Chapter 7: Are Aliens Going to Invade the Earth?
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After listening to the explanation of the system Ye cang understood why nine-color lotus is more valuable than the thunder bead.

On the way back home Ye cang said, "System can I hand in my task now?."

"Yes but if you hand in the task now you will get another mission. Do you want to submit the task?"

Ye cang looked around and thought... Taking new tasks in this place... I am in the middle of the forest God knows what ghost mission will this system give to me... After thinking Ye cang decided to submit the task after he returns home at least he will have some time to rest before starting a task. So he said, "No"

It took him 3 hours to return home after seeing the familiar surrounding Ye cang almost burst into tears... How much he had suffered these 3 days only he knows night he has no place to sleep and even if he sleeps he will be bitten by mosquitos...after 1 day he got used to mosquito biting then he started to get nightmare about the flying ship that he saw on the first day... He has to be cautious even when eating and drinking afraid that he will attract some beasts. Now seeing home in front of him he was very moved.

After recollecting his emotions Ye cang said, "System hand in the tasks!!"

"Are you sure?"


" During the 3 day period, you have collected 50 D level treasure 30 C level treasure 10 A level Treasure and 2 SSS level Treasure...Evaluating...Your task completion is rated 'S'... Congratulation Host for completing your first Mission now reward are being issued..."

"Ding...Congratulation Level 1 System store is now open."

"Ding...Congratulation you got 50 points of the wish value."

"Ding...Congratulation you got Tier-6 Alchemy Card."

"Ding...Congratulation you got Medical skills."

"Ding...Congratulation you got 10+ Charm value."

"Ding...Congratulation you got a skill 'Mist Walker'."

"Ding...Congratulation you got Tailor Skill."

"Ding...Congratulation you got an Alchemy furnace."

"Ding...Congratulation you got ten consecutive draws."

After Seeing that he got so many rewards Ye cang was very happy. Now he also understood that Reward is based on the completion level of a task like in this task he has S level completion even so he got so many rewards... And he knows after S level there are SS and SSS so if he completed at these level what level of reward will he get?

Ye cang was near his home now and he was very happy because of the reward he got this time He was going to check his reward after going home. However, at this moment, like an earthquake, the entire Ground was trembling violently. At first, Ye cang thought it was caused by a beast running But he remembered that there were no traced of beast near his home so how did this happen now?... He knows only a beast that is tens of meters high or even hundreds of meters high could cause such a situation. But as soon as he raised his head, a meteorite cut through the sky from the far horizon and was descending rapidly! The trembling ground was caused by the meteorite!. Ye cang became pale as he thought of the UFO(Flying ship) he saw on the first day...Are Aliens Really going to invade the Earth? Ye cang thought... Then he threw this thought away because he was no longer on earth...Even if Aliens landed in this place there will be many people who can fight them.


   In the next instant, Ye cang stood on the ground and jumped suddenly. He quickly climbed a tall tree and looked into the distance.

   In the distance, the shocking visual impact like an atomic bomb explosion, the unstoppable flame impact swallowing everything ahead! The forest was in that position in an instant, and tens of thousands of meters was emptied into a circle.

   Ye cang pupils shrank!

   "What the F*CK is that!"

   He wanted to leave, he thought it was not a good thing, and it might be dangerous, but that But then he remembered that his home was near this place so if he wanted to live here in the fire he has to check it.

  Should he go or not?

   "F*uck! Go and see!"

   Ye cang took a deep breath, then jumped off the tree and walked forward.

   Ye cang couldn't help held his breath when he walked over in fear of attracting someone. He was very careful if something was wrong he will escape using teleportation. when he arrived near the spot the place where there was originally a forest, but now, everything in the line of sight was razed to the ground, and there was a deep hole in the middle that was probably close to several hundred meters. The soil on the whole ground was smoking and a little hot.

   "Strange, Why is no beast attracted here? There is no dangerous aura, and there is no big boss. Is it just being scared?"

   Ye cang walked forward by holding his breath.

   Ye cang walked to the edge of the pit and looked down.

   There is something in the hole…

...That's a person!

Ye cang rubbed his eyes to confirm what he saw was real... A person are you kidding me even if you tell me that it was a UFO I will believe it but a person... Damn it how can a person be alive by falling from such a height...And most important point how can his or her cloth be intact even after falling?.. Although the cultivation world cannot be judged scientifically, there should be some basis right?... you should at least give a face to uncle Newton, right?... Ye cang swallowed... But if it is really a person then what cultivation would he have?

At this moment system voice promptly came.

"Ding…you have triggered the task [Save Mu Qianxue], task rewards: Alchemy Fire, random High-grade spiritual weapon, Ice attribute And Mu Qianxue Favourability +30. 

Task tool: Alchemy fire  

Task penalty: Host loses Wish system 

Task duration: 1 Day."

At this time Ye cang was stunned.