Chapter 35
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Having thought that he might not remember this and it potentially being our first time together, I went aggressive on Matthew!

…To gain more time, I pushed him off me and decided that I'm going to have to satisfy him to some decree...And, the easiest way to do that, and try and fix him at the same time…Was to use my hand.


After that…

I was spent, and he went all silent on me.

I didn't know what he was thinking, and it sort of made me mad! I mean, I just worked hard to satisfy and cleanse him and all, and he’s not saying a word!?

Even when his breathing was normal, he sat there, having put his back to me when he had finished…

Ah…His back looked sexy anyway…He wasn’t like a macho man, but he did come across as strong, not only that, but he’s back ‘looked’ good…Was it that his skin showed minimal blemishes and looked like it’d be soft and smooth to touch? Or was it because it gave off the feeling of strength and for some reason that seemed to ‘look’ great to me…Weird…

Then, there was that normal ‘Prince’ type nobility aura hanging around, but I didn’t feel that as strong as some other ladies probably would have, what got me more than that was his ram rod, strength looking, sexiness…Mmm…

But, even though I was slightly mad, I couldn’t say anything. It seemed obvious he was trying to come to terms…With something…I just didn’t know what!


So, I got comfortable and found myself relaxing, due to being utterly exhausted, as I was still tired from before doing all this hard labour of satisfaction!

…Yes, he was just trying to calm down! The love of his life was right there, naked, his for the taking…Who wouldn’t have trouble!?

He hadn’t been able to turn around, even before getting dressed…If he had, he would probably drop what he was doing and climb back into the blankets with her! As it was, now that he’s seen her naked body, he could feel the lure that it has…She was heaven defyingly beautiful!

They’d come all this way, their marriage within two days…Surely, he could wait…He could wait…He can wait!

…But, he really didn’t want too! He could still picture her naked form clearly in his mind!

To a certain degree, Matthew was in pain because of how much he was holding himself back!

Matthew could only sigh, as he finished redressing himself and was finally able to look at his beloved once again.

…Before I fell asleep, I found him kissing my forehead and wrapping the blanket tightly around me. I vaguely hear him sigh, and then say, "Thank you..."

I swear that it wasn't a 'thx, for getting rid of that drug'...It was probably more of a 'thx, for jerking me off!'

I let out a chuckle, still keeping my lazy eyes shut, "Feel better?"

Matthew had almost disappeared by then, but I heard that he stopped, and said, "We'll finish this on our wedding night, my beautiful Princess."

Then he was gone...

And I slept in honey…


Matthew sighed, he couldn't tell what he was feeling at the moment. He was slightly satisfied, slightly embarrassed, full of desire and didn't want to leave...

He had never been pleasured that way before, well, not by a female…He had only done it once…Or maybe twice…But never by another’s hand…

When he had been able to think properly again, from being fogged up because of the drug, he found himself unable to stop her…He felt like he should have, but it was practically too late! Not only had his head hurt slightly still, but his nerves had still felt crazy over what she was doing! He could only put it down to still being drugged!

At the time, she looked so brilliant and so beautiful, that he hadn’t been able to think more about what it was she had been doing, until it was finished…For the second time…

Then, he had felt bad that he had let her do that! Wouldn’t that be something a lady would do in a brothel!?

It was yet another reason he had been unable to look at her for a while…He had felt so great and at such a loss, at the same time!

Yet, with her having not said anything and leaving him be, made him feel slightly better about it, making him able to even express his thanks…If there was a chance that she didn’t mind…And he said ‘Thank you’…It wasn’t like he would tell anyone about what they did intimately…

Sighing, Matthew put a hand to his head…

Then his eyes feel onto Band Three, whom had taken up to sitting against the tree and patting Naruto, that was on his lap asleep.


Walking up to Band Three, Matthew found that Band Three already knew that he was there.

Softly, he spoke, "Master?"

Matthew couldn't believe it, normally his Bands are formal...Seeing Band Three unmoving...All he could think is...That damned, little mutt!

It has my woman, my brother and now it's moving onto my Bands!

Band Three noticed his Master's eyes glaring down at the sleeping Naruto, "He's exhausted!"

