Chapter 9: Soft lips
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Authors Note: From the next chapter the main plot will start. So look forward to it.



Ye cang vowed in his mind that he would never do this kind of stunt again.

After resting for few minutes, Ye cang looked at 

Mu Qianxue. Now that he has Max level medical skills he can see all the injuries, on her body...her internal organs are shaken up, but it is not a big problem it can be healed by Tier 3 recovery pill... But did she faint...that's the main problem, if that is not solved healing will not have any effect.

Ye cang looked at her with a serious expression on his face. He put his hand on her wrist and began to explore her body with spiritual energy, It is good that she is unconscious otherwise he would get a backlash. After a few moments, Ye cang exclaimed, "It's the wonder there is no obvious symptom... no wonder she fainted...her soul is injured... But how do I treat this?…"

Ye cang closed his eyes and started to look at all the information, hoping to find a solution. After few minutes Ye cang opened his eyes with his face full of joy he said to himself, "She can recover with Tier-5 Soul recovery pill. It's good that during this time I got the ingredient for this pill otherwise even if I have this pill recipe it would be of no I only have to take the pill… To make this pill I would need around 3 hours…well that's enough…"

Ye cang took out all the herbs needed for this pill and Alchemy furnace given by the system. He knows that Alchemy requires its Alchemy fire to make pills. He did not have one, but he was not worried about this because the system has provided him with Alchemy fire as a task tool for this mission.

Ye cang does not start directly from soul pill but tried Tier 4 Spiritual herbs for practice, If other Alchemist saw this they would scold him to death using Tier 4 Spiritual herbs for practice. It was not that Ye cang was extravagant, but he did not have herbs below Tier 4 because all the spiritual herbs he collects were Tier 4 or above, so he has to start from this. 

Even though the system has given him all the knowledge from Tier 1 to Tier 6 Alchemist but his thoughts and body moments should be in sync otherwise it would lead to failure.

The flame was poured into the alchemical furnace, backing the spirit herbs inside and drying them out. There was some residue of Spirit QI left inside the dried spirit herbs, so his first attempt failed. Nevertheless, Ye cang was not discouraged by this, because he had learned a few things. He learned how formidable his flames were, and that he needed to increase his control over the flames.

Ye cang picked up the next set of herbs. This time, he made sure to pay special attention to his control, to manipulate the flames correctly. He carefully baked the spirit herbs inside the furnace, but it, once again, failed.

After experiencing failure three times in a row, 

Ye cang had started to build up some experience. His knowledge, regarding the control of the flame, had increased during each previous attempt.

On the fourth try, Ye cang was finally successful in extracting out all the Spirit QI. Now he could enter the next phase of alchemy.

While injecting his spiritual power into the alchemical furnace, he took a peek inside. Ye cang saw the various colours of different Spirit QI being emitted by the spirit herbs. Now he started to manipulate these Spirit QI, rotating them to form a rainbow whirlpool. The already dried spirit herbs slowly disintegrated into grey ash.

After they had completely transformed, 

Ye cang manipulated the Spirit QI emitted from these spirit herbs and combined it with the "Herbal Powder"...

Ye cang was now in the 5th level of the QI condensation realm. He had a good amount of spiritual power, yet he was already nearing his limit white making Tier 4 Pill. This is because he has never done Alchemy, and he wasted spiritual energy at many places, otherwise, it would not be a problem to make a Tier 4 pill but making Tier 5 pill would be difficult.

While forming the whirlpool, Ye Cang's brows started to wrinkle, and he was sweating profusely from his forehead. Even though he did use used QI to form his flames, but he also had to control the formed flames while, at the same time, also trying to compress the Pills, which forced him to consume vast amounts of spiritual power.

Ye cang was continuously sweating from his forehead and looked very tired. But his face was joyful because he knew that he has successfully made a pill.

"I finally succeeded, but it took me 5 hours to successfully refine a Tier 4 pill, alchemy needs a lot of time!" Ye cang said with a sigh. If Other Alchemist heard him saying this, they will squirt out blood from their mouth... Even For a normal Alchemist, it would take around 8 hours to make Tier 4 pills, but he created in 4 hours, and he is still complaining that it's too slow?

Ye cang opened the pill furnace and took out the pill from it and inspected it, after seeing that it was of good quality he nodded in satisfaction.

Now he will try to create a soul recovery pill. He took out all the spiritual herbs needed. He sat down and started thinking about the process. He thought for a while and said, "System use experience card."

Yes, he was going to upgrade his cultivation to make up for the loss of spiritual energy during Alchemy. He can make the pill with the same cultivation, but it would take a long time to do that, but he did not have time, so he decided to do this.

"Ding... Congratulations on upgrading to the 6th level of QI condensation."

"Ding... Congratulations on upgrading to the 7th level of QI condensation."

"Ding... Congratulations on upgrading to the 8th level of QI condensation."

"Ding... Congratulations on upgrading to the 9th level of QI condensation."

"Ding... Congratulations on upgrading to the 10th level of QI condensation."

10 experience cards upgraded him to 1pth level of QI condensation, which is not bad. He can now start to make a soul recovery pill. He put all the herbs in the pill furnace. This time it took him 5 hours to make a Tier 5 pill, and he exhausted all the Qi in his body to do this.

Ye cang was gasping like a dog on the floor. He sat up a took out Soul recovery pill and came near

Mu Qianxue and muttered, "Hope you will wake up soon as I will have someone to talk to."

Ye cang grinned and put the pill in her mouth. While doing, he accidentally touched her lips and swallowed....well this is too soft I wonder how it tastes like. Ye cang looked at his finger and thought ... No no no absolutely no, how can a law-abiding citizen do such a thing... In the end, 

Ye cang washed his hand with a face full of reluctance.