Chapter 7 Re-edited
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Chapter 7


The bus fortunately dropped off Dan at the bus stop near his home.

Making his way over to his home, Dan was unable to contain his anxiety, and rushed straight home.

He knew his father would be lenient, but the same couldn't be said about his mother.

Arriving at the doorstep of the main gate of his home, he tried his best to sneak up. He quietly entered the house, and moved up the staircase.

His father was nowhere to be sight, probably at one of his meeting.

As he arrived at his room's door, he let out a sigh of relief. He presumed that he got away luckily. Dan then proceeded to open his room's door, when he got the shock of his life.

Inside the room, his mother was patting and playing with the kitten, with no worries visible on her face.

As she noticed Dan entering, his mother smiled beautifully at him, and spoke gently,

[ came back safely..]

Shivering from this sudden twist of fate, Dan answered awkwardly,


For a while the two just looked at each other silently, then his mother used her phone for a bit. She looked back at him gently and said,

[You have gotten tired of living in the city, I think. You like it there at the village, don't you?]

Quickly understanding his mother's intention, Dan shook his head in denial.

[Mom, please, I love it here, don't send me back there...]

Remembering the daily clashes of abuses and violence among his other relatives, Dan shivered in fright.

His mother often used that as a punishment to discipline him from time to time.

He remembered how his so called relatives even became like wild animals for a dispute as small as 5 INR. They lacked any compassion as greed had consumed them completely.

They even resorted to extreme violence on small stuff. Dan was on the knife's edge many times in the past.

His cousins were either drug suppliers, gangsters, professional robbers or political thugs. Even his female cousins were very professional in the art of selling their bodies, their lust often amazed Dan about females having such sex drives.

It was somehow bearable before, but now, he could not even imagine himself being away from Neha, for any length of time.

[I see, but things don't always happen as we want them to be, you see.]

As she stood up, his mother declared,

[You only have one way out. If you can score an 'A' on all subjects throughout this year, you may enjoy your stay here.]

[Alright mom, I..]

Interrupting his sentence mid way, his mother continued,

[I'm not done yet.]


[You are free to stay away from home as late as you want. However, your tuition classes have been revoked by me. You will have to study by yourself. If you can prove your worth, you can stay here, otherwise...]

Not wasting a moment, Dan agreed immediately,

[Don't worry mom, I will achieve it.]

After scrutinizing Dan for a while, Lila nodded slightly, and walked out the room.


As he felt the tension declining, Dan stumbled onto the chair as he breathed heavily.

[Thank god she chose to give me a chance. Otherwise, I may have been thrown into that hellhole, away from Neha...]


As if comforting him, the little kitten tried to snuggle to him.

Smiling lightly, he picked up the little kitten,

[Hey, how have you been?]

Lightly petting across the back of the little kitten, Dan thought that he should bathe her sometime. Her lustrous black fur had been somewhat stained by dirt and mud .


Answering with satisfaction, the little kitten closed her eyes, as she enjoyed the attention on herself.

[Let me place some milk for you, in case you get hungry at night.]

Placing the kitten down, he grabbed a carton of milk from the fridge downstairs, and filled up the clean bowl to the brim with milk.

After taking a bath, he observed the time, which was 11:30 PM already. He decided to sleep now, in case he woke up late for the track & field club again tomorrow.


Waking up to the sound of alarm clock, he observed the time, 6:00 AM.

Quickly getting up, Dan took a quick shower and a light breakfast before he ran out for his club.

6:27 AM

Arriving early, Dan quickly finished changing and started to sprint by himself.

Practicing alone in the morning really was a superb experience.

The club members arrived later too as they joined the activity. They stopped 20 minutes before the start of school.

Dan ate a light snack at the cafeteria, and arrived at his class to take his seat.

Dan found his friends Kancha & Pushkar already seated, he too joined them for a while. Of course, their talks consisted mainly of masturbation resources, i.e. porn.

Having not slept properly last night, he had a lot on his mind today, leaving him absent minded throughout the classes. He was worried about his falling grades, but he couldn't help it.

The event at the arena puzzled him. His matter of improper power usage made him hesitant. His impending happiness with Neha now became even more harder to achieve, he wondered how could he achieve all 'A' without even tuitions, when he couldn't even score that much with it.


12:30 PM

Seeing Dan eating his lunch absent mindedly, Pushkar approached him alone and joked as he enquired,

[What's going on Dan? You seem awfully pale man. You're not taking drugs, are you?]

Breaking out of his trance, Dan wondered what Pushkar said earlier.

[Hey Pushkar, you want something?]

Wrinkling his brows, Pushkar turned serious.

[Something is bothering you badly, huh?]

Considering for a moment, Dan decided to share some of his worries,

[I don't know how to score well without tuitions, what should I do?..]

[Just that, it's pretty easy.]

Shocked, Dan wondered how could his problem be so easy to solve. It had been bothering him for quite a while now.

[Really? How can that be true?]

[Oh, it's true for sure. You just need the help of a good student to teach you for a while.]

[Good students? You know they are a selfish bunch. They would never help me for free.]

[Of course, nothing is free, you know. Everything has a certain price attached to it.]

[Ok, so who can teach me? You know somebody?]

Suddenly Pushkar became nervous. Glancing around, he told Dan,

[My elder sister studies in a grade above us. She is a super student. nothing she doesn't know...]

Greatly surprised, Dan became happily excited, he grabbed Pushkar's hands and asked him,

[Why didn't you ever introduce her to me before?]

Sweating heavily, Pushkar replied,

[For your own safety, believe me..]

[Eh? Why? You can come with me for introduction, right?]


Stepping back, Pushkar looked at Dan with deep fear in his eyes.
His previous trials came back to him in a flash. Ever since he was young, he had not known anyone as dangerous as her.

Of course, it was all too well hidden. But he was an insider, so he knew it all. He even pitied the guy who would be married to her. Surely such a thing can never happen willingly, he could bet on that.

[What's wrong?]

Feeling depressed and terrified. Pushkar answered vaguely,

[Go find someone else, a male possibly with you, and go to the Art club after school... I can only help you so much..]

Finishing his sentence, Pushkar ran off as if escaping from a lion's pursuit. He knew his sister would not take this matter too kindly. He even feared returning back home, since the tormentor would be back in full form soon.

As Dan looked at Pushkar's disappearing back, Dan wondered aloud,

{What could possibly scare someone like Pushkar so much?]


Chapter 7 End


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