Chapter 105
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105. desert race

The Leopard ran in a straight line, in an attempt to escape me.

But as speed goes I am a little faster, so the distance between us started to shrink.
Wow it is not as fast as I had thought.

I was refraining a little from using everything I had because I feel I would most likely swallow the rabbit, but maybe I should try to speed up little more?

When I was thinking of what to do the leopard’s body suddenly started to emit a dim light and its speed started to accelerate. 

it must have used its〖Quick〗skill.
The large centipede didn’t hold back when it was chasing the leopard.

You know I should also give everything I got to beat this leopard.

Starting to feel the ball rabbit beginning its protest with its disheveled ears against the inside of my mouth, but even so I still start to increase my rotation speed.

Just a little longer, wait for me just a little bit, I will catch up soon.
The distance between the leopard and I now slow begin to narrow again.

I have him.

All that remains is a single scratch from my 〖Paralysis claw〗 to put a stop to its movement and defeat it.
The leopard glances it head over its shoulder to find me hot on its tail.

it seems to almost project the idea of impatience from its face.

With the distance shrinking by the moment, I focus my consciousness back at the leopard, whose figure seems to subtly shimmer.

I learned deeply when you are away from the poison spider. [T.N Talan Rouge? This make no sense I read back to their fight for context clues but could decipher what is meant but it could also but be a old saying lost in google translation]
Right beside a large rock, the leopard abruptly stopped.

Now is the time to catch him!

The leopard has made a horrible mistake. Now it is the perfect time to trap him against the rock.
With my speed, I will surely overtake the trapped leopard.

The moment I thought I hit the leopard, the figure of leopard disappeared, and a big rock was found in its place.

It got me!

the Leopard, he must have been running a little more towards the right.

maybe it was do to that guy’s 〖mirage〗skill, he must have shifted the scene in front of me to the left a little.
The Leopard stopped, and it looked back towards me happily- with a calm and composed grim on its face.

Oh wait, this guy might have to have have line of sight if he wants to launch that 〖mirage〗skill.
Not this time! I am not going to give you time to try tricking me again.

My body rotating at high speed collides into the large rock.

Crunching sounds explode off the rock as my scales violently cut its surface leaving large pieces of it scattered abou.
While significantly slowed down, I ricochet off the rock aim to ram the leopard with 〖roll〗mid air.

As the leopard watches this take place its whole body became rigid in moments, and it eyes and mouth shot wide open in fear.

Without a moment’s delay though the leopard began to run again at full speed again.

This time in an attempt to get away from the creature launching itself towards him. The leopard tries to propel itself off the ground in an attempt to change the direction of its body from my collision course. Sadly for him though in his attempt to dive and escape from my trajectory it forgot one thing. 

The rock and all the scattered debris that I left around after my last attack.

The Leopard faltered.

Turning around I roll back and over the top of the leopard driving away some of the nearby rocks.

There with this that should broken quite a few bones. Now it is time to finish it.

Releasing the 〖roll〗I punch off of the ground jumping onto the leopard.

Extending my claw I activate〖 paralysis claw〗, And leave gash on the now defeating the leopard.
Checking his stat I see〖paralysis (large)〗, so I guess that it is time to start expectorating the ball rabbit into my claws. 

[T.N. expectorating: cough or spit out (phlegm) from the throat or lungs.]

Wow, He is really wet with saliva.

I definitely don’t want to put it back on my head.

Unexpectedly when I gaze at the expression of the Ball rabbit it begins swinging its ears towards me and using them to whip across my face.

No, this is not good.

I guess I was right after all, and this is was truly a little to unreasonable making him do this wasn’t it.

Someday when I meet back up with the black lizard again I was thinking about how I would travel around with it, which includes having it traveling in my mouth. 

That is way I tested it on the rabbit now It seem that you probably won’t be poisoned riding in my mouth unless you are accidentally bitten while in the mouth I guess.

There does remain the possibility that when the slime took the skill of 〖detoxification〗the original copy could disappear so it is better to be safe than sorry.

I mean I don’t want all the good memories being ruined by accidently annihilating everyone at home

[T.N. this is where it starts to make sense again]
Lowering the rabbit to the land, I order it with my eyes to attack the leopard.

Rabbit than came up to my feet in silence, and began to hit my foot its whip ears.

Not me, It’s over there!

We can wash your body later, when we head towards the sea! I also to want to wash off! 
After the Ball Rabbit attacked me for a while, it started to head towards the leopard.

Perhaps if I do nothing and leave things as they are now like it never happen then I think that rabbits impression of me that I have been building up so far has plummeted about three levels.

But, as expected once the ball rabbit started it attack there are no difference in the leopard’s health.

The leopard didn’t take a single point of danger from all the blows of the ball rabbit ear whip attack.

The Leopard after taking three consecutive hits of〖LIGHT〗, does not move one eyelid and just stares at the ball rabbit.
Was I too greedy?

Should I aim for a weaker monster?

It is meaningless if we wait any longer. It is likely that the paralysis will be over soon too.
Well, since I hit it so it is paralysed for the time being, but it is not unlimited and even if I do nothing I will still be getting some of the experience anyways… Wow, he has now started biting and cutting it.

Was the bunny actually this hungry for food.

Damage, it is starting to subtly go through.

[T.N anyone else reminded of monty python and the holy grail]
Once he found the torn bare skin, which looked to be the least protective he began eaten the leopard alive.

It was quite a fierce picture to see.

Really I wonder if it is a good idea to keep trying to evolve this guy. It looks it could be some ridiculous monster.

[Experience value got 108. ]

[t.i.tle skills 〖Walking Egg: Lv–〗an additional experience value of 108 was obtained . ]

It almost feels like that the experience obtained has decreased, even though it put up such a good fight to only give this much experience.

Until about Lv40 I will likely be able to easily level up.

Then it will probably be difficult to level up to Lv75, so I am expecting this to be longer than I expected.

Also once I get to Lv70 I am guessing my leveling up will likely stagnate …. but because I have the Walking Egg’s doping effect at least it is not as bad as it could be.

Also due to the 〖Dragon Scale Powder〗 I will likely have to live alone for all those year to come. I may even have a lonely death.

As of right now though, things seem to be ok.

It is a shame I did not have the opportunity to try 〖Plague Breath〗but as of now it wouldn’t serve much of a purpose and be a waste of time.

So now, let’s get going to the sea. There’s a lot of salt there to enhance the taste the leopard meat.

Also, it will help the mood pa.s.s to go wash off.

After all, this was for the ball rabbit’s experience. I wonder how much it has leveled up