Chapter 11 (R18+) Re-edited
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Chapter 11 (R18+)

Warning: R18+ content ahead. You have been warned.


Neha opened up the downloaded compressed file, and played the video on full-screen. She put on her headphones to prevent alarming the neighborhood.

The video opened up with a beautiful school girl busy preparing for school. After eating breakfast, the girl rushed for the nearest station, not wanting to be late for school.

After a certain station, the cabin was overloaded and everyone was compressed against the other.

When suddenly, the girl trembled. She noticed that someone had started to grope her butt. Turning around, the girl only noticed a middle aged woman standing behind her, seemingly an Office Lady. The woman looked extremely confident, with her glasses and was somewhat charming. Her breasts threatened to burst out of her shirt.

Looking at the pc screen, Neha started to touch herself while immersing herself into the character of the girl. She fondled her breasts as she started getting in the mood.

In the train cabin, initially thinking for the happening to be a mistake, she was horrified to discover that the groping became more intense. The hands had now started tracing her slit from her inner garments.

Neha started to trace her own slit, her heart throbbing at a rapid pace. Watery fluids started to stain her panties, her lower lips turned red with heat.

The girl tried to move away, however she had been sandwiched within the crowd with no way of escaping.

The hands now reached inside her now wet garments, and the fingers started to move in & out of her slit.

Correspondingly, Neha too started to finger herself, while teasing her own nipples as she kept her focus on the troubles of the girl. She started to fantasize as if she herself was being molested. Her breathing became rapid as hot sighs escaped her lips.

The girl covered her mouth to prevent the moans from escaping. Her organ clenched on the finger tightly. Unfazed, the finger kept on moving in & out if her, turning the girls eyes to be dazed and unfocused.

Neha herself experienced a powerful orgasm, squirting all over the place. Her eyes were barely able to focus on the screen now at all. Her saliva dripped from her face as she became lost to the lust within herself.

On the screen, suddenly, the girl experienced sharp pain from her bottom. She felt some foreign object moving in and out of her rapidly, with something trickling down her legs.

Turning around, she noticed the woman moving a little bit, according to the movements inside her.
Tears threatened to leak from the girl's eyes.

Neha now reached for her rubber dildo & started to pierce herself in her pussy. Her own moans now became unstoppable as she writhed in pleasure and excitement.

The girl regretted coming to school today. The movements inside her turned even more rapid, with the fingers now playing with her clit, pinching and rubbing, the girl felt like her mind was becoming blank, the pain decreased and happiness starting to surface.

Feeling another orgasm coming, Neha reached out to her sweet spots inside her with the dildo, her pleasure reaching the maximum stage.

Wanting to escape this torment, the girl gave in and felt a warm stuff filling her tummy. Confused and lost, the girl's body turned limp, when the women behind her hugged her tightly, continuing to move in and out.

The woman reaches the girl's ears and whispered ' From now on, you are mine.'

Nodding her head blankly, the girl relished the euphoria, not knowing when she had been led outside the cabin by the woman.

Neha was now spread over the chair, her body convulsed and her mind blanked out. Her eyes were filled with her own fantasy and her lower body continuously secreted some fluids.


Kanchan returned home quickly, not wanting to miss the evening snacks she bought yesterday.

Ever since she has known herself, she had lived alone in her house. Her father was aloof and uncaring. Her brother was a full blown spoiled brat. And finally, her big sister, who was a self proclaimed beauty, was too obsessed with winning the affection of her father, that she alienated and maligned Kanchan all the time.

Kanchan has lived alone so far. Even in her school, she was awkward around others. Boys often bullied her, while girls kept their distance from her.

It came as a shock to her, when Dan treated her so kindly. It felt unreal to her. She wanted to keep hugging big brother Dan for a long time, but her big sister would certainly take her food away.

Years of loneliness had forced Kanchan to become a survivor, hence she was very careful about her means to survive. That is one of the reasons why she had not yet run away from that house. She didn't know on whom to trust or depend.

Entering her so called home, Kanchan quickly seized her food and moved to eat in the store room, to avoid being seen at all. Her favorite Moradabadi Chicken Biryani, which she wanted to eat so badly, now in front of her, made her patience run thin.

Food was one of the few things that bring her joy. Her siblings were used to take away her food occasionally, leaving her to starve to sleep. Not the case now anyway.

Taking a bite of the fragrant rice and chewy chicken, Kanchan was overly delighted, glad that her sister failed to find it instead.

Having filled her tummy, Kanchan sneaked back to her shared room to have a nap. Her sister lives with her in the same room, fortunately her sister rarely ever stayed in their room, leaving a bit of space for Kanchan to relax on.

Feeling a bit drowsy she fell asleep. In her dreams, she was being treated to delicious food by her big brother Dan, causing her to smile even while sleeping.


Mayu returned home, very exhausted. Her boyfriend won't stop demanding sex, so much that they did it 5 times already. However as soon as she recalled the pleasure, her lust started to rise again.

She regretted being unable to lure Neha to come with her back home. Her brother would certainly appreciate her concern.

Ordering pizza for lunch, she turned on the television, searching for a decent fashion show. Eventually, she received the pizza and relaxed for the time being.

Of course, semen continued to drip and wet her adult panties.


Chapter 11 End


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