Chapter 53. The Continental Shift (5/5) 
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Chapter 53. The Continental Shift (5/5) 

“Focus, Aya!” Helesta’s scream echoed from far away, “You won’t be able to defeat the chimeras like that, focus on removing any kind of attribute of your magic one after another!” 

“Easy for you to say!” I shouted while swinging Ruby as the chimera went into flames before a loud bang ruptured from my back as a chimera could be seen slamming onto a blue shield which was Aquamarine’s defenses. 


My mind was completely focused on the magic that went towards Ruby’s blade, deciphering the lines that flowed around it. Looking at it even closer, the lines resembled electrical wires in that they have different colors and flowed towards a point which was towards tiny circles at interval points. 


“Blurgh…” I spat out some blood as the mana expenditure was overwhelming my body’s capabilities. 


As much as I want to admit, my body isn’t capable enough to handle the amount of mana that I was expending every second to see the flow of magic on Ruby’s blade. I was spitting out blood every few moments which earned the worry of Ruby and Aquamarine, but I forced myself through as I continued to swing my sword while focusing my attention on Ruby’s blade. 


“Mommy…” Ruby’s and Aquamarine’s voices echoed inside my head. 


I felt like I was close to hitting the secret behind attribute-less magic but it also felt like a passing dream as the lines would glow and dim at random intervals that made it even harder for me to understand by myself. 


“Watch your side!” Helesta suddenly appeared to my side, slicing a chimera’s head as the chimera’s body dissipated into dust without regenerating. My eyes caught a short glimpse of her sword which had its circuit looking more controlled. 


It was like there was another force other than mana that was repelling the attributes out of the circuit. You can think of the attributes as tiny orbs that like to attach themselves onto the line itself, tinting them with color and magic. 


“Huh…” As I continued to look at the lines, a sudden flow of unknown energy re-entered the circuit coming directly from her veins which surprised me as I sliced through a chimera’s head without paying a single bit of attention, “Hey… what kind of energy are you using to repel the attributes?” 


“Huh…?! Wait! Did I ever explain to you about mental energy?!” Helesta suddenly froze as if she had just realized something with her eyes wide open. 


I suddenly felt like slicing off her head right now but held myself back as I sighed, “What the heck is mental energy and how do I use that to repel attributes?!” 


“Err… Mental energy is basically the force that directly comes from your mind,” she explained while swinging her sword horizontally as a giant ice wall appeared and blocked most of the chimeras from walking past us towards the walls, “In fact, you are actually using mental energy all the time while you were inspecting your weapon… I even thought you comprehended what I told you.” 


“I was?” I looked confused before she nodded. 


“You were pretty close to achieving attribute-less magic except that you were trying to repel the attributes with mana which instead of making the attributes repelled, it makes them attracted instead. You have to focus your mental energy on the lines of your circuit instead,” she explained. 


It was a concept similar to electrons and protons but what made me even more confused was how to focus my mental energy onto the lines of the circuit. As simple as the concept sounds, performing it is like another whole thing. 


“How do I focus the energy?” I asked as the ice wall started to crack. 


“It’s even simpler, think of your sword as part of your brain… no, think of it as an extension of your own hand. Try to control the sword with only your brain, don’t think of yourself using your hand to control it but yourself controlling it like your own hand,” she explained before the ice wall exploded as the wave of chimeras came rushing towards us. 


Arrows of fire flew towards the skies along with ordinary arrows as I looked behind where archers could be seen standing on the wall together with Iona and the others. Armored knights and guards were standing with their weapons in preparation. 


It wasn’t weird that they suddenly came out though since the wave this time was larger with over thirty of them coming straight towards us. I had no time to think and swung my sword horizontally while taking Helesta’s words into mind. 


The idea she gave felt weird to me as it was practically thinking of the sword as my own hand which seems to be something that only experienced people with swords would understand and be able to do easily. 


“Blurgh…” I spat out some blood as more and more chimeras were being sliced off only to regenerate. 


My mana reserves were extremely low, and it was far from enough for me to even last a day but with this amount of chimeras rushing towards me… do I even have a choice at this point? 


“F*ck it!” I shouted before utilizing everything in my mana reserves to cast a very wide spell that stretched towards the entire battlefield. In an instant, the spell activated, and the time immediately slowed down as a gigantic holographic mechanical ticking clock appeared above the skies. 


I felt extremely weak from using up all of my mana reserves, but I couldn’t let myself go down like that as I immediately closed my eyes and started to forget about the hand that was holding Ruby. It was hard as your mindset and senses are always reminding you of both hands. 


