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While Matthew thought he had time to torture his golden eyed cousin, he simply didn’t.

Ministers were quick witted and demanded his attention to court, as they sincerely wanted him to lead them, while the Emperor was being tended to and hopefully lives. Their intentions weren’t unrealistic, as far as they were aware, the Emperor was stabbed near the heart and that kind of condition would take time to recover from…That's if he were to live…

Unable to continue, Matthew inwardly sighed but didn’t show this on his face.

Having complete faith in his Princess, Matthew went to court and told them that the Emperor will most likely be fine and that they had no need to fret…To him, this all seemed rather pointless…

The Ministers were unwilling to trust the Second Prince’s words and started to talk about naming him the Crowned Prince. They talked, yelled, pointed and spread their own thoughts and opinions...A few things had come out, like that of Band One being named to have attacked the Emperor, then afterwards he was named as being Matthew's man. But, others would state that they are true believers in their Second Prince and said that Band One attacking the Emperor has nothing to do with him...One Minister even had the gull to bring up Prince Liam to come out of the cold palace and become the Crowned Prince once again for this ‘dire situation’...It was...A mess...

Then, Matthew had suddenly stood up…Having been silent for most of this time, his sudden action had made the room go into silence.


Matthew walked from the high court chair and down towards the Ministers. He didn't hold his head up high, as to look above everyone arrogantly, nor did he have his head lowered, in cowardice. Instead, he seemed to look from one person to another, showing signs of impatience and anger, yet showing that he acknowledged them. His glare only made them all lower their heads, even more then required…His steps were determined, his attire was grand, he owned the room of its complete attention. He was unavoidable, unreachable and making each remark of him to become the 'Crowned Prince' ever so much more important. He was caring to the people, one that could hold power and yield it properly. Yet...

They continued to bow their heads, feeling the oppressive type aura surrounding them.

Having gotten used to the Emperor being someone that wasn’t strong in cultivation, they shivered now, to Matthew’s cultivation base and cold look. It was damned near impossible not to sweat…

“I did not want to explain myself.” These words lingered out to all the ears in the court room.

With such words, the Ministers bowed more, feeling their legs starting to turn to jelly. They already loved the idea of him being here as the leader, the one in charge, the one that will lead their people...But, did he have to use his cultivation...

“For the safety of my Princess, I did not want to explain myself!” Matthew said again.

The Ministers squeezed their eyes shut and found that this young man, this Second Prince was right.

They had tried to shut his words down, about the Emperor and his condition, not trusting him at all! Well, they had hardly let him speak at all! And, even though anger wasn’t used as much in the words that His Highness, the Second Prince, had said, they felt it chilling their bones. It was like an extra message in a message. The first was, he was mad they had not listened, then the second was that he was mad because he shouldn’t go as far as to explain himself…

Many holes were wanted to pop up and make them disappear, but they were stuck. This…Person held them stock still, even though their legs already wanted to buckle beneath them!

And all Matthew was thinking…Was that he shouldn’t have to let them all know that the Divine Healer had been tending to the Emperor before his arrival here, that he wanted her identity to be kept as big of a secret as possible. But, he knew that he would protect her, and that the news would get out anyway…The next thing was…These old men would not leave unless he set them straight!

He had not even wanted this court session to have come to pass, and now they wouldn’t listen!


Matthew retracted his cultivation base and sighed, “My Princess is currently tending to His Majesty, she is the Divine Healer. I will put my faith in her…And, what will you say?”

The Ministers all fell to the floor, kowtowing, “Long life His Majesty! Long live Your Highness!”

Turning back to the high chair, Matthew sat on it, thinking that their behavior now, was much better, then said, “You may rise.”

The Ministers had all changed to show deep respect towards this Second Prince…Even if they still weren’t sure if their Emperor was in good hands or not. News that the Divine Healer was currently tending to the Emperor was good news, but a stab close to the heart…They really did want to trust in his words, but how!?


Only a short time later, court was easily dismissed, and Matthew was free again.

Going to see his Princess, he found the Emperor laughing in his bed chamber.

Frowning, because he had just fought with the Ministers and here His Majesty was laughing, Matthew saw that Sahara was concentrating.

What was His Majesty laughing at?

“My son! This King is alive! I can also feel a difference in my cultivation base already! This…Sahara is…” The Emperor just let out a hearty laugh, expressing his happiness.

Sighing, Matthew felt like it should be fine if he stole her back again now but could only watch as she continued.

