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This collection of notes, which were composed at a later time by its author to a book with the title "The Teachings of Arcane Energy and the Collected Knowledge and its Application". Like the book, they are in the possession of the Imperial Library.

On the advice of the emperor, it was considered too dangerous to keep in the public domain. Excerpts from, the notes of the scholar Galada for his book on "The Teachings of Arcane Energy and the Collected Knowledge and its Application".


In our world there are energies that are called differently around arcane, the same can be said about their application. To begin with, however, first some information, so that all my readers are on the same page.

The energies are always called Arcane Energies by me in this book. However, I intend to show other designations in the first chapters and also to explain them, as well as to draw parallels. But the same can be said about the process by which these energies are harnessed. And what is generally known about it. This process, like Arcane Energy, I will give its own term in this book.

Accumulating Arcane Energy is what I will always call it, or accumulating for short. As already said, however, also this term around Arcane has in each case other designations, which stand for the same. But what exactly does Accumulate and all its other synonyms stand for?

And what is it about Arcane Energy and all its other synonyms?

These are the first two questions we will deal with, also I will use these two questions to bring the readership to the same level.

With these two questions, however, a certain portion of the readership will already have other questions. For these, I recommend that they simply skip this part and directly skip to the chapters about the arcana synonyms. However, should they know about Mana, Pneuma, and Qi, which are the most common synonyms for Arcane Energies. I would like to recommend them to go directly to the chapters dealing with the accumulation of said Arcane Energy and its cousins.

However, if you are already informed about those topics, then only the later chapters will interest you. However, if there is no interest in any of the above, then I fear they will have no interest in this book whatsoever. However, in case they are here to increase their knowledge of what has already been described, I hereby cordially invite them to read on.

But now for clarification of the first question.

The process which is called accumulating here in this book may be called differently in other parts of the world. But there is essentially no great difference between the meanings. Nevertheless, let's first lay a foundation here of what accumulating is.

Accumulation is something that is accessible only to a few living beings. With this one, we always speak about a living being with natural talent or a living being with inherent talent. But here, too, it should be noted that some speak of a divine gift. The god-state of Rigan on the continent of Arsacid would be such an exception. This is not the only one on Arkan, but it is one of the most prominent ones.

As far as we know, one's inherent talent is influenced only by one's parents. If both parents possess this talent, the child is guaranteed to be born with this inherent talent. Therefore, this natural talent is most often found in noble families or in other important positions within a state. The people in the population who are born with this natural talent can mostly be traced back to a nobleman who had an extramarital affair or premarital.

Here the aspect that it is a divine gift can no longer be dismissed. Since monsters and also some animals have this talent. Whereas with the animals, as with the divine races, it is only the noblest and purest creatures that receive this talent. In the case of monsters, this is due to the Titans. These Titans are somewhat like our gods.

This is why one should possibly always speak of a divine gift. A belief, which is already present with many nobles. But this book will deal with this question, if at all, only at a later time. Nevertheless, every reader should be aware of the burden that lies on those who were born with this talent. Those who defend us against monsters and enemies of the country.

But what exactly happens during the accumulation? In addition, we must clarify first of all that Arcane Energies are to be found in three basic forms in nature. However, these can still be colored by an element. And at this point, the inherent talent of a person comes into play. Which comes into play in the same way with monsters and animals.

This is always shaped by the parents, even if there can be surprises here. In these cases, the child has a different talent than his parents. Nevertheless, all talents work on the same principle. The corresponding person has a talent with the Arcane Energy of the body, mind, or will. However, this talent can be colored with an element similar to Arcane Energies in the wild. In this case, we are talking about people or monsters with an Arcane elemental talent. Sometimes they name their talent in one of the three areas too.

In general, however, there is an agreement when it comes to the process of accumulating Arcane Energy. The corresponding Arcane Energy is absorbed by the individual with the corresponding Arcane Talent. After the latter has absorbed the Arcane Energy, this is passed through the meridians of the body. In this process, this Arcane Energy is cleared in the accumulator's body. The same can be said about the accumulator's body. It is also cleared through this process, detoxified or purified are also terms used. This means that any damage, disease, or deformity is removed. As a result, most accumulators are of a beguiling beauty and a youthful countenance.

