Chapter 50. The Continental Shift (3.5/5)
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Chapter 50. The Continental Shift (3.5/5)


—And like so, in a blink of an eye, the night passed by as the noon sun rose high. The two of us continued to fly back towards the Demon Kingdom at low altitude and speed, enjoying the blissful view underneath us.


The scent of the rivers and lakes that we pass through, the fresh smell of the forests; the bonfires from camping adventurers, and the refreshing wind that hits us as we pass through. There was no reason to rush through all this bliss.


“Have you ever tried playing around in the skies?” Helesta who was flying beside me questioned.


“What do you mean?” I looked at her confused before a grin appeared on her face, bringing shivers onto my back.


“Hold my hand tightly since we’ll be going for a little twist,” she suddenly grabbed my hand and before I could react, the two of us launched forward like some kind of rollercoaster going downwards.


The two of us descended at a rapid speed as the lake in front of us started to reflect the skies, our altitude was dropping and dropping before our bodies were nearly touching the lake as splashes exploded from behind us.


Instead of being scared out of my wits, my heart was clouded with surprise and enjoyment as the refreshing coolness of the lake enveloped us paired with its increasingly nice smell.


And just before the two of us were about to hit land, we flew straight upwards like in a roller coaster. We kept going upwards and upwards before the two of us blasted off from the clouds like a rocket, the wonderful ethereal scene of the skies and river of clouds covered my eyes.


“Does it look beautiful?” she looked at me with a smile.


It was beautiful… an unexplainable wonder as the melting sun sprinkled the entire skies with light. The roundness of the planet made everything look like I was viewing it on a fisheye lens. It wasn’t only me who enjoyed the sight but also Ruby and Aquamarine whose emotions could be felt inside of me.


After around ten minutes of gliding, the two of us soon descended back towards our normal altitude as the gigantic Demon Kingdom coated in beautiful white and gold paint came into our view. The bustling sight of the capital city, the towns around the kingdom, and many agricultures were clear as day to us.


Despite being a kingdom of demons or beasts, there was a fully functioning society in the Demon Kingdom. A society where there was no discrimination at all, there were even humans helping around with the demons.


“A land where there is no boundary between race and kind, is that what you wanted?” A question suddenly left my mouth unconsciously as we looked at the tiny villages and towns that we passed by in the air.


Helesta didn’t respond and kept silent, but I understood that it really was what she wanted… ideally, at the very least but ideals are something far from reality. Many people have ideals of their own but reality keeps knocking those down.


I could imagine the little Helesta back then wishing for something like a land of such but as she ascended, she might have realized how near impossible it is to do such a thing. After all, discrimination is not something that can be easily fixed by the governing body. You have to change the people’s minds to be able to fix that issue and people are inherently different.


The two of us awkwardly kept silent as we descended down the balcony of the room where I was staying, my body limply walked forward and rushed towards the bed, slamming myself straight down as I bounced up and down several times.


“Flying sure is tiring…” I laughed bitterly.


“You probably never got to use your wings as much as today, right?” Helesta who sat down beside me giggled to which I puffed up my cheeks as Ruby and Aquamarine both transformed back to their human forms, resting their heads on both of my shoulders.


“It’s not that it’s my fault. The world I lived in the past was majorly human as well and vampires were hunted by them a lot to the extent that our race was nearly extinct. There’d be a hunt for me if I were ever caught with my vampiric qualities, let alone in this world as well…” I sighed.


Compared to the kingdom that summoned me, the Demon Kingdom made me feel what actual freedom is. To be able to fly around and not hold back any of my vampiric instincts is a huge relief since the burden mentally and physically is gone.


My body felt so much lighter here and not to mention, the luxury that exists in the palace is something that I really desire a lot. If I was given the choice to stay here forever or to go back, I’d definitely pick here but there are still many things I left behind on the town that prevents me from doing so.


“Are you planning on heading back today?” Helesta asked.


“Mhm…” I turned around and looked at the ceiling of the bed, “I can’t afford to let Ayaka wait long. I don’t feel secure leaving her alone there, she may have friends but those friends of her are weak against threats…”


“You don’t have to worry much, Ayaka is safe as long as she doesn’t leave the guardians’ sight since they are one of the stronger guardians from the palace. Unlike the last one, they will act immediately if any threats were detected,” she reassured.


“I feel like I owe you a debt of a lifetime,” I laughed before caressing Ruby’s and Aquamarine’s hair as I joked, “Can I even pay all of this debt, or do you offer any interest plans?”


“You can just pay it off anytime,” she replied with a laugh before asking, “Do you want to think of a plan over how to move to the Demon Kingdom or do you really want to stay in the kingdom you reside right now?”


“I don’t really know yet…” A bitter smile rose on my face, “I don’t feel safe under the other kingdom’s care especially after both the Divine Goddess’ s and your warning, but I also don’t want to risk the lives of the people there…”


“It’s really tiring to be stuck between two options, to wage war and rebel or to be obedient and keep quiet until something happens. It’s even more vexing how I have no idea what kind of dangers there are for me…” I bit my lips in annoyance.


As if to quell the annoyance, Helesta suddenly stood up before looking at me with serious eyes as she asked, “I have some recordings from the spies I’ve planted on the kingdom and also testaments from the kidnappers of Ayaka before they were killed. Do you want to listen to it?”