Chapter 57. The Colorful (彩) Kingdom (1/3) 
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Chapter 57. The Colorful () Kingdom (1/3) 


After the short little, embarrassing oath. All of us went to take a quick bath before dressing up as the morning sun descended down before all of us. The former town hall we stayed in was more like a beautified mansion now with maids and knights roaming around the entire place. 


The entire mansion was from what I was told, a gift from the Queen of the Demon Kingdom as a congratulatory gift but none of the people in the mansion knows what she looks like, nor do they have any good information about her. It was like she was clouded in a thick cloud of mystery. 


“Where will we meet the other officials?” I looked at Felice and Iona who were escorting me with Ruby and Aquamarine outside. 


“The meeting is held at the Garden of Colors which was named after your name, my lady,” Felice answered, “It is one of the most luxurious and public gardens in the kingdom that was built together by the community with funding from the kingdom itself.” 


“Colors?” I looked at them confused, “How did you conclude that my name is written that way? I don’t think I’ve ever explained the meaning of my name before.” 


“Is it wrong?” Iona looked at me confused, “We were told about it from an incredibly powerful blonde knight who said that you were her junior. She had been the one who had been giving our military and us a lot of techniques and training while you were asleep.” 


“A blonde knight…?” A sudden realization came to my mind, “Was her name perhaps Kiana?” 


The two of them looked at me and nodded as I suddenly realized that it seems like my falling into a coma had caused her a little trouble. I can guess that the Divine Goddess had either ordered or requested her to assist a bit which I am quite grateful. 


Hearing all of this really makes me feel bad since it is pretty much me stacking up debt one after another while I was in a coma for two months. I wonder if I can even pay them in my lifetime even if I had to do it on monthly basis. 


As we walked outside the mansion, several knights quickly noticed and walked over to Felice and Iona as they asked questions to them which were more of: “Who are you escorting today, leader?” to which the two of them looked at me with a grin. 


“Her Majesty,” the two of them replied on both sides. 


I felt a bit embarrassed being called like that, but the knights quickly froze as if some kind of cold tsunami had swept past them. In a split second, all of them took out their swords and slammed them to the ground as they kneeled. 


“We humbly apologize for not recognizing Your Majesty!” 


All of them looked at the grass with pale faces. They were mainly new faces that I have never met in my life which wouldn’t make it weird that they wouldn’t know me at all since the people that have met me were people from two months ago before this place was even a kingdom. 


I was still utterly confused over how they could build this entire place and establish a proper system, defenses, and all these other stuff within two months. To me, it felt like I had traveled through to the future. 


“HEY! DON’T MESS UP THE GARDEN LIKE THAT!” A long-haired girl who looked to be around my age shouted at the knights, “I spent all my time here fixing up the front yard and you garbage really messed it up like that!” 


“Puhahaha…” I couldn’t hold back my laughter as my gaze landed on the knights who were blushing ear to ear as the girl scolded them hard, they really are trained hard as they endured throwing a punch at the girl which impressed me. 


As if to surprise me, a window suddenly appeared over the girl’s head and also on all the knights’ heads, even on Felice, Iona’s, and the twins’ heads which all showed their names, level, and age. Ruby and Aquamarine both had nearly the exact same window merged, but it was colored differently and had some kind of title different and obviously different names. 






7 years old 




Aya’s Daughter 

Divine Weapon 





7 years old 




Aya’s Daughter 

Divine Armor 


As for the girl, her name seems to be Arisa and her age is actually the same as mine at 19 years old, but her level was very low at level 10 which makes me think that she is quite fragile of a person and would possibly die if I were to smack her. 


The average level of the knights were around 47 which was a very high number but from what I can tell, they looked far weaker than me which must be because of the blessings I’ve received and also the boosts from that time where I picked all the benefits from that tomato god. 


“Please stand up though, I hope all of you will take care of me well,” I smiled at them before all of them froze as some quickly stood up and saluted. 


I turned towards Felice and Iona who were both at level 88 and 76 respectively before nodding at them as we continued our walk towards the gate of the mansion where a window soon appeared before me as if greeting itself. 

Colorful System 

The system is currently performing first-time initializations, please expect more mechanics to show themselves as time passes by. To congratulate the awakening of the host, the main system has awarded you with extra knowledge over Kingdom Management. Please use the system to your advantage, young Empress. 


I was confused by what the window meant by the extra knowledge but soon realized it was something extraordinary as we soon reached outside the mansion gates where a side popup appeared over to the right side of my view like some kind of swipe thing. 