He knew one of these emotions, his possessiveness over his Princess was really quite astounding.

Gently looking at her, Matthew sighed to his emotions and finally said to the Emperor, “This Prince knows how special she is, Your Majesty.”


Smiling from ear to ear, the Emperor hadn’t felt better in years! “Very good, your man suddenly changed in the middle of asking this King about the marriage. It was strange indeed.”

Becoming serious, the Emperor remembered Band One suddenly changing in his face and breathing, he’d strangely moved, and his eyes seemed to have lost their light. “This King has been mind controlled before, but had never seen someone else go through it.”

“This Prince is glad you have come to that conclusion already.” Matthew slightly smiled, relief flowing through him.

The Emperor looked at his son, then slowly shook his head, “And how will that save your man, my son?”

“The mind controller has already been captured, I was going to start torturing him for confession, but had to attend court, instead.” Matthew said.

The Emperor raised his eyebrows, “Oh? You attended court?”

Frowning to the Emperor having thought that as more important than his man, Matthew said, “Yes, but it has been dismissed…May this subject go and get the confession, Your Majesty?”

The Emperor stared at his son and felt upset. Being so close to death twice recently, he had quite a number of regrets. Over the last couple of weeks, he had tried to change, so that he would not have these regrets, yet, here he was today, feeling as he did when Consort Moon had been taken away.

He still had regrets…

“Why is it that my son doesn’t call this King father anymore?”

Matthew was stunned, he had never thought that this conversation was ever going to take place! Yet, it was the worst time for it! And, above that thought, was that the Emperor had even brought it up himself!

It was a shock for Matthew, that the Emperor had thought of it mostly because he had noticed that Matthew had stopped calling him 'Emperor Father'…

Inside, Matthew was warm and cold at the same time, warm because the Emperor had noticed…But cold, because of how long it took him to notice…

Looking over at his beloved woman, Matthew felt peace wash over him and he smiled. “Your Majesty, I…Am not your child…”


Looking down at the Emperor, Matthew watched as his eyes widened and he took deep breathes in. His upper body looked like it was becoming unstable, as he slowly rocked backwards and forwards, making me loss my focus.

“What…What is it…This King…” The Emperor muttered.

“My father is a Golden Heir, Your Majesty. I did not know of this, until sixteen years of age.” Matthew admitted, sitting beside his Princess and taking her hands in his. He was very nervous right now, this was his deepest secret…His mother and sister were no longer here, so they would be safe, and they were quite alone, so Matthew had used his strength to say this deep dark secret now, while the conversation had been brought up…It had to be said, now or later, it just had to be said...

The Emperor had gone quiet, silence filled the room and anyone else stepped back slowly, to try and vacate the area.

Matthew knew that at one stage he would have to announce his birth right to the entire populace as well. It might as well start right now, if he could get the Emperor to accept and stay on his side, the populace should understand...Considering that Matthew was indeed a 'True Golden Heir' and that he had always done his best to safeguard and help his people...Shouldn't they accept and potentially help him, with a Golden Bridge at stake?

Of course, Matthew still wasn’t sure if he was going to take that path, but he could use the idea of it…At the very least…

A growl came out of the Emperor, “Blasphemous!”

Nodding his head in agreement, Matthew gently pulled Sahara closer to him and further away from the Emperor.

Glaring eyes found Matthew’s and Matthew stared back hopelessly, “This Prince…”

“Get out!” The Emperor yelled.

Pulling Sahara with him, Matthew left the room.

He had no idea what will happen now, and he was somewhat saddened to the idea that the Emperor may not even talk to him again…Or would he go as far as wanting to behead him?

It was a very hard topic and one that needed to stay a secret, until the Emperor had calmed down to make his decision…It was in his plans anyway, to leave Green Haven at some stage…If worst came to worst, he would just leave here a little earlier than expected…

Matthew sighed, kissing his Princess’s hand and continued to walk…


I was walking a little behind Matthew, when he suddenly picked me up and left the palace, jumping and gliding away.

“You aren’t his son?” I asked, not at all upset I was getting picked up a hell of a lot lately.

“No, I’m not.” Matthew said.

“Who’s Golden Heir?” I asked.

Golden gun, golden finger…Is this leaning towards Bond…James Bond?

A strange gasp came out of Matthew, and he stopped when he next felt a stable house roof area beneath him, then laughed freely, “My father is a Golden Heir, but that isn’t his name.”


