Chapter 106
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Chapter 106

For the time being let’s separate the ball rabbit from the leopard.

I am taking it away it tastes better cooked.

Do not just look back at me.

Do not resist, your nails will get stuck!


Race: Small Ball Rabbit

Condition: Normal

Lv: 6/12

HP: 10/31

MP: 0/18

Attack power: 12

Defense power: 18

Magical power: 25

Quickness: 20

Rank: E-
Characteristic skill:

〖hide: Lv 1〗 〖Food Reproduction: Lv 2〗
Resistance skill:

〖Starvation tolerance: Lv 4〗 〖Poison tolerance: Lv 1〗〖Overeating tolerance: Lv 1〗
Normal skill:

〖Dig: Lv2〗 〖light: Lv2〗〖 feigning death: Lv1〗

Wild whip dance: Lv 1〗 〖swallowing: Lv 1〗 〖Internal Storage s.p.a.ce: Lv 1〗

〖charm: Lv 1〗 〖bite through: Lv 1〗
t.i.tle Skill:

〖Desert idle: Lv 2〗〖 kin eating: Lv 1〗〖 Lv up parasite : Lv 2〗〖big eater: Lv 3〗


Now it is half-way from evolving again …….

Because it is in the ranking upper, I thought that it jumped up to MAX lv but it I guess I might have been a bit of stretch. It could also be that it was not really fighting hard enough, or because he was a level 0 or something.
Because the doping power of the〖Walking Egg〗I may not understand the sheer amount experience points needed, but it is not like it did not go up at all.
Maybe because I was a person who jumped from F to D in his first evolution, I guess I do not understand the extent of the experience value required to evolve E rank…….
Perhaps the amount of experience value obtained has decreased due to the t.i.tle of 〖Lv up parasite〗leveling up?
Well, to level up requires experience points so it may be important whether what the individual actual experienced was really important.
If that is the case though, I caught off guard a monster while it was sleeping with a lower rank and kill it when it was paralysis and couldn’t move, what about this is a difficult experience?
No, it is probably rather that I interfered a little too much with this experience.
It will likely to take until D rank till the rabbit is able to fight for itself…. But till that time, it seems that it will be difficult to fight as it is now.
With the next evolution, I hope that it will be big enough to dig me up at home.
Biting the scorpion, crushing him with a body press while sleeping, and making it sticky with saliva makes me think that my favorable status is probably dead due to that triple combo, but I still wonder if it will still make me a house?
For the time being, I begin the task of disa.s.sembling the leopard, away from ball rabbit.
It makes easier to carry by collecting only the parts that are easier to eat. I just remove the head, organs, skin parts, and store the rest of it in my arms.
I somewhat have also started to get used to this kind of work as well.
Meanwhile, it seems that my skills of dismantling the good parts of bodies seem to be getting better .

[T.N. Ok this doesn’t make much sense given he doesn’t have these skills and how one of them can’t even be considered a skill if someone can clarify this for me that would be helpful そのうち〖肉解体〗、〖精肉〗みたいなスキル生えてきそう。]
I intended to throw away harder to carry parts in the desert, but ball rabbit quickly became attached to the remaining internal organs.

I guess this is OK if he eats them.

Wow, It swallowed the leopards’ whole head. I mean it is even bigger than his own

It was quite a grotesque scene, and now it almost seems like a dream. How can it really fit inside of his belly?

To be be able not get fat even after how much you are eating. You are transferring it to some sort of subs.p.a.ce, are not you?
I put the ball rabbit dripping from my drool onto my head and head out for the sea.

But is this not useless? After all it is easy to roll with it in the mouth. Also I’m going to be going to the sea more often from now on so it is ok that you can get a bit dirty, isn’t it?

As if reading my intention, the ball rabbit strikes my head with both of its ears.

Yeah I can not do that don’t worry.
After Walking for awhile I finally arrive at the beach.

Even though the ocean is beside here, I why this is such a dry area …?

Well, it can not be helped, even if I could pull the common sense from my previous life in a magical world.

But it reminds me, I remember hearing about a desert with a river. I am pretty certain, doesn’t rain in this climate because of the air current.

I wonder if it is the same way here.

Let’s try to learn about the common sense of this new world, but for now I will start cooking meat.
I’ll let the ball rabbit down from the head for the time being.

Placing the leopard fur I brought along with me, I arrange the cuts of meat out on to the fur in an attempt to prevent from sand from getting on the meat.
I start by digging a hole in the beach, once deep enough I start scooping handfuls of seawater and start collecting it in the newly formed trough.

When I acc.u.mulated enough sea water, I released one of my scorching breath attacks.

heating that water evaporates it leaving only the salt behind. It is a bit odd.

Would the smell go away if I added little more heat?

No, actually it may make the smell worse so let’s go as it is. 
I coat a piece of the raw meat with the salt.

While holding back the power of my scorching breath slowly I apply a low flame to both sides and wait for the color change.

I cook the meat till it is about medium so that inside is still a little red.
It’s hard to do, but it looks pretty good.

Phi perries would be amazing right now because it would make it difficult to pinpoint that the peculiar smell of cooked meat if any carnivorous beast comes browsing around .

When I was eating insects I did not mind at all about the smell, but since I was living a fulfilling life in that cave my tongue has become far more picky.

(But now I have the strong scent of the boiled sea

water which I attempt to mask by adding more salt.

海水を追加で掛け、海の臭いで誤魔化すことにした。[T.N. This section above is about the odor but I couldn’t find out what it 100% ment if anyone understands please leave a comment])
It would be better if you had a less salty taste. Should I dilute it a little more next time a bit more?

Once it is salted, dry it and remove it, you can get a smell. Even though I try to erase the smell with herbs, there is only cactus here. ,

Phi perries were wonderful, who knows when I will be see them again.

【t.i.tle skill 〖cook〗 ‘s Lv has risen from 3 to 4. 】
Oh, it has gone up after such a long absence.

I hope someday I can use this skill when I become a humanoid.
I put together another piece of meat, and make various improvements the the recipe, then cook some of the meat again.

After the ball rabbit rabbit finished bathing, enchanted by the smell was lured back.

Finished with his bath he was dripping wet as he continued dragging its damp ears back with it along with a lot sand.

I am a little concerned, but what will you do fall down? 

Sniffing the meat, It looks back up at me and see if He can eat it.

His eyes shine brightly with glee. 
If only I could prepare some rice, than I could can make a lot more recipes you would like.

From the point of view of speed 〖rolling〗is the quickest method of movement.

Also it turns out that once ball rabbit get mad the fast way to recover from that is feeding it meat.
…… When I was thinking about this though, I notice the ball rabbit was staring at my eyes.

Well I am only thinking about this if something urgent happens and we need a means to get away. If we chased by that big centipede, we need to flee 〖roll〗.

If I’m alone depending on the situation I think I will be able to escape but in the case, that ball rabbit is caught it will most certainly die.
When we finished eating the leopard meat, we travelled to the sea to wash off in.

Not after cleaning up we are back off to raise the Lv of the ball rabbit, and the verify the ability of 〖plague breath〗.