Chapter 6: Nine Color Blazing Lotus and Thunder Bead
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Like this Ye cang stated to hunt for treasure from various places. He got a total of 3 A level treasure, 5 B level treasure and numerous C level and D level treasure in a day. 

Due to the battle with the python Ye cang was very cautious during entire exploration, Most of the time he used space teleportation to take the treasure. 

He tried much to avoid the battle because time was running out, During these two day of exploration his cultivation has broken through 5 level of Qi condensation. the main  reason for this rapid improvement for cultivation was due to the practice method given by system. 

This Nine revolution secret does not need him to run it, Most of the time this exercise run at its own and and absorbs surrounding spirit energy don't think it's slow because it is twice fast as normal cultivator. Ye cang did not get an opportunity to run this exercise on his own because he was in the forest and in the middle of mission he did not have an opportunity to sit and practice. 

Today it is the last day for the mission and Ye cang is anxious because the highest treasure he has found is level A treasure. He still remembers that system said that the reward will be based on treasure collected do he hoped that he could find S or SS level treasure so that he would get more reward.

Just as he was thinking about this he saw 'SSS' with red color appearing on the map. He was stunned after seeing Bright red color. He did not rush to pick the treasure but stopped there to recover spiritual energy. After an hour his spiritual energy was full he looked at the direction of the treasure and took a deep breath because he that treasure is very valuable but he also knew that there will be danger. But he still has to do this for the mission. If he leave right now god knows wether or not he will get an opportunity like this again. So he has to take risk.

After making the decision aye cang started moving toward the treasure. As he was getting closer to the location Ye cang was stunned because he saw there were 2 SSS level treasure? is killing me ....What is it one buy one free offer?....Now Ye cang has a urge to turn back and leave...He was afraid very afraid because a A level treasure almost took his life then by going toward this 2 SSS level treasure this is almost death.

Ye cang was tangled...Should he go there or not...thinking for a while Ye cang decided to go there because is confident in his ability to escape.

When he got near the location he saw a stunning scene. In front of him he saw a domain consist of various color and there was also Purple thunder booming from time to time in air. This scene was too spectacular.

Ye cang was stunned in place! On the ground on the left there was a lotus emitting various colors be exact nine color...he did not know what type of treasure it was he has no knowledge of it in his mind... on right there was something under the ground that was emitting a purple light, because of intense light he couldn't see what it was, but...according to him it seemed to be thunder! Why did he think it's thunder?, because all the hair on his body is erected and his scalp numb because of standing near it!. Yes, Ye cang also feels this way now, and this feeling is  Very strong, so strong that half of his hair is straight up!

"There is some kind of thunder-type heaven and earth spirit treasure hidden in this underground!" Ye cang looked at the purple light and said. Then he looked at the lotous but he did not know it's use and attribute.

For a Cultivator the Heaven and Earth Treasure with special attribute are very important, because with the help of this they can practice various techniques and can increase the combat power.

This undoubtedly needs a great opportunity to get! And the lotous and purple thunder in front of it seems to be some kind of treasure! But... Ye cang  didn't have the courage to go down! He felt a terrible power because he stood near it! if he Goes down... Isn't it hacked to death in an instant?

So he has mixed feelings at this moment! I found the treasures of heaven and earth, but dare not go down! And who knows if it will be discovered by others!.At this moment system prompt came.

"Congratulations to host for finding 2 SSS level treasure ."

"System what exactly are these treasure and how do I collect them tell me?."

"Ding... the system detects that the lotous is Nine Color Blazing Lotus a Top grade spirit treasure and Thunder bead which is high grade spirit treasure!"

"Ding...With the help of thunder bead host can awaken thunder attribute and Nine color Blazing lotus is main ingredient for Nine death pill a top grade healing pill!"

"Ding...It takes 10 wish point to collect it. Do you want to collect it?"

After hearing System Ye cang was very happy and he can always earn wish value but he cannot always encounter this treasure so he said, "Yes collect it."

"Ding...10 Wish value is deducted.... Collection is in progress..5%...10%...20%...50%....100%. Collection is complete and it is stored in system warehouse."

After he heard system prompt Ye cang started running toward his home. Because he this is more than enough for this trip and he should not take risk any more. On the way home Ye cang asked,

"System why is Thunder bead only hight level spirit treasure and Nine Color Blazing Lotus is Top grade spirit treasure?"

"This is because Nine Color Blazing Lotus is close to having wisdom and Thunder bead will take a long time to gain wisdom!" System replied.