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its been 3 months since ive worked for Mrs Beatrix 

Grinding my already high tailor skills up, Ive managed to reach new heights


grand tailor reached level 2 

grand tailor reached level 3

grand tailor reached level 4 

grand tailor reached level 5

Aryan found out that he had a cheat code. Synthesis 

He didn't play around with the skill side of it, since it could be dangerous.

But, Synthesis allowed for the user to combine skills or items 

In his spare time, he made a dress and fused it with a suit armour

Yeah....  that was pretty busted


The maiden's war cry - (Armor)

+20 Defense 

+20 Attack to Axe and sword weapons 

+5 Agility 



-Must have a warrior class 

-Over level 15

the problem with synthesis was its cooldown, taking a month. However, the skill is only level 1, which means it has great potential

"Aryan, come down" Shouted kind granny Mrs Beatrix 

3 months and they developed a relationship like a grandmother and a grandson. It is said that Mrs Beatrix had a child, which died of an outbreak of disease cast by a suicide ritual via a level 100 witch

the people of the spell were never caught, but some gossip speculates that it was the powerful red witches the lived in the highest peaks

There were a myriad of different races in this worlds with their advantages and disadvantages 

Elves have great atonement with nature, high many pool and senses, but the weak body's due to the poisoning of the life tree

Dwarfs were renowned for their strong crafting body's and crafts, but the pitiful speed and magic 

Beastmen and Beastwoman were just faster humans specializing in power over speed. However, their race determines the attribute. if it was a lion beastmen, the power would be insane but the magic is faulty 

Humans and beastmen have been at war for many years, due to the world main god "Eve" Apparently fucking a horse or something, I don't know

there were 2 main types of religions in this world 

There was a religion solely focused on the system, thinking it a powerful god sharing its benevolence or whatever 

And then was religion focused on Gods, who apparently made the systems so humanity could grow 

they both sound like bullshit propaganda, so Aryan didn't care

but when there's religion, there are cults

An accident 100 years ago witnessed a group of cultist called gods benevolence slaughter a whole village as sacrifices to the system. They apparently got powerful magic called blood magic, which was manipulation of the blood

(Think of a blood bender off avatar baso)

there are other races like angel, demons, Fairies, Halflings, Mermaids, Dryads, Centaurs, Cyclops etc

Going down the stairs, Aryan saw regular customers, Duke Cornwall and his daughter, Erika Cornwall

She had a hot temper and liked to punch things while angry. 

Aryan called her red hot chilli pepper, due to her red hair 

Looking at them blankly and did a practised bow. Mrs Beatrix made me learn etiquette due to the noble customers she gets

Now, Aryan wanted to throw up just hearing Courtesy and Etiquette 

"Ah. Aryan, nice to see you" The Duke said, bowing back

people call him the "Duke" since he got insecure about his first name. His brother was in line for the duke position, not him, and when his brother died he apparently had a mental breakdown. Aryan thinks fondly of him

"I want to request a battle suit for my daughter" Duke's tone changed as his gaze sharpened 

Suddenly, The kind old Mrs Beatrix eyes turned into slits and she coldly spoke

"We do not do those here." She said, hissing at him 

"Why do you even need it?" Mrs Beatrix said coldly 

"Cant you make an exception?" The duke said  "We are holding an Adror diplomatic party and I wanted to make sure my daughter is safe"  he said, with a look of hatred in his eyes. Apparently, his brother was a genius. An extremely talented sword user that could cut the sky in half or something. at that time  Adror and Acna started getting into fights, which made Adror supposedly nit the flower by its bud and kill his brother before he got too powerful

Poor duke isn't suited for duke position, being tame and kind. But the moment when somebody says Adror, his eye's go as cold as a mother disappointed stare 

"N-" Before Mrs Beatrix could cut him off, Aryan gave a sign language to tell her to wait, before she could respond, Aryan said 

"I might have a way to help you there" Muttering, his eyes telling Mrs Beatrix to follow. 

With her slowly walking into his room, she towards the dress that was presented as a trophy

Mrs Beatrix had a Level 7 identify, the upgrade of Appraisal. Most skills evolved at level 10 except for some certain skills like inheritance magic and others 

"When did you create this?" Mrs Beatrix looked at me like some monster 

"Not long ago, I didn't have the chance to tell you," I said, telling her the truth. 

With a sigh and a bitter smile, she said  "Ill guess ill make an exception this one time, but don't do this again without telling me okay?" She said with a smile 

"Yes ma'am" I replied 

Grabbing the dress, she said  "What do you request from the Duke, make sure to make it Extorbant so the old geezer doesn't come back  and request this again"

Suddenly, Mrs Beatrix turned into a devil in Aryans mind. 

With a gulp, he went downstairs 

I had a question on why I didn't have a Paypal or Patreon. this is because I like this as my hobby, and I make free content, not paid. So unless you really want to donate some money, please don't feel the urge to do so lol.

Also, in the last chapter I kept on calling Mrs Beatrix Mrs Dartix. Ill fix it , its just a name of a pokemon that I got confused with

the last thing is that I tried to make chapters explain a lot and do more worldbuilding and purpose. Enjoy?




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