Chapter 48. The Continental Shift (1/5).
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I couldn't get tables to function on mobile which is sad because I've enjoyed a bit on designing the windows on this chapter. I'll fix it someday once I get either a new PC or have it repaired. 🥰

Chapter 48. The Continental Shift (1/5).
“Are you awake now, lassie?” A voice called out from the darkness as my eyes slowly opened themselves wide to the sight of the idiot god floating with his usual clothes and apple, his face wrinkled as if he was facing something troublesome.
“You look like you’ve grown a billion years older,” I laughed before looking around confused, “I could have sworn I was sleeping in the same room as Helesta and the others, how did I arrive at your dimension again?”
“I called you here for a troubling matter that might involve the entire world, all the other apostles including that Demoness you’ve been pairing up with are called as well since the Divine Goddess had a foresight about a certain organization attempting to do something that can twist the minds of many,” he sighed.
My eyes looked around for anyone else but there was no one which led me to believe that he had no other apostles and as if reading my mind, he sighed: “You must have already understood that you are the only apostle of mine and to make it worse, you’ve also become the Divine Goddess’ Apostle which means you will be called sooner or later.”
“For now, I’ll give you a grasp of everything. As you’ve seen happening on your continent right now, there are two kingdoms fighting against one another which shouldn’t be that much of a problem since it also contributes resources back to the world.”
“But the issue lies on a different matter, the organization driving one side of the war is not any ordinary organization. It is attempting to create an entirely new fake religion themselves and that religion is spreading like wildfire,” he said with his frowned eyebrows.
“A new religion, would that affect the deities’ powers?” I asked before he shook his head.
“I did mention earlier, it does not affect us, but it affects the mentality of the people. Faith is not our basis of powers; our powers come from the Divine Goddess's existence herself. The most troubling part about this entire issue is that the fake religion is attempting to overthrow the current neutral twelve religions that are maintaining the peace of the world.”
“These twelve religions are not officially dedicated to us, but their work is something that is approved by many of us since it benefits both us, the people of the world, and also the world itself but as powerful as it may seem, those twelve religions are actually weak and are more dedicated to actual charity,” he sighed.
Twelve religions huh… I never knew about that since I’ve hardly touched any book regarding religion especially since I used to never believe in these deities until I’ve seen one in person, but to think that there are twelve religions that are actually not corrupt here… that’s pretty cool.
“Anyway, this new fake religion wants to overthrow the twelve religions and take helm of the world through brute force which may seem impossible but if you take account of the twelve artifacts distributed among the twelve religions then it isn’t impossible at all.”
“This new fake religion is spread among all continents which are why we are dispatching all the apostles this time to prepare for possibly a continental-wide war, the continent you reside on right now has only four apostles. Two of which you will meet soon…” he took a bite on his apple before spitting it out as he showed a disgusted look, “Bitter…!”
“Anyway, my time with you is up. You are about to meet the Divine Goddess soon, be sure to watch your mouth otherwise both of us might lose our heads earlier than expected. Here’s my little parting gift as well,” he waved his hand before a blue orb flew towards me.
You are now accepted as a True Apostle of the Deity Chronos and have received the following blessing and skills.    SKILLS

