Chapter 49. The Continental Shift (2/5)
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Chapter 49. The Continental Shift (2/5)


Gently, bright white light rushed towards the darkness as my eyelids opened themselves to the sight of Helesta who was sitting on her table, scribbling with a quill on a paper. She was clearly on alert and was focused a lot on what she was doing on the paper.


I was curious as to what she was doing and thought of something, ‘What if I use the space and time warping skills to bring myself near her?’ which might earn me a big fat punch in the head but hey… at least I can surprise someone to death.


And with that in mind, sudden knowledge came running towards my head which all described the skills in their specifics, how to activate, and how to use. It was like magic which surprised me for a second but I quickly used it to my extent as I activated both Space Warp and Time Warp at the same time.


The mana inside my body was drained at a very fast pace that I feel like my body had grown heavy. I didn’t want to waste all my mana and dashed towards Helesta’s side while taking a glance at what she was writing before only getting the disappointment of my life as she was just scribbling lines and dots.


Deactivating the skills, the weight of my body quickly reverted back to normal as I let out a soft giggle, “What are you writing?”


As I predicted, Helesta quickly reacted and moved her fist before her eyes widened as her first stopped just before my chin. She looked at me with surprise and confusion as she looked at the bed and me back and forth before sighing, “Please don’t scare me like that… haaaa!”


“Hahaha… did that really scare you?” I asked while placing my hand on the table as she bitterly smiled, “Anyway, you must have heard the news from the deity that blessed you. Is what you are writing related to it?”


“Mhm… I am trying to come up with a strategic plan over this, initially, if it was just an ordinary war then I am confident that the declaration of war order I declared back then on impulse would have been enough but now that a stronger organization is involved, it is becoming more troublesome,” she sighed before looking at me as she asked, “Are those new skills of yours from your blessing? You seemed to have grown a lot stronger from one sleep.”


“Well… I did become the True Apostles of both the deity Chronos and the Divine Goddess,” I scratched my cheeks before she dropped her pen with her eyes open to its fullest. Her look right now was like someone who couldn’t believe what she was hearing.


It was normal as well since Helesta knows a lot about the hierarchy structure among the deities considering how long she has been having a blessing of one unlike me who only knows two deities.


“Haa… You really went and got the approval of the Commander of Time Deity who is considered the strongest in terms of combat just behind the War Commander Deity and also the Mother of All Goddess. What can I say?” she laughed bitterly, “Did any of them mention anything that needs my help?”


“How did you know?” I asked before she patted my head for some reason.


“Your expression is as clear as a book to someone who has seen many people’s intentions, I am not a ruler for no reason,” she laughed, “Let me guess, you are being told to ally with me for this entire war, is that correct?”


I was surprised by her predicting everything and nodded before her eyebrows frowned as she looked at the window, “It isn’t that hard to do a complete takeover of the town that you manage and also the few towns nearby but that would be breaking the pact.”


“Also, I agree with the fact that you should no longer associate yourself with that kingdom who only wishes to turn you into a killing machine,” she dropped a bombshell out of a sudden.


My mind froze for a second as I asked, “What do you mean?”


“Nothing… You will find everything out naturally, it’s better to have everything explained slowly for your mind to keep up with everything. If you feel worried about what I just mentioned, don’t worry since I am here,” she showed a proud smile.


“As if you could protect me,” I shrugged off her words before leaning beside her shoulder as I looked at the paper with curiosity. I’ve heard about it a lot where high-ranking people tend to write jibberish-looking stuff that tends to be secret messages, I wonder if what she is writing is also one of that stuff.


I’ve personally never seen or written a secret message before despite being an heiress of the Vampires back in the modern world but it was part of my future lessons which were supposed to be taught to me around my 22nd birthday for some reason.


“Are you curious?” she laughed while grabbing the pen that fell before placing it on the desk, “This paper doesn’t contain many secrets despite being written in the Demon Kingdom’s secret symbols, all it says is to prepare for a full-scale war without letting the citizens know and also to increase the defenses around the kingdom.”


“You aren’t writing any plans like war formation or something?” I asked confused before she shook her head.


“War formation is left to the people who really know about them like the commander. A ruler shouldn’t bother making instructions that will only bring down its kingdom, a ruler should listen into the voices of its subordinates and determine whether their decision is the right one and follow-through,” she explained before looking at me with a smirk, “Actually… I do have one secret plan written on the paper; do you want to hear?”


“Can I?” I asked before her smirk grew.


“If you can give me a kiss on the cheek, maybe?” she teased to which I sneered while walking off towards bed.


“As if I would let you, I’d bet my entire wealth that you actually don’t even have a plan written on that paper,” I sat down on the bed while kicking my feet up and down to which she chuckled softly with her gaze towards Ruby and Aquamarine who were sleeping peacefully on my bed with smiles on their faces.


“Indeed, there was no secret plan written,” she smiled, “But I wished there was one that I can think of, at least one that can protect the smiles of everyone, but I am not a perfect being and what I’ve written on the paper is the utmost limits of what I can do right now.”


You could feel from her last sentence that she was taking this entire war seriously. I felt her emotions of wanting to protect everyone but not being able to protect anyone. It reminded me of that time with Ayaka, if Helesta hadn’t prepared beforehand… I don’t know what would have happened.


“You don’t have to force yourself to protect everyone, you know…” I muttered while slowly combing Aquamarine’s beautiful blue hair, “You already mentioned it, you aren’t a perfect being nor am I. As imperfect beings, our utmost priorities have to be placed elsewhere to save at least the majority.”


“Many will die in the upcoming war, but it’s all part of nature. You can’t expect everyone to be standing straight in a field of blood, but at the very least, you can expect many of them to live forward. The powerless citizens, the soldiers who risked their lives in the war.”


“It’s not about protecting everyone, it’s about protecting the majority,” I looked at Helesta and smiled, “That’s why don’t push yourselves too much, we may be Apostles of deities, but we aren’t deities ourselves.”


“Haa… you really,” a bright smile appeared on her face as she wrapped the paper, storing it inside her pocket as she stood up and walked over towards her bed, “You really speak as if you’ve experienced everything… I really like that side of you.”


“Really, I thought I spoke like someone who knew nothing?” I laughed before she sneered while laying her head on the bed with her back turned against me as silence ensued around us. It was pure awkward silence until…


“Thanks for that… by the way,” her voice suddenly echoed inside the room as her ears turned red.


I was surprised but chuckled as I also laid myself to bed with Ruby and Aquamarine quickly attaching themselves onto me like little children, “It’s the least I can do… Goodnight Helesta.”


“Goodnight as well, Aya,” her voice lingered around the room as I soon kissed both the two adorable twins' forehead before closing off my eyes.