Chapter 107
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Chapter 107

Chapter 107

I am tired after midterms and this Wrestling tournament so it will try to get another chapter out in 48 hours. If anything needed to be fix please leave a commit I will try to fix them soon.
107. Three headed camel

We finished eating on the beach, I placed the rabbit on my head, and started walking through the desert looking for our next prey.
If we find a D ranked monster I will need to make ball rabbit partic.i.p.ate in the fight only after the opponent is completely unable to move, but if the enemy of E + rank is just right level for the ball rabbit to fight alone.
I guess I can fight a bit with the ball rabbit if it comes down to it though.
Though it seems that the ball rabbit is more of a magical specialist, but I am afraid that its MP is 0.

I thought about letting him go home now, but considering 〖Dragon Scale 〗, and I can not say how much longer you will still be safe.
If the ball rabbit is too weak, it may lead to its the death.

Originally it is doubtful whether the disease of the dragon scales will even heal if I leave as soon as the signs start to appear.

I think today’s development of the ball rabbit should end here, and instead should I concentrate on the experimenting with 〖plague breath〗?

Either way, I can not leave the ball rabbit alone and it can’t safely leave me.

For now I’ll test the 〖plague breath〗, and if there is enough time I can raise the level of the ball rabbit.
By the way, the ball rabbit has spread several pieces of meat on my head and is now slowly eating then.

It seems that he really likes roasted leopard meat, he seems to be consuming it greedily.

It’s okay, but please stop eating so seriously on my head.

Enjoying a meal leisurely while looking at the scenery, I am jealous.

Someday if it evolves and get bigger than me I would like to ride on his head.

No, way that would probably be impossible to do so.
While carefully trying not to drop the rabbit or his meat, the three-necked camel that I saw earlier became visible in the distance.

As usual it is grotesque appearance gave me gooseb.u.mps across my whole body.

It does not look all that appetising, but are these things delicious? I wonder if I should possibly go deep-sea fishing instead.

(T.N ok this can out of nowhere above is my best guess a second opinion is always welcome 深海魚とか、結構いけるって聞いたことあるし。)

A round plump camel so there surely must be quite a good amount of fat on him at least.

Because I had leopard meat, I guess I will try eating at least a bit of him.
Having seemingly noticed my gaze the camel started its escape. However, it’s legs are slow.

It must be do to it’s such unbalanced body.

I can easily shorten the distance just by walking. It’s a good enough speed that I can still be steady enough not to shake the ball rabbit off while it’s eating.
Even if it is, I am guessing that he will be done eating it soon anyways.

It will be a bit shaky, after all it will be a battle.

If the rabbit does not hold on well, then he will will fall off.
With the intention of giving a light warning, I gently shake my head.
A piece of meat fell along with the cries of the ball rabbit.

[Paste it on my mouth, scurry.

Lick it with your tongue and chew.

Well, did I cut it a little thin and salt it a little much?
It may be that this meat has to be dried to be suitable to eat. 
“Pefu … ….”
From overhead, I hear the barking sound of ball rabbit.

It seems that it was the latter.

[T.N. This little segment about food above was confusing if someone

with a deeper understanding of j.a.panese take a look at the Raws please correct me in my interpretation]
I kick the ground and jump using my wings for extra lift high into the sky.

Descending to the ground i turn around to confront the three headed camel.
I should probably who confirming its status before I fight it.

Race: Motorikemel

Condition: Normal

Lv: 8/31

HP: 78/78

MP: 67/67

Attack power: 52

Defense power: 48

Magical power: 23

Quickness: 28

Rank: D-
Characteristic skill:

帯 食〖Cookery: Lv 4〗

〖concealment: Lv 1〗 〖 Auto HP Recovery: Lv 1〗

 〖Two head: Lv–〗 〖schizophrenia: Lv -〗
Resistance skill:

〖Poison resistance: Lv 2〗 〖Fire resistance: Lv 1〗
Normal skill:

〖Rock Wall: Lv 2〗 〖Sand Storm: Lv 1〗

〖Aqua: Lv 1〗 〖Rest: Lv 1〗
t.i.tle Skill:

〖Cactus Eater: Lv 2〗


[schizophrenia: a mental disorder that sques your perception of reality but in this case it likely refers to having multiple heads and multiple personalities.Also the Cooking skill is likely wrong when looking up the characters the best I could come up with is “demon diet” but Google translate gave me that.] 
D – Rank?

Well … there are no attack skills and it is in the experience field of sending sending the ball rabbit.
Even though it has more heads, there are a lot of characteristic skills reminiscent of twin headed dog from last time.

By the way twin heads have that ability to use different skills with their left and right heads, I guess that might be sorted out in advance.

Maybe it is decided which skills each of the heads use from the time they are born?

I definitely do not plan to become a double headed type dragon, but I am a little worried.
The three heads, gathered together, and all raise their voices simultaneously.
I breathe in and acc.u.mulate magical power in the back of my throat.

It was my first time using the skill, but somehow, I understood it instinctively.
The breath of stagnant stagnation came closer to the three headed camel.

The three headed camel tried to step out of the way and avoid being blown away.
The aim is not blowing away the camel, but to check the performance of the 〖Plague Breath〗.
As I exhaled my 〖Plague Breath〗, the three-neck camel its feet stopped.

There is no change in appearance.

Should I check its status?

Race: Motorikemel

Condition: Curse (small)

Lv: 8/31

HP: 73/78

MP: 67/67

Although the was a status difference, there was only a little damage.

It was obvious at a glance that it did not cause direct damage.

More than that, state ……〖Curse (small)〗?

Another unusual abnormality state came out.
There is no change in the appearance of the three-neck camel.

Well, if it is something concerning abnormality conditions than he〖G.o.d’s voice〗 can teach me.

Although I was let down in the explanation of 〖Poison α〗, that was probably just because the Lv of the〖G.o.d’s voice〗was to low at that time.

Now that my skill has gone up so much there is a good chance of answering.
【Status unusual 〖curse〗】
Is it going to help?
【The state abnormality in which the vitality and physical abilities gradually decline. 】

【Progression is slower than poison, but there is limited means to remove this abnormality state. 】

【If it is a light 〖curse〗, the effect will be diminished and disappear naturally if you keep a distance from the magician. 】
…… It seems that the curse is completely treated as a disease.

However, in any case, it is in the category of a light 〖curse〗so it is like a disease that it leaks from my wings, unlike the direct application that occurs with 〖Plague Breath〗. If I see something disturbing in the status of the ball rabbit, can I avoid the worst situation if I break up with him quickly?
Anyway, there is something definite with this.

The 〖dragon scale〗 and 〖Plague Breath〗 are obstacles to making friends and it is not a skill that can be used in battles.

the three headed camels, although it is〖curse〗 I am holding down.

As described in the explanation, it seems to be a long-time effect skill.