Time Dilation
Time Warp
Time Absolution
Future Movement

The Blessing of Chronos
The Apostle of Chronos
Time Management
As the window appeared, the surrounding suddenly changed back into the island where I first met the Divine Goddess, and beside me was Kiana and another kimono-wearing person with a fan in her hand, she looked incredibly beautiful with her straight black hair and cold, emotionless eyes.
“It seems like you are the new junior, pleased to meet you,” the beautiful kimono-wearing girl reached her hand out towards me as I happily shook it.
“What kind of business did she call us again?” Kiana looked like she was in the bath earlier with only a towel wrapping around her body, exposing all the beauty and luxuries that her body has yawned.
The kimono-wearing girl and I looked at each other before nodding as we looked at Kiana with utter disgust. Flat is justice indeed.
As we were playing around, the land suddenly trembled a bit as all our gaze turned towards the cherry blossom tree as the sound of a guitar echoed throughout the land. It was a surreal sound that made me hum unconsciously with my eyes closed.
The guitar continued on for three minutes before my eyes opened as the extremely beautiful Divine Goddess stood there with her long, silky black hair draped. Her dress was pure pink silk as she looked at us with those glowing blue eyes of hers.
Immediately, the two kneeled down to which I soon followed as her surreal voice echoed, “Please stand up, my dearest apostles.”
All of us didn’t hesitate at all and stood up as a warm smile appeared on her lips, her gaze turned towards me before she nodded for no reason. I was confused but took it as nothing since she quickly looked at the others before her eyebrows moved a bit.
“Are you all able to understand my words?” she asked.
I was confused but remembered that she once always spoke in archaic or some sort of old language, it seems like she is doing something experimental to change her way of speech which makes me a bit surprised since it made me realize that magic can actually do anything.
All of us nodded to her words before a smile appeared on her face once more as she spoke, “As all of you are also Apostles of other deities, all of you should have some sort of grasp over the situation, correct?”
“If it is about the fake religion, then we have heard about it,” Kiana spoke first to which the Divine Goddess nodded.
“I believe Kiana and I can contain them on our continent by ourselves, but that isn’t to say the same for our newest junior, are you perhaps calling us to help her out?” the kimono girl spoke, “To clarify, the continental boundary is still active which means we aren’t allowed to interfere with each other’s continents. You can’t possibly be asking us to break the boundary just to help her out?”
“That is in no way my intention, little Saya,” the Divine Goddess walked over to her and patted her head, “In fact, I called the two of you here for another reason and that is to establish an entirely new religion led by the apostles.”
“To prevent a case like this from happening, the two of you shall spearhead this new religion under my direct orders. For now, establish its presence on your continents before establishing active trade and emissaries with the other religions and continents, create peace between each continent,” she added.
“Wouldn’t it be faster for us to get rid of the fake ones instead?” Kiana asked to which the Divine Goddess nodded.
“Eliminating them is faster but curing the lost lambs is the hardest. The purpose for this new religion is to cure the lambs that have strayed from their paths, the chaos this new religion brings will affect the lives of millions and will affect the world’s nature,” she explained.
“AAAHHH! I hate this… why do these evil idiots pop up one after another?!” Kiana broke down as if she was annoyed, “The last time this happened was two hundred years ago and it hasn’t even been long since then, give me a break!!”
“The last time was far easier though, we didn’t need to establish a new organization but instead led the surrounding kingdoms to perform charity works,” Saya patted Kiana’s back as she looked at her with a straight, bummed look.
“Whatever, old hag. I’ll do your request,” Kiana said before looking at me with sympathy, “Junior girl, this is that old hag’s true nature. You’ll be tortured to perform work every year. If you want to escape… run away right now otherwise you’ll be chained to dea—!”
As she was about to finish her words, her body went flying into deep darkness as the Divine Goddess covered her mouth with a little whoopsie look on her face. I shivered a bit seeing how Kiana flew away like some kind of rocket ship and decided to ignore what she said.
“As for the newest junior, I’ll provide you with your skills since you already have my blessings. Considering how you received the Blessing of Chronos, the best skills I can provide you to complement the blessing and also your attribute are related to Chaos and Space. Be sure to use them well against this war,” her eyes looked into mine with pure gentles.
Just after she finished speaking, a brand new window similar to the first one appeared but this window had something more in particular, it was the skills and blessings that I’ve received.
You are now accepted as a True Apostle of the Ultimate Divine Goddess and have received the following blessing and skills.    SKILLS

Space Distortion
Space Warp
Space Corruption
Dimensional World
Space-warping Sword
Chaotic Energy
Chaotic Sword
Divine Armor of Space And Time
Space and Time

The Blessing of the Divine Goddess
The Apostle of the Divine Goddess
Manager of Space and Time
Manager of Chaos
“Wha—isn’t that too much?!” Saya looked at the window with utter shock, “I only received around three skills from your blessing, how could she have this many?!”
“It’s because she is compatible with all of those, she has the Velen attribute that both Kiana and you don’t and also have the Blessing of Chronos which pairs well with Space, her luck and destiny allowed for it,” the Divine Goddess smiled as Saya puffed her cheeks.
“This is plain favoritism!” she looked back with an annoyed look.
I was quite surprised to see all these skills but just as I was about to get used to all of it, the Divine Goddess placed her hand on my head as words suddenly surrounded her, flying towards me as she lifted her hand up.
“You should now be able to view at least the skills that are known to you, use these skills wisely, and become even stronger to the extent that your body will be able to contain all the skills that you hold. You will be able to understand the true extent of your powers once your body becomes strong enough,” she said before walking back towards the cherry blossom tree.
“As for your first mission, disassociate yourself and your territory from that kingdom that summoned you as soon as possible and join the Demon Kingdom unless you wish for your entire loved ones to die in the hands of evil,” she turned towards me and looked at me straight in the eye as immense pressure blasted throughout me.
“You must be confused from what she is saying, but all you have to understand is to follow what the Divine Goddess says since her foresight is guaranteed to be accurate. If she says one route will lead to the death of your loved ones, it will definitely lead to it. This is speaking from my own experience, little junior,” Saya looked at me with a wry smile before she waved her hand, “I will be leaving now…”
As she waved her hand, her body vanished into thin air as I looked at the Divine Goddess and bowed down with her words still inside my head… what could be inside the kingdom that would lead to the deaths of my loved ones?