Chapter 52. The Continental Shift (4.5/5) 
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Chapter 52. The Continental Shift (4.5/5) 


The entire forest was set ablaze, an ambient of orange covered the skies. It was like the start of an apocalypse as indistinguishable screams and cries ruptured throughout the entire forest. Arrows of fire flew above the skies and landed straight towards the trees, lighting them in flames. 


“It seems like they are trying to stall the chimeras’ march by lighting the forest into flames which would then cause smoke to cover the forest and flames, making the creatures unable to walk since even if they rely on temperature or light, all of them are covered up…” Helesta nodded before she held my hand as the two of us suddenly reappeared in the town hall. 


Inside the town hall were two dark armored women with stripes of red and the symbol of a fairy on their sides along with the others which involved Aitsuki and the others with Ayaka, Felice, and Iona. All of them quickly noticed our presence and looked in our direction. 


“Mama!” Ayaka rushed towards me only to be stopped by Ruby and Aquamarine who stood before me, surprising the little girl. 


“What’s the situation here?” Helesta walked towards the planning table with Leo nowhere to be seen. 


The two dark-armored knights quickly kneeled down to Helesta as one of them explained, “The situation here is pretty critical, my lady. The royal brigade knights from this kingdom have cowardly escaped with their leader and almost all of our knights are at the walls, attempting to take over the situation.” 


Both Helesta and I looked at Felice and Iona who seemed to have stayed despite their brigade running away like cowards. It seems like the two of them are really loyal and unlike Leo who we did suspect was colluding with that stupid King. 


“As to bring us more time to think of a plan, we decided to set the forest ablaze and will ignite some farmlands as well if the creatures were to be able to escape the forest. It is quite a troublesome matter here, my lady… we apologize for our incompetence!” the other knight slammed her head on the floor. 


“It’s our fault for letting the situation go this far…” Felice and Iona bit their lips and kneeled down as Helesta sighed. 


“All of you stand up, none of this situation is any’s fault since the opponent this time is something that could bring kingdoms and have even brought kingdoms down in the very past. You all did well on thinking of a way to delay their movement,” Helesta applauded before looking at me as if she wanted me to take over. 


I understood that, in the end, I was not a spectator of this scene and Helesta was not the person in command. It was me who is in command of this and should handle this situation. 


“How many casualties are there?” I walked towards the table and asked as Ayaka was being toyed around by her new twin sisters. 


The table had plenty of papers all around and the unrest in the room was at its highest since it was a matter of life and death of the town. I didn’t want this town to end like that also since it was the same town that I’d spent months rebuilding. 


“So far, there have been only eight deaths and fifty injuries including the knights as the adventurer guild in the town reacted quickly and notified us after a party of theirs had been heavily injured,” Felice explained to which I nodded. 


I felt quite the headache while thinking about the situation. I wasn’t the kind that was prepared for a calamity, but it wasn’t weird at all that such situations would happen… it was just that I was thinking of rainbows ahead instead of the darkness that gloomed at the corner. 


“Are all the injured people treated already?” I questioned to which they nodded before looking at the drawing on the table. It looked exactly like what Helesta showed me earlier and didn’t seem to have anything different, “Does anyone have any information regarding this creature or is everyone here clueless?” 


“We do know a few things, my lady, and that the creatures seem to regenerate endlessly even if you were to slice their heads or rip their bodies in many pieces. We’ve also tried burning the pieces with torches, but they also regenerated. It’s almost like they are invincible,” Iona answered. 


“But the creatures are incredibly slow, and you could definitely dodge their attacks with the right reaction speed, their bodies are as hard as an orc, but most weapons should be able to slice through them but getting close to them is an issue as the creatures seem to be able to see you even from behind…” Felice added. 


“Have you all tried fighting them with magic?” Helesta who leaned on the wall asked before all of them froze as they all nodded to which Helesta laughed as she grinned, “I know that all of you tried attacking with magic, but have you tried finding their power source and attacking the connection with magic instead?” 


“What does that mean?” Felice and Iona were confused to which Helesta’s laugh grew. 


“I always thought that this kingdom was lacking power but to think that they also lacked knowledge makes it even sadder as this kind of knowledge is common in many old kingdoms now…” Helesta walked towards the table before smiling, “All magical creatures like chimeras are not powered by nature but with magic.” 


“Think of these creatures as having millions of invisible threads flowing through their body, controlling their limbs and everything from lifting their hands to walking…” 


A paper appeared on her hand together with a quill pen as she drew the chimera but with millions of lines flowing all inside its body as she continued to explain, “These lines are also responsible for their sight, that is why even if you were to attack from behind it, they can still see you.” 


“You can fight these creatures and even kill them by doing something fun and that is snapping their connection with the power source with attribute-less magic which is a form of magic that requires you to understand the fundamentals of magic itself,” she said before lifting her hand as a white orb of flame appeared on her hand. 


This knowledge wasn’t something that I could even find in the royal library back then, it was as if I was exploring an entirely new section of knowledge on this world, and my flame to learn sparked like some kind of engine as I looked at the white flame as much as I can. 


“Well… teaching all of you to do this kind of magic is kind of going to take us a week. Instead, I’ll teach Aya by bringing her to the pack of chimeras. After all, bringing all of you is only going to cause chaos if two people are more than enough to end this entire thing,” Helesta looked at me and smirked. 


And with an annoyed voice, Ayaka suddenly screamed as the sound of her slamming her hands on the floor echoed as Ruby and Aquamarine both giggled. It seems like my cute Ayaka was being bullied by her sisters. 


“Ruby, Aquamarine… that’s enough playing around with your elder sister. I need the two of you back into your artifact forms since we’ll be going to battle soon,” I said. 


The two of them bowed down with a smile, “As you wish, Mommy!” before their bodies turned white as the two reappeared with their original forms attached to my body. Felice and the others were speechless over the scene as if they had never seen anything like that. 


Ayaka was the one who was even more shocked as she looked at me with a betrayed look, “Mama…?!”  


As much as I want to explain to the little girl, Helesta was already patting my shoulder as cries and screams roared from the outside as the door slammed open to the sight of a guard with a pale look on his face, “It’s bad! The flames on the forest had suddenly extinguished! The chimeras are running towards us!” 


“Let’s go, Aya…” Helesta said to which I nodded as the two of us suddenly reappeared in front of the wall with both of our weapons out.