Chapter 99
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For The Sake Of Delicious Food

I return back to where I came from to leave the arranged rock’s magic formation.
To make the base, as well as avoiding unnecessary trouble, I should make it far away from the city.
If I was carelessly discovered, they might even create a subjugation corps for me.

… However, foolishly setting up base here, is it okay?
Well, there should be plenty of people leaving the city.
If I build a house in a place that will be discovered by the humans, there’s the possibility that they will get scared and attack in great numbers.

Should I dig a hole somewhere after I’m far enough?
However, if I do it badly, there’s a chance that I’m going to be buried alive while I’m asleep.

To begin with, are my eyes even good in the dark?
If there’s no Light Mushroom grown around here, I’m screwed.

If the cave and underground are useless, should I make my base somewhere high?
Though in the forest I could do it on the tree, but there’s nothing here.

Well, while thinking about the roof on my head is good, should I focus on securing food for now?
Currently, one of the possible edible food is the three-head camel.
The appearance is a bit severe, but it’s way better than the large centipede and the red ant which is no better than eating pile of sand.

Not to mention, there’s that leopard being chased by the large centipede too.
Does it taste better than the three head camel?
…However, when I look at it before, that leopard-like monster seems to be at the bottom of the food chain here.
What the heck is wrong with this place?

That’s kind of like a message for me whether I should really settle down in a place like this.
This place is far more dangerous than the forest. Though it might be a good place to raise my Lv.
Well, I should get the rough idea once I check the status of the monster around here.

First of all would be the most noticeable cactus that looks like a hairy caterpillar.
Life here would be considerably easier if this thing is edible.
The thorns were also thin, having no effect on my scale.

Knowing there’s plant like the fly trap, I carefully approach while thinking there might be a chance that it’s a monster, and then I touch it.
The thorns bend, without sticking to my hand. Yep, it seems to be safe.

In flower language cactus means unpleasantness, something like a love that never blooms.
Although it has function of storing water preventing it from being dry, it’s still wisely can be related.
I think that there is a similar flower language in his world, I don’t think the flower language match with this fatty thing.
…However, when I can’t even remember my name and face, why can I remember this trivial thing?
Do I really have a previous life?

I pull my hand that touched the cactus, swinging it diagonally, cutting down the lower part.
With the sharp cut, the cactus part falls on the ground.

From the section, it seems like some kind of white liquid is spilling out.
Inside the liquid, some kind of seeds seems to be mixed too.
Surprisingly I might be able to eat this thing.
First of all should I use the〖Status Check〗?

【〖Cactous Tourpuper:Value C〗】
[T.N: カクトゥス・トゥルプーパ(kakutousu Tourupuupa), maybe Cactus Trooper, but as usual author sucks at naming things]
【A type of plant that blooms on a special ground. On the ground that this plant blooms. Other plant will not grow up】
【Can absorb water, also has the ability the save the water indefinitely. Therefore, it will wither when it rains everyday.】
【For the fat appearance, there is a myth that the plant is the body of the baby of G.o.d. Cactous Tourpuper seems to be the unborn child full of thorn】
【Due to its characteristic, it usually grows on dry ground, in which  the the moisture of〖Cactous Tourpuper〗are often found useful】
【Full of nutrients, as well as strong sweet taste. however , because it will wither in a few days once it separates from the ground, it’s not suitable for peddling】

What the heck, this thing is totally edible.
Against the me who already thinking of delicious ways to cook the centipede, there’s this cold feeling. No, it seems like I was saved with this.

Or rather, is it fine for a dragon to eat cactus?
Although I care about the nutrients, I don’t want my next evolution to go crazy because of this.
Well, it seems to be a valuable water source for the time being, should I fill my belly full?
Although there is the sea, the water is impossible to drink.

I put my hand on the rugged cactus, putting my teeth at the section and drinks the contents.
It felt like pineapple juice thinned with water, as well as some aloe vera added to it, not to mention there’s no sticky feeling to it.
This is bad, it’s a taste that makes me unable to live without it.

Once I’ve eaten it, my hunger increases.
The starvation seems to have stopped momentarily before, but now that my appet.i.te had awakens, it seems to be shouting from the bottom of my stomach.
I haven’t been able to eat anything for a while now.

Since its troublesome to draw out the insides, I just bite the cactus’s thick skin to get it.
The thorn keeps hurting my gums, but I continue chewing on it without care to tear it off.
Yep, the skin is unexpectedly edible too. Though the humans will die if they copy me.

For the time being I eat up all of the ones that are scattering in the area.

No, I keep on eating.
But after all, it’s still just a desert.
Meat is necessary.
Should I chase after the leopard that the large centipede also chase?

While I was thinking about such thing, a pile of sand seems to start moving.
What, is it a monster?
Since the pile of sand seems to be on the size of my hand, it should be a considerably small monster.
However when I think about it, here’s also the possibility of it having  some kind of strange poison.

I thought whether I should do the preemptive strike with〖Scorching Breath〗,but for the time being it’s necessary for me to collect the information about the living thing here, thus I decided to fly backwards to take some distance.
I won’t be able to look at the status if it turns into charcoal after all.

I only prepared the breath attack for when it springs up.
I should be able to see where it came from even if it came at me with unbelievable speed.

The pile of sand collapses, something sand-colored pop out its head from the inside.


It’s a strangely long-eared, desert rabbit.
There’s no neck with round body.
It shook its head, confirming the surroundings.
However, because of its narrow view,  it can only see at the range of 120 degrees.

Since it pops its head on the opposite direction from me, it doesn’t seems to have noticed me yet.
I breath a sigh of relief and crawl on the sand.


It shakes its body while barking in a peculiar voice, dropping the sands.