Chapter 51. The Continental Shift (4/5)
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Chapter 51. The Continental Shift (4/5)


As the two of us stared at each other, the door slammed open to the pale looks of a maid who looked like she wanted to say something important which Helesta noticed the same as she looked at the maid and asked, “What did you come here for?”


“Apology for disturbing but we have lost contact on all eighteen guards we have assigned on the Town of Kaloria, my lady!” the maid panicked.


My face paled as my body unconsciously ran over to the maid, grabbing her neck as I asked, “What happened to the Town?! How do you suddenly lose contact with all eighteen professional knights?!”


“Calm down, Aya!” Helesta pulled me back as the glimpse of my hands trembling came to view. I couldn’t stop myself from shaking, it felt like my entire world was crumbling… I didn’t know what to feel as Helesta suddenly hugged me tight, “Ayaka will be safe, don’t worry…”


My body continuously trembled before Helesta looked at the maid as she asked, “Are you sure you can’t contact any of them?! If this is the case then we might have to prepare to engage in a medium-sized war soon, tell the Minister of Defense and the Commanders who are available to start preparing troops.”


“As you wish, my lady. The team at communication handling will also continuously attempt to contact the eighteen guards, we’ll notify you for newer updates,” she bowed down to which Helesta nodded as the maid quickly left.


Helesta who looked at me, clicked her tongue as she bitterly smiled, “It seems like some information of the knights were either leaked or they were found doing something odd, it might be inevitable go on war against the Kingdom soon…”


I was too overwhelmed with emotions that my voice wouldn’t let out, it felt like I had gone deaf for a moment as Helesta continued to pat my back with Ruby and Aquamarine silently hugging me from behind.


“She’ll be safe, don’t worry…” she whispered into my ear multiple times.


A lot of possible scenes that could have happened echoed inside my head, my mind went through each scene out of worry… what had happened to the town for eighteen professionally trained knights to suddenly lose contact? Isn’t that obvious… they were attacked.


Knowing that the knights were the ones watching over Ayaka made it even scarier for me… what if she was taken away by someone strong…? I didn’t know what to do at all and continued to shiver before suddenly the maid who left slammed the door again as she shouted, “My lady! We received contact with one of the knights!”


I felt a sort of relief as the maid continued, “Apparently they were attacked by a wave of odd-looking creatures that looked to be a mixture of goblins, orcs, and wolves… most of the knights are injured and down but the little girl is still safe, they are requesting for backup…”


And like that, my relief came crumbling down as I stood up and looked at Helesta, “I can’t wait anymore… I have to go there, bring me there right now…!”


“Aya! You are too impatient, calm down!” Helesta flicked my forehead.


“Mommy, Elder Sister will be alright…” Ruby and Aquamarine both tried to counsel me as the three of them looked at me with worry… I can’t help it; my heart feels like it will explode anytime… I can’t stop myself from wanting to leave.


“Tell the knights to sustain for at least a few more minutes, I’ll be personally coming there soon. As for the military, tell them to strengthen the defenses around all cities and towns. I have a bad feeling that the attack of those creatures won’t just be limited to over there.”


“Increase the defenses on the border walls of the kingdom, make sure to tell them to increase their surveillance distance. Also, tell the Mage Department to back the border walls immediately and activate the Territorial Defenses,” Helesta ordered in a single moment with calmness in her eyes.


The maid who seemed to be used to such situations bowed down as Helesta looked at me with a wry smile, “You can’t be impatient in these situations, Aya… Going alone against a wave of creatures that even the knights couldn’t handle is practically suicide.”


“Do you want to leave Ayaka alone, she doesn’t have any other parent to take care of her right now other than you… What if you were to be killed because of your impatience, would she be happy to hear that her only parent ran into the lava to stop a volcano?!” she scolded me.


A hefty sigh escaped her mouth as she waved her hand before a crystal clear orb appeared on her hand, she then poured mana into the orb in a pulse-like manner where she would pause and continue on as if she was writing before the orb glowed blue.


The orb then spat out mana in the form of lines, drawing something before two minutes passed as the orb’s glow dissipated, revealing a drawing of some kind of horrendous and odd creature. It had the head of a goblin, the body of an orc, and the tail, nails, and fur of a white wolf.


“I knew it… this is a chimera,” she sighed, “This issue is closely related to the fake church, it seems since chimeras is a lost experimentation that existed a thousand years ago according to the books I’ve read here, and they are creatures that are impossible to kill with weapons.”


“We have a little bit of chance if the fake church didn’t at the very least improve their magic resistance and even then, all we’d need to do is find their power source which would either be their core or a spell circle,” she smiled while patting my head as if I was some kind of child.


I don’t know why but somehow Helesta always seems reliable in every situation… is it because she was raised as a natural ruler or is it because of her experience of age but she can act calmly in these kinds of situations… I don’t know how she can do such.


“How are you reliable?” I asked unconsciously before shutting my mouth abruptly as she laughed.


“I am actually not reliable, I am just lucky to be the Queen of a Kingdom that has super-rich history written in books and being someone who has read and memorized every single one of those books,” she grinned before reaching a hand towards me as she smiled, “Let’s go and have some fun, shall we?”


My expectations of her ‘fun’ weren’t that much but I didn’t know why but I felt like holding onto that hand and following where it will lead me.


“Please save Ayaka at least…” I said before she nodded as I took her hand whilst looking at Ruby and Aquamarine who understood as they transformed into their artifact forms, bringing warmth and calmness into me as our surroundings changed into a forest that was clad in a fiery of flames like the start of an apocalypse.

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