Meridians will have caused a questioning face with one or the other, however. This is why we want to explain them briefly at this point.

Meridians are like the nerve or the system of veins that runs through all bodies. Also, they perform a similar function, where the previous provides blood transportation and the second communication within the body. It is the task of the meridians to carry the arcane energy to the core, but also to distribute the arcane energy to the hands for example, in general throughout the whole body.

The distribution I am talking about here is again dependent on Arcane Energy. Here at this point should be mentioned only briefly. That with users of Arcane Energy of the body, those Arcane Energys are distributed through the meridians throughout the entire body. In the case of Arcane Energy of the Will, this is mostly channeled into a corresponding focus or the hands. To then be formed into a spell. But we will go into all of this in a later chapter as well. For an Arcane user of the mind, as the attentive reader may have already guessed, Arcane energy is channeled into the brain. From here the user would work telekinesis and telepathy and other mental efforts.

But now we come to the heart of the matter, if I may allow myself this pun at this point.

The core, which is formed with the help of the purified Arcane Energy, is basically like a snowball. This is then gradually coated with new layers. This process is described differently by different sources. Some perceive the whole process as the filling of a small bowl over or in a larger bowl. Whereby the new clarified arcane energy fills the bowl and the overflowing arcane energy fills the bowl below. This process then repeats itself over and over again.

This is what I would like to refer to in this book as step ascension, also for the reason that this is one of the most widely used terms. The size of the bowl to be filled or the thickness of the new layer around the core is individual.

In the case of step ascension, it can be easy for one person and difficult for another. This is again dependent on the inherent talent and the associated potential. Also, the elemental coloration can cause difficulties. Thus, an advantage quickly becomes a weakness. The size or thickness of the layers is determined by his own talent. Which makes it different for everyone.

Now that we have clarified the question around accumulating. In the answer to this question, we have already described parts of the knowledge about Arcane Energies or at least mentioned them in small parts. Now we come to explain them in more detail.

The question was, what are Arcane Energies? This would be answered simply with the answer that Arcane Energies are what they are named after. One of the reasons I named it that. But that would not fulfill the purpose that I am trying to achieve with this book. A purpose that is inherited by every book. To impart knowledge.

Arcane energies, as I have already explained, occur in three basic forms in nature. In this one, it is usually colored by one or more elements. And also of a certain wildness, which is of no use to any practicing accumulator. Therefore, the clarification or the refinement of the Arcane Energies, which has the side effect of improving the body of the practitioner, within his own body. This leads to a state in which the body is kept in a state of eternal youth. A practitioner may say at this point that I have made a mistake here. This I can only deny. This is because with each new stage ascended, the natural life is prolonged and the body is maintained in its condition upon reaching that stage. So, if one should come through some level ascents in young years, one can reach eternal youth.

Of course, this is only possible for the few with true talent among the most talented. I would even go so far as to say that a whole lot of luck is involved. For those of my readership who wonder what I want to say with an "Elemental Coloration". I will explain this here.

An elemental discoloration is a naturally occurring type of Arcane Energy. Whereby this was influenced by the elements, which surround it. Whether it is the arcane energy of fire, earth, or air. These discolored arcane energies are found in places where the elements are at their most extreme. One could also say the most pristine. The farther away from civilization, the wilder the Arcane Energies become, but also the more colored they become.

This is of great disadvantage for those who were born with a talent in one element. Since it is easier for them to form their core and ascend further levels with arcane energy, which is colored with their inherent element. However, this still does not clarify what arcane energies are. Except that it is the energy used by people with talent to become mages, great warriors, or psions.

Arcane energies come, so at least the general consensus from Arcane our world itself. Another thesis, however, is that it is the divine forces themselves that permeate Arcane and everything that exists on it. This thesis again finds support in cultures and countries that believed in a divine gift from the beginning. Instead of a natural talent. No one can explain this, which is why practitioners by and large always believe in a divine task or gift.

As the reader must discover, there is no answer to this question. At least not a satisfactory one. But that brings us to the end of the preface, with everyone at the same level of knowledge.

However, I would like to urge them to hold on to this question, because I hope to answer it in the following chapters of this book. Since I believe that I have arrived at an answer through my research.