Colorful Kingdom 



❤️ 100% 

😊 96% 

🥺 1% 

🥰 3% 



⚔️ 10,000 

💰 8,500 PLT 

🔧 4,395 

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 86,321 

❤️ 93% 

😊 91% 

🥺 5% 

🥰 4% 

I was confused by all the symbols shown at first but simply looking at the symbols made a tiny popup appear with the meaning of the symbol and after looking through every single one of them, I’ve understood what each and every one of them meant. 


Colorful Kingdom 


Capital Statistics (Percent): 

❤️ Percent of people who love the place. 

😊 Percent of people satisfied with the current. 

🥺 Percent of people wishing for changes. 

🥰 Percent of people extremely satisfied. 



⚔️ Military size (estimated) 

💰 Capital Money (estimated) 

🔧 Large Merchants (high earners). 

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Population 

❤️ Percent of people who love the place. 

😊 Percent of people satisfied with the current. 

🥺 Percent of people wishing for changes. 

🥰 Percent of people extremely satisfied. 



It really amazed me how this system can show all of this but according to a little question mark at the bottom of the window, it can apparently show even more once I learn more about managing a kingdom like corruption rate, economics, and the number of workers. 


As I took my eyes off the window, an even greater surprise ran through me as the entire place looked completely different. The houses were all designed modernly like how Kyle and the others showed in their blueprints in the past but at a larger scale. 


The streets looked incredibly clean with brick pavement, lamp posts that made use of only tiny shards of mana stones without even a single glass surrounding them, and beautiful bushes laid at the sides of the pavement that was as if indicating the starting points of each house. 


Everything looked like America in its earlier days but with beautiful wooden houses and a fresher look. I couldn’t help but gasp in amazement as Felice and Iona looked at me with a grin, “All of this is the work of Kyle and the others, they wanted to make a place that really would amaze you and the people.” 


“Are they paid well?” I asked before the two nodded. 


“The officials were also amazed and paid them separately to work on their towns as well that were practically cities but were never accepted as ones by the former kingdom because of the heavy fee required to become one,” she explained, “We also took around twenty platinum coins and paid them for their work over the capital.” 


“It really was worth the platinum coins; I’d doubt any other architect could do the same as what they did within two months. Did the workers at the construction also get paid well for their speedy and reliable work?” I asked before they nodded. 


“The workers were paid an average of nearly six silver coins per day at work which is higher than the general average pay of workers over at the other kingdoms combined which is at half a silver coin per day,” she answered. 


I was satisfied with how they managed it while I was away. I would have done the same judgment as them if I was awake at that time… to be honest, I doubt I’d be able to make this huge of a change within two months. Seeing all of these changes really made me curious as to who the officials were and made me a bit nervous. 


There were little carriages that roamed around the place though which is something different from the usual as most people here walked even the richer people didn’t bother with carriages and the streets didn’t seem to be made to have them. 


“Why are there fewer carriages here?” I looked at Felice and Iona. 


“It’s mainly a design factor according to Aitsuki which the officials implemented as a law, the kingdom now has a schedule over when carriages are allowed and when they aren’t allowed to keep the place cleaner and to have healthier people, in general.” 


“Carriages are only allowed every Tuesday and Fridays and all the other days; people have to walk unless they have luggage that isn’t carriable by hand then a carriage is allowed,” she explained which made me nod. 


I am also curious as to what other policies the other officials have implemented but could only hold myself back as we continued our walk down the streets before soon, a beautiful white yet enormous pavilion could be seen. 


Surrounding the pavilion was a huge flat grass field with strokes of bushes that had many colorful plants, there were even four fountains on four spots and a brick pavement that was connected with the street leading towards the pavilion where many professionally dressed men and women waited. 


There were a total of six layers of knights that stood six to ten chairs away from each layer with their weapons out and their gazes looking everywhere as if some kind of strong bodyguards. All of them quickly noticed our arrival as one of the higher-level knights that were escorting us ran forward before announcing. 


“Announcing the arrival of Her Majesty and founding Marquesses Felice and Iona!” 


All the knights turned towards our direction and planted their swords down to the ground as they kneeled before the faces of the officials came to my view and there were quite a lot of them, many of which looked incredibly beautiful and handsome but that wasn’t what caught my surprise… rather it was what was shown on above their heads that did. 


Their levels were around or even higher than Felice and Iona’s, but their age was around the forties to the sixties despite their young and beautiful appearances. The window also showed something even more important than those and that was their loyalty and corruption level which was the most surprising part. 


All their loyalty points were maximum, and their disposition showed that they are loyal people with their corruption level only at 1% at a maximum which is a rate that should be impossible in the modern world according to the system which showed the corruption rate of the modern world at 75% average. 


“How the heck did I get loyal retainers while I was asleep?” I mumbled to myself confused. 

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