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We open this story, ladies and gentlemen, to Jigoku, otherwise known as Japanese Buddhism Hell. Within the largest palace, in a room five steps to the side of the main room, was a congregation of the strongest Jigoku had to offer.

“It’s done!” Happily exclaimed were those words as a bright light shone on all the faces there, pushing back the ever grasping shadows. The man who had spoken was a rotund fellow with stern features, but kind eyes lit in happiness. Opposite to his appearance that would lend you to think of plain clothed monks, his clothes were in eye-aching shades of color so much so that  even the narrator was baffled. Did that shade of green even go with that bright pink?

The other people in the room murmured,“What should we name it?”

“Enma-sama, this lowly one thinks an appropriately auspicious name such as Yellow would be wonderful to commemorate such a joyous occasion.”

“Enma-sama, perhaps something referencing a poem would be-“

“Or something stylishly odd like Nova?”

On and on the others went even as they all stared at the glowing ball held carefully in the hands of their king.

“It’s to be used to help create a worthy coworker of Gozu and Mezu, someone who can solve the problem of the growing numbers of escapees, so why not name it-“

Without warning, the man identified as Enma-Daiō, the King of Jigoku, stared consideringly at the ball before a sharp sound resounded through the room. The sound echoed in the others’ ears as they stared uncomprehendingly before a voice that rose in several pitches that seemed to hold back a scream rang out,” Sire! The system,” the voice cracked as it elevated,”why would you break it?!”

Everyone felt something break in them as they watched the halved system’s glow dim. Tears came to their eyes as they thought of all the deals Jigoku had to strike with the other beings; The money, the extra life, the forgiven sins they had to give out even as everyone in Jigoku suffered like they were dying to create it. Had the king lost it?! Did he work too much, break his head and now their precious system was dying?! They knew their king was plenty willful, but isn’t this too much?!

Eyes twinkling Enma-Daiō smiled,“I didn’t break it, just split it in two.”

The others in the room felt their soul wither at his complacency. Great ancestor, you walk sideways in the halls and no one would judge you, but must you break something that took one hundred millennia to create?!

“One of you just reminded me that they’d have to do two jobs, so I thought that we should compromise to allow for two people to contract it.” Letting his lips curve further in satisfaction, he continued lightheartedly,” By the way, together they were to be called Jigoku System 000, but since they’re now two let’s call them Jigoku System 001 Yin and Jigoku System 001 Yang.” His words very much an order despite how he said them, the man seemed done with the meeting as he silently dismissed everyone and stood.

Seeing the king about to take his leave, a voice dared to ask,“What about the hosts?”

Those words stopped him and he took a look at the halved system’s dim glow before answering,“These two are a bit tired from being separated, maybe we should reconvene when they get better? Perhaps, they’d do a better job of picking their hosts than we ever could.”