Chapter 101
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Jade Rabbit’s Evolution Plan

I crushed the sh.e.l.l of the scorpion which I defeated before with my mouth.

It’s hard and bitter.

It doesn’t taste so good huh, this thing.

My resistance didn’t go up either. It seems like I now know that I can eat poison-related thing.

I safely eat the scorpion, spitting the sh.e.l.l shard on the ground.
Thanks for the treat.

Although the taste is not that good, it fills my stomach for the time being.

Who knows, perhaps even the ants might be soft once I extract it from the sh.e.l.l.
Although you’re going to need poison resistance, the black lizard might eat this with delight.

I advanced through the desert while putting the Ball Rabbit on top of my head.

Although it would really saves me from all the troubles if there’s a cave ahead, looking at the surrounding area I don’t think I should expect much.
If I put the Ball Rabbit to dig it should be able to build a base of considerable size.


The Ball Rabbit moves restlessly on top of my head.
It’s a bit ticklish.

Although I really want to see the〖Light〗skill, words can’t get through.

It might instinctively use it once it goes into the dark place.
[T.N: Definitely doesn’t sound creepy at all, even for a dragon]

However, even though I helped it once, this fellow really trust me too easily.

Even a Chihuahua is not that tame.

I travel carefully through the desert.

It only has 5HP after all.

Even if I want to evolve the Ball Rabbit, what should it defeat?
As it Lv will improve even if it defeat anything aside from F rank, it’s limited to what the Ball Rabbit can deal the finishing blow.

Is the scorpion from a while ago just right?

Although I don’t know the chance if I use the Ball Rabbit as a bait, it might feel intimidated if we both came together…

My〖Presence Detection〗caught something.

Perhaps they’re buried underground. Lets roast them a little.
[T.N: not too sure about this paragraph]

I lay down my body by bringing my stomach and chin down to the ground.


Hearing the Ball Rabbit’s voice on my head, I decided not to drag this on any longer.

I inhaled deeply, then roars aiming towards the ground.


The sound vibrates with the sands splashing around.

【The Lv of Normal Skill〖Roar〗went up from 1 to 2】

Perhaps they were scared of my voice, here and there, piles of sands burst and lots of monsters dash out.

There’s around 30 of them, all are only monsters between F to E+.
Aside from that stupidly huge centipede, there’s really not that much of a great difference between this desert and the forest huh.

I go to the nearest one, the same scorpion like the previous one.

Using the〖Paralysis Claw〗I lightly graze it.

Although the scorpion violently struggles at first, its movements gradually becomes weak.
Sorry, scorpion. Please let us eat you properly.

Race:Baby Scorpion


Lv :6/22

HP :4/30

MP :8/15

Alright, it should be fine now that it’s paralyzed.

As I’ve already crushed its scissors, fang and tail, there’s no means for it to counter attack.
If I let the Ball Rabbit attack it, and let it stop if I see that the paralyzed status of the scorpion is almost removed, it should be able to safely earn experience value.

I put the Ball Rabbit on my palm and slowly lowers it to the ground.

It seems like it’s unable to understand the situation.

Please attack quick.

When I rush it with my eyes, the Ball Rabbit timidly approaches the scorpion.

I wonder if it’s safe. Will it be okay with seeing blood?

The Ball Rabbit tackles the scorpion.

Race:Baby Scorpion


Lv :6/22

HP :4/30

MP :8/15

Uwa, not even 1HP decreased….
Between Lv2 F rank and Lv6 E rank, is there a way to overcome that difference?

The Ball Rabbit continuously tackles
It’s okay, do your best, keep going!

Furthermore, it seems like it hurt itself again.
A good hit! Now, that’s a good hit!

Finally, it treats its longs ears like a whip, lashing it towards the scorpion.

Oh, it hit the part that I had crushed, that should be effective against the scorpion, maybe.

After continuously hitting the scorpion, it looks up to me.

It seems to think that all that it did was useless.

The scorpion’s HP, not even 1 had decreased.
With this, even if I kill it, it doesn’t seems like the Ball Rabbit will gain any exp.

I use my eye to urge it to try a little harder.
The Ball Rabbit seems reluctant, but it faced the scorpion again.


A small fireball the size of a rice grain appears.

Is that the〖Light〗skill?
If it can be used for a long time, it will be able to act like a lamp like the Light Mushroom in the forest.

After the fireball spins around the Ball Rabbit 3 times, it flies towards the scorpion.
It pops and spread with a light tone, searing a part of the scorpions sh.e.l.l.

It went through!

It will be able to knock it down if f it can shoot four more…. though I thought that, the Ball Rabbit had become tired and crouched in its place.
It seemed like it had spent all of its MP with that one blow. Since its F rank, there’s no other way huh?

The paralysis seems like it’s going to be removed, as the scorpion slightly moved its body.
I crushed its head with my claws.

【Because of the high difference in rank, the experience value cannot be obtained】

For me that’s a good thing, as I’m fine if it all goes to the Ball Rabbit.
It’s good if I can keep doing this until it can evolve.