Chapter 46. The World Tree (1/2)
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Chapter 46. The World Tree (1/2)


After a little lunch(?) on the elder elf’s house, we soon embarked on a little road towards a heavily covered spot where there was nothing but trees that could be seen. It was quite a long road to the extent that Ruby and Aquamarine both fell asleep.


“Where is this so-called interesting thing?” I looked around confused.


“You will see it soon,” the elder elf simply answered.


My eyebrows frowned at her words as we continued on our walk as several dozens of minutes passed by before the sensation of a mana barrier went through my body. Almost immediately after passing through that mana barrier, a gigantic tree that stretched beyond the clouds with very thick roots came to view.


It was like I was looking at an entire mountain but with a less wider side. It resembled nothing like any tree I’ve seen whilst its leaves covered almost the entire sky with branches peeking all over the clouds.


Both Helesta and I were in utter surprise as we turned towards the elder elf who showed a simple smile, “If you’ve read books before then you should already know what this enormous tree is, right?”


“The World Tree, perhaps?” I asked before she nodded.


“It is the core of the continent and a place filled with myths. The item that will boost you up in statistics is located at the core of the tree which is only three levels of its dungeon. It shouldn’t be hard with all of our strength combined to go through the dungeon,” her gaze turned towards the enormous tree.


I was a bit surprised to hear that the World Tree has a dungeon… I always thought of it as simply a tree that was filled with mysteries. According to the books written on the royal library, the world tree was rumored to be a tree that could grant all your wishes.


“Are you bringing us in a suicide mission, old hag?” Helesta glared at the elder elf, “You should understand the most how dangerous even the first level of the dungeon is, not even the six of them combined with one of the strongest armies of the continent in the past could conquer the first level.”


“A suicide mission sounds nice but that’s not what we’re doing,” the elder elf responded, “You probably didn’t know yet since you were too young to even qualify to enter into the dungeon but all the creatures inside the dungeon have one critical weakness and it involves a certain element that we never thought was possible for a creature to have.”


Turning her gaze towards me, I immediately understood what element it was but was still confused, “If we are talking about the Chaos element, what does it have anything different that no element has?”


“In my time here, I haven’t even tried a single Velen or Chaos magic….” I looked at the elder elf with confusion.


“You aren’t actually supposed to learn an element’s magic by yourself. It’s supposed to come into your mind especially if you are the first wielder of the element according to the ancestral books and the only way to trigger it is to feel the element itself through battle,” the elder elf replied before taking out a wand from nowhere as she pointed it forward, “By the way, this is already the first layer. Better prepare your weapons.”


As she spoke, a sudden malicious intent popped from the right to which the elder elf immediately reacted, casting a beam of light that was wrapped in vines towards the direction of the malicious intent before a loud boom exploded.


The spot was covered in dust for an entire ten seconds, dissipating only to reveal an enormous black spider with sharp fangs. It was a spider that really didn’t look like something you’d find normally in this world especially because it looked more like a scorpion with its tail pointing towards our direction.


“Mommy…” Ruby and Aquamarine both reacted as the two both transformed into their artifact form whilst my body suddenly moved by itself, swinging Ruby horizontally towards the left while Aquamarine cast a bright blue shield around all of us.


After like two seconds of silence, the thick forest towards the left suddenly sliced in half before a very loud thud blasted throughout the area as a heavy dust cloud with the scent of blood flew towards our direction.


“Elven Wind,” the elder elf’s voice echoed as a gust of wind blasted the dust cloud away, revealing the corpses of hundreds of spiders all sliced in halves.


Both Helesta and I were surprised to see the graveyard of spiders that laid before our eyes, but we had no time to react as more and more malicious intent popped all around us, triggering alarms inside my head as the elder elf shouted, “RUN TOWARDS THE WORLD TREE!”


The two of us quickly followed her words and dashed forward towards the world tree. I tried opening my wings, but it wouldn’t open as if there was some sort of spell that blocked it from doing so. I couldn’t wrap my head around why and what is blocking them from opening but I also didn’t have any time to think as ten spiders suddenly jumped in front of us.