Then…Is his name James Bond?

Kissing her on her forehead, Matthew jumped a few more times and finally they were at his estate.

“Welcome home.” He said.

Looking out to some unfamiliar, luscious looking little ‘houses’ I wondered where I was.

Wait…He said ‘home’? Is this…His estate? Omigod, that’s right! In the books I read the ‘head wife’ was in charge of the house…Right? I need to put a bulletin board up to say ‘Sahara’s’, haha!

Matthew saw his Princess’s curiosity and put her down, but kept a hand of hers in his, “If His Majesty doesn’t want to kill me or kick me out of Green Haven, this will be our home.”

“Why did you tell him like that?” I asked, remembering how Matthew had blurted out such a large secret.

Matthew sighed, “I had wanted to tell him many, many times, yet had not. Having you there, by my side, gave me the courage. I felt like the time was right and it all came out before I could think!”

Letting out a small laugh, unable to express anything more about it, Matthew looked over at his estate.

I didn’t laugh with Matthew…In fact, I was quite curious if that was really what it was like for him…

I totally understand the ‘It felt right’ feeling!

“Yes, Master, we helped him follow his instincts.” The voice inside my head said.

Frowning, I let out a huff in hearing that voice again.

“What’s wrong, my dear?” Matthew said, taking her into his arms.

“If I tell you, you’ll think I’m crazy.” I bluntly said, scratching the side of my head.

Hell, even I think I’m crazy!

Gently smiling at her, Matthew put his hand up to her face, “You aren’t crazy?”


Matthew ran off before I could hit him. On purpose, he wanted to say that for a distraction, but the reaction he had gotten, ended up being more then he had expected!

“Oi! Get your ass back here..." I yelled, chasing after him.

Maybe I can show him crazy uh!?



Funnily enough, for a short time, Matthew was in heaven. Being chased by his Princess like this in his estate, was like his life was just beginning. Actually, he had already accepted this estate not being only his anymore, it was theirs. What was his was hers, especially himself. This was exactly what he remembered thinking quite some time ago, that they belonged together, belonged to each other…

Having had just let out his biggest secret to the Emperor, and here he was smiling so happily…

This beautiful person was all he ever needed!


I would make Matthew trip, teleporting something in front of his feet…Then he would make me trip! I’d go to block his way, by putting something big into his path of choice, but he’d jump over it!

He would then look down and smile cheekily at me…

Grumbling, I through food at him from ‘storage’, dirtying him…Then he threw dirt at me…We ran around, ran away, ran towards…It was a trip, maze, dirt and food fight…

Shaking my head and rolling my eyes, I stamped up to him and put my hands over my chest, “You think you’re so good uh!?”

Matthew cheekily smiled and said, “Yes!”

Taking his Princess into his arms, he jumped across two roofs and fell into a pool of warm water.

Splashing about, I got my head out of the water to breath…

That was a surprise!

Moving my hair out of my eyes, Matthew put his hand around my waist tightly, “You’re dirty!’

Smirking, I look at some of the food still on him and said, “So are you!”

“Mmm…” Matthew leaned in and kissed me.

With the warm water and strong arms around me, I felt relaxed and free. I might be wet and dirty, and in a place that I’ve never been before, but yet, quite happy. I felt secure and no want to be anywhere else.

Feeling myself being lifted up a bit and then pushed towards him, I put my hands around his neck and kissed him back with the same amount of greediness and cheekiness.

It was our world, as we explored each other’s mouths and wet, clothed bodies.

And, it seemed to flow so steadily towards something even more demanding…

The wall of the warm, rock pool, at some point, was now against my back and some clothing had been removed.

Matthew inwardly sighed to himself, before he pulled back away from this temptress, “My dear, you are putting oil on the fire again.”

I let out a small laugh and then put myself under the water.

Matthew followed me under the water, and I pulled out his arm, pointing out a finger to his wrist, to show some food that was nearly all gone now. Then he put a finger to my neck, wiping at it, making me guess there was dirt there.

I cleaned the food on his wrist and then his neck as well. But I then had to come up for air, so Matthew followed me up as well.


Moving my hair out of my face again, he smiled at me, “You are nearly all clean again.”

“Mmm.” I quickly checked him as well, seeing a small piece of food in his hair, then tried to clean it for him.

As my hand tried to clean his hair, Matthew kissed my arm, looking at me, his eyes…Staring at me so intently.