As if wishing for my death, pain erupted from my hand as my eyes opened to the sight of a chimera biting onto my hand in extreme slow motion. The pain was intensified greatly especially with how slow the movement was as its teeth punctured through. 


“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” I screamed with all my might, but time was still ticking slowly, added with the ticking sound of the clock that echoed inside my head… my mind felt like it was going crazy as I grabbed the chimera’s mouth with my hand and ripped it off. 


My hand felt numb to the extent that I couldn’t even feel it. Tears dripped from my eyes as the pain roared throughout my body. It felt like my hand was being ripped apart several dozens of times, my lips bled from my constant biting. 


“YOU…” I looked at the chimera before swinging Ruby straight towards it as my body could only feel the sensation of the sword just before time quickly sped up as Ruby’s blade sliced through the chimera’s body before it dissipated into dust. 


It was then when I realized that it wasn’t about forgetting about your hand not existing… it was about numbing your hand to make your mind unable to remember it was there. My eyes looked at Helesta’s hand which was constantly bleeding at a certain point. 


A sigh escaped from my mouth as I realized how bad of a teacher Helesta is, but I can’t blame her as I dashed towards the waves of chimera and sliced through them, creating a rain of ashes as the chimeras dissipated into ashes each slice. 


The entire battle lasted several hours as every wave of chimeras, another wave would soon come up until the morning came as the wave of chimeras finally vanished with Helesta looking at the forest before a white flash flew towards the forest before erupting as she spoke, “You piece of crap really made me exhaust my energy for hours straight.” 


I was confused as the two armored knights of Helesta suddenly appeared in the forest with a black-hooded person in their hand, both of his hands were broken, and his legs were sliced, leaving a bloody mess that made people puke. 


“LET ME GO! THE GODDESS WON’T FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!” the man tried to retaliate but froze suddenly. 


“Haa… those chimeras really hid your presence well since the entire place would be far too surrounded with mana for us to even find you with mana. Too bad for you piece of crap, you ran out of chimeras and ended up exposing your mana trying to make more,” Helesta’s eyes glowed bright red as killing intent blasted throughout the entire place, “Your Goddess is a piece of sh*t that doesn’t exist.” 


“The two of you, bring that hideous thing to the kingdom and torture him for information,” Helesta said without hesitation to which the two knights nodded as just before the two of them were able to dash away, six figures suddenly appeared and took the man. 


Helesta immediately reacted and fired hundreds of ice shards straight towards all of them at an insane speed that even I was surprised. The ice shards pierced through all six of them and basically killed three including the injured chimera manipulator but the other three got away as their figures vanished. 


“Tsk…” Helesta clicked her tongue in annoyance. 


I couldn’t help but fathom how much faster can she cast magic since the speed at which she created and fired all of those ice shards were one that I can’t even do with full concentration, and she even did it as easily as if she was eating. 


“Those bodies are useless and will only rot the land,” Helesta sighed before looking at me as if to tell me to burn the bodies. 


And like she wanted, I walked towards the bodies and burned them with a simple fireball before following up with a second and third until the fiftieth fireball where their ashes were practically non-existent. 


“Let’s head back… the forest is basically doomed at this point with your current balance and the farmlands are also dead. This town is in a critical state, but I have a little bit of plan that will save the town that you worked hard on…” Helesta looked at me with a wry smile. 


My gaze turned towards the charcoaled forest and the farmlands that were filled with dead, burnt crops and unusable land which made my heart ached as the memory of the forest and the farmland flourishing entered my mind. 


I wanted to protect what I’ve worked on but… at the very end, it was another ideal like I’ve said earlier. It’s not about protecting everything but protecting the majority… and at the very least, I’ve protected the majority which leaves us with a chance for the future. 


The two of us quickly headed back towards the town where loud cheers from the people echoed, many teared up in joy as the fears on their faces vanished. Seeing all of their happy and joyous faces made me swear deep down, to protect at least the majority of the smiles. 


I swore inside, to make the lives of the people behind the deaths of the six people and the injuries of many, as miserable as it can get. The knights who ran away cowardly and the kingdom that led those knights… if no one else does it then I will change this continent for the better or for the worse. 


You have completed the main quest [Golden Age] and have unlocked the full capabilities of the system. 

Volume 2, Arc 1. The Continental Shift END 

Aya swore inside that she will be a revolution, but will she be able to remember this statement in the long run? Also, I did burn out while trying to write these chapters and likely messed up a lot in the plot, I think but I don't remember much anymore so yeah~!