“Dark Sword,” Helesta’s voice suddenly echoed before a thick black sword slash flew towards all ten spiders, ripping them into halves as we continued to run towards the world tree.


“Mommy, to your right!” Ruby’s voice suddenly echoed inside my head as I quickly reacted, swinging her to the right as a bright red sword slash ripped through the empty space towards the right.


The bright red sword slash flew through space before vanishing halfway towards the forest as a line of fire suddenly appeared where the slash stopped. The line of fire burned several entire unidentifiable creatures into charcoal which took me by surprise as the elder elf suddenly spoke, “Those are invisible dark wooden zombies, be careful of them since they deal a lot of damage if they hit your back.”


“So… they are basically ninjas, gotcha,” I nodded as we continued our run towards the giant world tree.


After around twenty minutes of straight running, the distance between us and the world tree decreased significantly that it felt like I could just bunny hop towards it but just as relief was about to hit me, the distance between us and the world tree suddenly increased which took both Helesta and me by shock.


“Prepare for battle, it’s the first boss of the dungeon. The first boss is an earth golem which is immune to fire and many elements, be sure to use water elements or anything that can scratch it,” the elder elf shouted to which we nodded.


Two seconds after she finished speaking, a window suddenly appeared in front of me, notifying me of what was to come.



You are about to fight a boss that is fifty times stronger than your current level, the system recommends falling back otherwise chances of death is imminent.


As much as I wanted to fall back, there was no time to fall back as the ground suddenly trembled. The trees that surrounded us fell down one after another like some kind of mass extinction as the skies turned black with the oxygen around us dropping.



You have entered the territory of [Ground Golem], please prepare for combat!


Just after the window vanished, the ground in front of us suddenly rose upwards, turning into a giant block golem that stretched two times higher than the trees around us. Its shoulders had roots twirling around it and its eyes were bright red like blood.


“ATTACK!” the elder elf shouted.


Immediately, I gripped Ruby tightly before dashing forward as my mind simultaneously activated ten different spells of varying elements ranging from fire to water. The spells quickly wrapped themselves onto Ruby as I swung her vertically.


“Nature’s Blessing,” the elder elf’s voice echoed just before the force that was surrounding Ruby flew towards the golem.


Almost like a missile flying towards some dam, the sword slash and the golem collided, blasting all of us away as Helesta’s voice echoed this time like a silent echo, “Ice Prison…”


Seconds after she cast her spell, bars of ice suddenly ruptured from the ground with sharp ends and sides, it locked the golem in its place whilst dragging the temperatures around us down towards freezing point.


“WATCH OUT!” the elder elf suddenly screamed before suddenly, the golem swung its hand towards the bars of ice, blasting it into pieces as it suddenly appeared in front of me with its arms high up in the air.


I was stunned frozen… not just from the surprise but from fear as the arms of the golem fell down towards me before my body reacted on its own, parrying the attack with Ruby as a bright blue shield appeared in front of Ruby.


The collision created shockwaves that threw the trees that stood far away from us away, blasting them up in the air as the arms of the golem flung upwards in the air. I immediately saw the opportunity in front of me and without hesitation, ran towards the golem with Ruby pointing straight towards a bright red circle in its center.


It felt like time had suddenly slowed down as all my surroundings turned black and white, only the circle had color as my body ran towards it with Ruby glowing a bright purple hue. I didn’t understand what was happening except that it was another opportunity to end this boss fight.


And like so, I didn’t waste a single moment as I ran towards the golem before stabbing the red circle with Ruby as colors suddenly wrapped around Ruby before exploding into a rainbow as time reverted back to normal speed and the surroundings regained their colors.


“Wha… what?!” the elder elf and Helesta both looked at me with utter shock.


I looked in front of me as the golem stood there with its arm which resembled a spear pierced straight through my stomach. My eyes widened as my eyelids slowly closed themselves to the sight of the golem dissipating into dust whilst Helesta and the others ran towards me.

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