I forgot what I was doing, as I stared back.

I watched him sigh, then speak, “I have been married once before.”

I stopped and blinked…Uh?

Does that mean he is still married to someone that lives here?

Not sure how to act or what to say, I don’t do anything…

Matthew gathered me up in his arms and sighed, “When I was thirteen, I was decreed to marry Isabella and move out of the palace. When I was fifteen, she became pregnant and was used by her own family against me. She died…”

Matthew had not been able to look Sahara in the eyes, while he had spoken this, and could only hope she isn’t showing a really bad face that would suggest she wouldn’t like him anymore. But, he had to tell her, no, he wanted to tell her. He wanted her to know that he won’t keep secrets from her…

“Oh.” Actually, I had no idea on what to say. It was…Sad…Also, Matthew hadn’t really indulged me with much information, it was like it all just came out, like that of not being the Emperor’s child…

I had no right to be jealous, nor did I have a right to judge. I mean, I’d already lived a life with sex and other men. …Having her killed like that was just ridiculous and I wondered what kind of girl she was. And…A child?

He knows the loss of a child too?

I looked at Matthew and put a hand to his face, making him look back at me, “Does it still hurt? That you lost her? And…The child?”

I had troubles bringing up this unborn child, honestly, if I had lost my daughter before she was born, how would I have felt?

Matthew gently looked at his Princess and said, “Yes, I was right there beside her…I was the father of that child, husband to her and what did I do!? How could I forgive myself for not protecting her? She was my friend.”

I slowly kissed him on the forehead, while I tried to understand his guilt.


Remembering a very tough, difficult time for myself, I wanted to put it into words, “…There was a time when I received a note, a very important note…A note that I didn’t take literally, I guess I was myself and laid back about it...But…That note was all I had left of that person. Afterwards…They killed themselves and I was left…With this note…The note was saying to go and see them, later, I saw it as a beg or a plea! They were yearning for help, someone to talk too! What if? If I had gone to see them, would they still be alive!? Would their lives be better? Meaningful? What if…”

“Sahara…” Matthew said, defeated. He hated that his beloved woman felt this way.

“Is it much different to your guilt? Unable to…Do something…” I asked quietly. I just wanted him to know I understood. I didn’t know how to make him feel better…It wasn’t something that could be changed, what was done is done…

Flashes of memories invaded me, and I didn’t know a tear went down my face. This was most definitely a regret in my last life. If only I had spoken to him! But I didn’t! And, it was the last time!

I remembered going to the funeral and I couldn’t even go see his face, as half of the other people there did. I was so dismayed at myself that I didn’t talk to his parents afterwards. I felt like I didn’t have the right too! What if I had talked to him!?

Actually…They were a big part of my life…And I never really spoke to them again. Of course, they tried to talk to me, but I would just remember what happened and couldn’t forgive myself. ‘What if…What if?’

That is when I would say to myself, not that it works, ‘It’s something that can’t be changed, what’s done is done’…


“How about we go see her and tell her how you’re doing…Maybe?” I didn’t care too much to speaking to dirt or a wall, but some people did…If it made him feel better…

Matthew pulled her tighter to him, breathing out in some kind of release.

What was it that I had been holding in? Why did I feel better now?

I kissed his eyes and cheeks, “One day, I’d like to hear more about her, when you’re ready.”

Matthew gave out a small laugh, he felt so damned lucky to have this beautiful girl. How did he deserve her?

Finally, opening his eyes, he smiled gently and lightly kissed her, his precious little bundle of joy. He kissed her eyes, as she did him, then her cheeks as well. Then suddenly, “You have a birth mark here.”

I look at his eyes, that were so close to mine and said distractedly, “Uh?”

Putting a hand out and touching the birth mark on my neck, Matthew mumbled, “Right here, a birth mark.”

Then he kissed it, making me put my head back in pleasure. It felt really nice!


Matthew used his other hand then, to pull at a bit of clothing, then reached up to pull the rest of it away.

I started to breath heavier and stood very still.

No…Nope, I’m not shy, not shy…I’m not a virgin…Well, I never used to be…I’m not shy at all…

Matthew put his hand over some of my bare skin and even though the water was warm, goosebumps traveled over my skin and I shivered.



My thoughts slowed down to a snail’s pace, as Matthew explored some more, and I couldn’t move an inch.

My breathing got faster, and my face got redder! But, I was grounded, my thoughts were only on his hand traveling over my skin…

Closing my eyes, I sighed.

