably also have around twenty or even more blessings than me considering how you are probably the most loved among all the people in this world by the deities right now,” Helesta looked at me with a smile.


“Also, those six were apparently classmates or something who came from a planet called Lanas. All six of them died after the air carriage they rode suddenly crashed down into the ground, though despite being detested by the deities, they are quite the stubborn and powerful people.”


“All of them went through extreme hardship to survive this hell, they said. You could say they achieved their goals and the six of them went apart and founded three kingdoms which are known as the three pillars of the continent, they are also the elven villages and my kingdom’s most trusted allies,” she added.


Lanas is not the same world as mine which meant they aren’t people I should know though it’s surprising that there are people who can reincarnate, “If those six were able to come into this world, wouldn’t that mean there are more of them that could pop up?”


Almost immediately after I asked, Helesta shook her head as she smiled wryly, “The possibility of other people being entering this world through a blind spot is impossible now as the Divine Goddess and the other deities have spent the past thousand years in their time to fix any possibility of memory-kept reincarnation.”


“Most of the people in our world and all the other worlds are reincarnated people but we are the so-called normal ones or memory-unkept reincarnated people whose memories are wiped in exchange for reincarnating and to keep the world balance fair,” she explained, “That is all I know from what the deity that blessed me.”


Hearing about that made me nod unconsciously before suddenly two hands pinched onto my cheeks with puffed cheeks. The two came from Ruby and Aquamarine who were glaring at us as two loud growls echoed.


“Mommy! We are hungry!” the two complained.


The elder elf and Helesta who saw the entire scene both laughed as the elder elf stood up with a warm smile, “It seems like your two daughters are getting angry already, let me quickly prepare some meals for all of us before we continue on with further business.”


“I also want to show both of you something that will definitely interest you especially the vampire girl, it is something that should help you get to a point where that demon lass could breakthrough,” she said while leaving towards another room as both Helesta and I looked at each other confused.

Ruby and Aquamarine are both adorable creatures - now imagine Ayaka's reaction when she realizes she has two step-sisters.

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