Chapter 55. Rallying for Change (2/3) 
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Chapter 55. Rallying for Change (2/3) 


An entire week had passed by since Aya slit her wrist, everything around the town had gone completely chaotic even with the intense news suppression on our side, it would had just been a matter of time before the town would have realized something had gone amiss. 


Their leader never showed up for a week after the incident and during the walk back, it was exposed that Aya had indeed been injured during the battle which would have started the entire chaos in the town over health. 


“Mama…” Ayaka who cried for two entire days held onto Aya’s hand, sleeping on her side as her two new younger sisters patted her head and back. 


It was quite the scene even for us when we realized that Aya had disappeared from the discussion, only to be found with her wrist bleeding too much. I couldn’t help but blame myself for everything that had happened to her… what if I never entered into her life, would it have been better for her mentally and emotionally? 


“You should stop blaming yourself, all of us are at fault for not being able to notice her mental state…” the elder elf who was leaning on the wall spoke as she looked at everyone in the room which involved the two knights that were loyal to Aya and the three architects. 


The five of them had been working hard to keep the town stable, even the three architects declared that they are not outsiders of the town anymore but part of it which surprised me as the three really loved Aya enough to let go of their lives on their original hometown. 


It was an impressive effort by the five of them overall, organizing the guards and softening the chaos that ensued in the town while the architects continued to keep the economy alive by continuing on the town rebuilding efforts even handling the influx of merchants. 


“Are you sure she is alright?” I looked at the elder elf who sighed. 


“Every single one of you in this room really asked me that question five times a day, am I some kind of reassurance statue?” the elder elf held onto her head, “I’ve already had six high-ranking elves who specializes in healing and all of them had said she is alright…” 


“Then why is she not waking up?” one of Aya’s knights who seemed to be called Felice asked. 


“It’s because of her body’s reaction, her body didn’t want her to die like that and knocked her consciousness, you can think of her being in a dreaming state for an entire week. You can tell from the tranquility of her mana pool, if she had been dead, all her mana would have dissipated in the air,” the elder elf yawned before opening the door as she looked at us with a wave, “I’ll be heading off no—” 


Just before she finished her words, a person with a thick brown hood could be seen on the door. She had blonde hair and looked incredible beauty even for my standards, but it wasn’t only that, she had this aura that made me shivered. 


“Haaa… this brat really slit her wrist while I was gone,” the blonde opened her hood as she walked inside the room and looked at Aya before dozens of magic circles covered the entire room and a few dozen more pointing towards Aya. 


All of us couldn’t move, it was like we were frozen in time as even if I were to exert all my effort into moving, my body wouldn’t inch even a little bit. Only our eyes could move as the aura around the blonde intensified. 


“You should be thankful that you are my junior, otherwise I would have let you die like that, brat,” her sigh echoed around the entire room before the room changed into a scene similar to the night skies as a gigantic cherry blossom tree appeared out of nowhere. 


The tree had this very divine aura that made the blessing inside of me instinctively bow down as petals from the cherry blossom tree fell down until one landed on the forehead of Aya as a blinding pink light shone throughout the entire area. 


It was too blinding that even if I were to close my eyes, the light would still be visible. The strength of the light lasted an entire minute before dissipating as the sight of Aya being enclosed in a purple glow came to our view. 


After seeing Aya in that state, the blonde nodded to herself before looking at me as a flash of purple light exploded throughout the room. I could feel a breeze flying past me as the light dissipated to a burning sensation on my cheeks. 


“You bastard with the blessing of a lower deity, don’t you dare thinking about using our youngest sister as your tool. I will make sure to crush this continent into pieces if you dare,” she looked at me before looking at Ayaka as she flicked a purple orb towards her while looking towards me as she added, “I already warned you once. If you dare try to force your ideals onto her. I won’t let you go easily.” 

After saying those words to me, she then walked towards Ayaka and the twins before patting their heads as she softly whispered something to their ears before all three of them nodded as they looked at Aya with a wonderful smile. 


The room slowly reverted back to its original state whilst the blonde girl dissipated as if she was never here from the start. Her words lingered inside my head as I wondered… have I been trying to force my ideals onto Aya? 


It felt like I was being woken up from a deep, ignorant sleep as every single moment I’ve been with Aya came up to my mind, showing me how I forced my ideals onto Aya all this time. My heart was suffocating from the sudden realization as I bit my lip in annoyance. 


“What did she tell you?” Iona who was curious questioned one of the twins. 


“The lady told us to prepare a pleasant meal for Mommy since she will be waking up soon, also to make sure to have her enjoy the place around her by bringing her to walks around the town or traveling to different places,” Aquamarine responded with Ruby nodding. 


I could only smile bitterly hearing what she had said to Aya’s precious ones, unlike me, she really wanted Aya to have more peace. I’ve been a terrible person to her… I really wanted to leave this room in a rush and hide from Aya. 


My gaze fell onto the window as a bright rainbow appeared on a rainy day, the sight of the idiot’s palace blocking the sun was clear as day as I looked at the place with a wry smile. 


“The five of you, please take care of Aya for me… I will be away for who knows how long. Please make sure she is well during the entire time, okay?” My body stood up from the chair as I looked at the two knights of Aya and the three architects. 


All five of them were surprised but nodded still as I made my way towards Aya and simply looked at her peaceful sleeping state. My gaze fell onto the twins and Ayaka who had been worried all this time about Aya. I felt like I had no right to be around them since it was me from the get-go who caused all this problem. 


“I’ll be heading now…” I said while walking out of the room before closing the door as tears fell from my eyes unconsciously… my eyes couldn’t stop crying as the rain continued to fall whilst I walk further away from her place. 


The heavy shower from the rain washed down the tears from my eyes as I bitterly bit my lips, gripping my fists while I looked at the town hall one more time where Aya was staying before flying away under the heavy rain, determined to change whatever mindset I have right now. 


“Please wait for me… I will become someone worthy to be by your side, Aya…” I mumbled under the thick rain as my wings flapped their way back towards the Demon Kingdom at full speed. 



“Do you think it was the right idea to do that?” A kimono-wearing girl looked at the blonde knight as the two of them sat down in a tavern with the blonde knight drinking some booze. 


“Have I ever made a wrong decision?” the blonde knight looked at the kimono girl, “I am the Empress of the strongest Empire in the entire world, I’ve never made a decision that was a single bit wrong. It was better to let that demon girl who earned the blessing of that Frost Deity mature a bit.” 


“I’ve looked into the memories of our little junior only from when she came here, she really had been around the worst kind of people but there are a few people I trust can help her stand back up and that demon girl is one of them, but she needs to change first and stop pushing her ideals and wishes towards that brat.” 


“You really sound like you don’t care about our little junior but in reality, you care for her the most among us, don’t you… Kiana?” the kimono girl giggled as the blonde knight who was one of the Apostles of the Divine Goddess, Kiana blushed. 


“Who cares about that brat?!” Kiana reacted before waving her hand towards one of the waitresses as she shouted, “Give me ten more booze!” 


“At your order!” the waitress responded.