Chapter 47. The World Tree (2/2)
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Chapter 47. The World Tree (2/2)
“Mommy…” a voice slowly called out to me whilst my eyes slowly opened to the thick, bright light that was fast approaching me.
The light dissipated slowly but surely, leaving a blurry sight of Ruby and the others. The blur lasted quite a bit, but everything became clear as their eyes shone like sparkles whilst Aquamarine and Ruby immediately ran towards me with a tight hug.
“I failed to protect Mommy…” Aquamarine cried.
Ruby didn’t speak but was similarly crying, you could tell the two of them must have been in shock from what had happened all of a sudden… though, I don’t really remember what happened after defeating the golem… how did I collapse or faint?
“It’s alright, the two of you are still growing….” I patted their adorable heads before turning towards Helesta who was giving me some sort of odd lap pillow, “What happened to me after the golem was defeated?”
“You should look at your stomach if you want to know,” Helesta replied to which I turned towards my stomach where there was nothing odd before she sighed, “Well… to be exact, you suffered quite a fatal injury from approaching the golem at point-blank, allowing it to pierce your stomach.”
“I would have thought you’d have died from such attack since it was an attack that quite literally disrupted almost all organs of yours in that direction, but miracles happened and your body suddenly regenerated all of them within a second, somehow…” she showed a bitter smile.
“Regeneration?” I looked confused as the elder elf nodded the same.
“Your body’s ability to regenerate is quite different from us of this world, in fact, no person in this world could heal an entire body within a second, even healing spells cannot do such things. In fact, that wound you were inflicted with should have been instant death for most of us,” she said.
My eyebrows frowned from hearing all of this… is this to say that I have some sort of vampirish regeneration that I do not know of?  
I am sure it doesn’t come from my original world’s vampire trait since if it was then none of us would have been living in such small numbers and humans would have long been doomed back then.
Amidst my thinking, a sudden shock blasted throughout my body. My eyes were slowly becoming drowsy as a delicious smell lingered around the area. My body twitched for the smell; it was an incredibly delicious smell.
I looked all around for the smell before stumbling upon Helesta’s neck where the smell was stronger than ever, my brain was emitting signals throughout my body as my mouth opened itself wide before stinging its fangs onto her neck.
“Aya…?!” Helesta looked surprised as blood flowed straight into my mouth like a river of sweet water.
I couldn’t help myself nor hold myself back as I pushed her down to the floor, wrapping my arms around her neck as I dragged her neck forward, sucking out blood before suddenly a stinging pain blasted throughout my head which knocked me back conscious.
“Haaaa… please don’t suck all my blood,” Helesta who looked at me with a straight, bitter look spoke before throwing a flick on my forehead that felt like a bite of a very strong ant, “Even I’d be surprised if you go ahead and do that every single time…”
I looked at Helesta a bit surprised whilst realizing what I was just doing… I also understood why my body suddenly moved like that since I’ve read details about these from our library where it states that a vampire’s body will automatically try to replenish lost blood if it determines it needs more blood to function.
“The two of you should really go and find a love inn if you keep going like that, there are children here watching the two of you…” the elder elf who was covering both Ruby’s and Aquamarine’s eyes sighed.
“Uh… I am sorry,” I immediately kneeled down with my head on the floor.
“No need… I did plead to your occasional blood-sucking ever since that day, but I’d be happier if you’d at least warn me before doing it so I can prepare my heart,” Helesta puffed up her cheeks while looking away, her ears were blushing which showed she was indeed embarrassed.
I couldn’t help but giggle from this new sight of Helesta that I was seeing, patting her head as I nodded, “I will, next time… by the way, your blood is a ten-star rating for me.”
“Shut up!” Helesta flicked my forehead before turning towards the elder elf as she asked, “Are we heading towards the next level or are we stopping here?”
“The next level is actually far stronger than all of us combined… the golem back then was far weaker than it was now which means the other bosses must have grown as well, I don’t think we can clear it today… so we’ll leave it for another time,” the elder elf spoke.
“I see… did we get anything from the last boss?” I asked before she nodded as she took out six different items from space itself, placing them gently on the floor.
The six items consisted of a twin pair of rings, two ribbon ties with red and blue color, a wooden wand with a faint earth smell together with a small but intimidating cooking pan… yes, a cooking pan with a little booklet sitting on top of it.
“I’ll take the cooking pan!” Helesta immediately grabbed it while scrolling through the booklet as a pleasant look appeared on her face before quickly realizing what she was doing and returned back to her usual look.
“I guess I’ll take the wooden wand since it seems like it was made for me,” the elder elf said as she took the wand while swinging it around a bit as little trails of mana followed.
“Ruby wants this!” Ruby who took the red ribbon tie said.
“Aquamarine wants this as well!” Aquamarine spoke while she took the opposite pair of her sister before the two of them tied the ties on each other’s hair with Ruby having Aquamarine’s and Aquamarine having Ruby’s tie.
The two looked so cute with their opposite color hair-ties, it was like their cuteness was increased by a thousand percent… enough to kill a person from just looking at them!
“Right, the pair of rings are meant for the two of you. One of the rings is emitting a similar element to Chaos while the other is emitting a strange dark and icy element that I don’t know so far but I can tell both of them were made for both of you,” the elder elf spoke while looking at the rings.
Indeed, I do feel resonance like I did with Ruby and Aquamarine on one of the rings, in particular, the one to the left while the one to the right gave off this cold sensation that made me flinch.
Helesta and I took our share of the rings before looking at each other as we both nodded. I didn’t know where to place the ring since I never bothered with ring placement in the past, but I doubt there’d be any meaning wherever I place it in this world.
“There… fits really nicely,” I muttered after placing the ring on my right index finger which coincidentally was the same place as Helesta placed which meant it must mean that placement has no meaning, giving me a sigh of relief.
“The two of you are indeed quite bold…” the elder elf showed a smirk before waving her hand as she spoke, “Let’s head back already before the monsters respawn… even though we didn’t reach the place we wanted, we did get quite the harvest.”
“Indeed, we might also have to head back tomorrow. Do you mind if we stay at the elven village for the night?” Helesta inquired before the elder elf nodded.
“Mommy, how do we look?” Ruby and Aquamarine both pulled onto my dress with smiles on their face.
I couldn’t help myself and hugged both of them immediately, rubbing those adorable cheeks before nodding a hundred times, “Perfection!” as a forehead flick came rushing towards me once more as the elder elf and Helesta looked at me with wry smiles.
“You can play house all you want later, let’s head back already since we’d be hit with night time if we go anytime later,” the elder elf said as I quickly stood up with a nod before we soon set off back towards the elven village when tragedy struck… there was only one room and one bed left in the village.

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