Matthew got closer, seeing her so adorable. He’d never expected this kind of play!

She was as tempting as a delicious food, she was as shy as a virgin, as beautiful as a goddess…

He knew, that if they didn’t stop now…

Putting his forehead to hers, Matthew couldn’t believe how much he wanted her. How impatient he was!


Saying his name as I did, seemed to have switched something in Matthew, as he brought his mouth to mine and kissed me desperately.

Putting my legs around him, he pushed me into him further and I groaned.

Omigod, what are we doing!?

Feeling a little soberer to thoughts again, I took a deep breath in…

Ahh! This isn’t fair…Waiting is going to be hideous!

“When will we marry?” I asked, showing my impatience.

Matthew took a moment, as he eyes turned from that of desire to indulgence, “I hope, as soon as possible!”

He made me take me legs away and he went away, to the other side of the warm water, “Perhaps it might be a good idea to keep a distance…”

It didn’t seem to matter…Before we exited the warm water pool, our eyes had expressed our desires….


Matthew helped dry me and we honestly did not touch any more bare skin of the others. Strangely, we were doing fine, and we finally got mostly dried and dressed again in clean, dry clothes. Of course, Matthew left the immediate area so that I could change into them, but he returned straight after…As though he knew the very second when I was done…

Having thought about the previous news of what he had told me, I suddenly laughed, “You know you told me you were known as the Second Prince?”


I turned and looked at him, stunning him once again to my beauty, “Who do you want me to know you as in front of others? The Golden Heir’s kid or the Second Prince?”

Matthew had never, ever, thought that the Second Prince would sound better…

The Golden Heir’s kid…My Princess…I am not an animal!

Shaking his head and putting his hand to his head, made me laugh again. Perhaps if he knew that I wouldn’t let this topic down, he may have done something different here…

After that, we ate a meal. The ingredients were still rather fresh, as Matthew had only returned to his estate recently. I met a few ‘servants’ that worked there and Matthew then stated that he wanted to go and try save Band One from treason.

I looked up, a little worried, “Was it Band One that hurt him?”

Matthew took one of my hands in his, “He got mind controlled by that other golden eyed man.”

“M…Mind controlled!?” I stuttered.

Omigod, they have that here too! Scary…Mind control, mind control, what do I know about that?

“Mmm.” Matthew moved a strand of my hair out of my eyes and put it behind my ear, “I will come here or the General’s to look for you, when I’m finished.”

Nodding seriously, I pursed my lips in knowing that this would be a little bit of a predicament to fix.

Matthew let go of my hand and then kissed my forehead, leaving straight after.

I watched him go, seeing him turn back once further away, to quickly smile at me…




Rose, having heard about a miss that had just been granted approval to marry the Second Prince, was extremely angry!

How had this happened? Who was this miss? Can it really be the Thirteenth Young Miss…Or someone else!?

Thinking of the woman that she had seen on the bed a few days ago, Rose wondered if it were her. The news she had heard, had never stated her as the enchanter over the Second Prince, nor stated she had laid on bed with him…How did news of her sound so good!? It has to be someone else!

That girl had red eyes and wasn’t known within the inner circle of people that she knew! She’s the ‘enchanter’!

Yet, this miss that seems to be a ‘Divine Healer’…Yet, the ‘enchanter’ was there and the General became better…Perhaps the ‘miss’ and ‘enchanter’ know of each other? But…I don’t want to fight two girls for the Second Prince!

It was all too strange! Could they…Could they be the same person? Enchanter…Young Miss…Divine Healer.

It really seemed to Rose that all those weren’t one person and started to picture the red eyed girl and another, that wanted to cling to her man’s arms!

Thinking that she now had two adversaries, Rose could not tolerate it and grabbed the paper that held the ownership of the ‘Spirit Convert Association’ and left for the palace. For days now, she has had this piece of paper with her, whenever she was with the Empress. But, since marriage had not been approved, Rose had not been able to give it to them. Her father made specific orders to only give it to them when the marriage was approved! They weren’t going to give it to the royals for free!

Rose agreed with her father…It was her biggest asset at the moment! Even though the Empress and her were getting along very well, she still was unable to hand over her biggest asset! She needed that confirmation first!

Then…Once she was inside the Second Prince’s Estate, she will make it hers…And hers alone! No ‘enchanter’ and no ‘Divine Healer miss’!

She will not give her man to anybody else!