Of course, the little beast is exhausted, he had been running from me for what felt like hours! Hell, even I’m exhausted!

Taking a deep breath in, Matthew tried to calm himself down...How could he let a little mutt make him feel so angry!?

After a minute, Matthew looked around, "Where's Steven?"

"He saw me here, then said he will sleep." Band Three said, still absently patting the sleeping Naruto.

"And what happened...To Miss Haves?" Matthew asked, once again serious.

What she had done was more than drugging a Prince, she also came into his estate without an invitation and claimed to be a servant…She had taken this way too far!

Band Three gulped and guiltily looked away, "This...This servant angrily put her into a situation for what she has done and asks for punishment."

Matthew frowned, "What do you mean!?"

Band Three stood up, making Naruto fall to the ground, but he ignored the growl from the beast. "Your Highness, I alone, had made her understand the severity of what she had done."


Matthew looked at the now deeply bowing Band Three with wide eyes...


Silence came between Band Three and Matthew.

Band Three had gone to bow respectfully in front of Matthew and Matthew was now thinking...In the meantime, the beast now happily went to sleep in Sahara's ‘room’.

"To clarify, tell this Prince exactly what you mean, Band Three!"

Band Three lowered his head further, "I closed the doors and ordered a man to go in your bed chambers with her!"

"...I see." Matthew said, closing his eyes for a moment.

Why were there so many things happening!?

Now he had to figure out what to do with Miss Haves!

"Stay here until Steven returns."

"Yes, Your Highness!" Band Three answered.

Matthew looked down at him, knowing he had put his fourth finger up. He had indeed felt suspicious and she had gone as far as drugging him...But, Band Three had done something he wasn't supposed to do! He had never been approved to do something as sinister as that…

"This Prince is thankful you stopped anything from happening between Miss Haves and myself, that, I very much appreciate...But…You will still report to Band Nine!"

"...Yes...Yes, Your Highness!" Band Three said. He knew he deserved punishment...Band Nine will take a whole cultivation base rank of someone for punishment, and one cannot leave his side until that rank has been regained. This type of punishment might not be painful in the physical sense, but with how long you take to get that rank back and the fact that you had gone to Band Nine in the first place, meant disloyalty…Band Three will come back as another Band, perhaps a number beyond twenty…

"This Prince will leave first!" Matthew said, angrily throwing his sleeves about and jumping away.


As much as Matthew preferred to be with his Princess right at this moment, he had things to take care off before she was to return back home!

Walking into his estate, he found that the doors to his chambers were still closed.

How long would that drug last? Would it still be in effect?

Not taking the chance of becoming intoxicated like that once again, Matthew instead went to his Princess’s chambers and decided to sleep there instead. Even though his head didn’t ache as much as it first did upon becoming sober, pain still lingered…

He knew he had a lot to do, even right now...But, just a couple of hours of sleep shouldn't be a problem...

It had been such a long day!

His Princess coming to teleport him and the Emperor, having to see the Empress and Miss Haves. Staying in court, to seeing Nate...Coming back to find his Princess fainting...Having guests...Being drugged! Being...Slightly satisfied, by his most dearest person...

The day had been long...Too long. And Matthew found himself able to sleep rather quickly...




Matthew rose early, a little earlier than normal. It was more fair to say that he had a short nap, then that of a sleep. Normally, he could manage the lack of sleep with no difficultly, as he had gotten used to it…But, lately, while his Princess had been here with him, he had gotten a decent amount of sleep…So now, he felt tired and lethargic, missing his Princess more because of it. He could only splash cold water on his face and remind himself about his problems, to make himself wake up faster…

First, he had to figure out what to do with Miss Haves…

Upon the doors to his own chambers being opened, he found a mess and then the couple that seemed to have fainted into sleep…It wasn’t a nice sight to see in his own, private bed chamber…

Getting two Bands to search the room for anything that didn’t belong there, Matthew got two other Bands to pick the two naked bodies up and to throw them into the dungeon for now…Matthew, not even asking who the male was, not really wanting to know…

From what he knew of Miss Haves, she was supposed to be marrying the Third Prince…But, that can’t happen now, as she was no longer innocent. Not only that, she knew of the plan he had for his wedding date and really didn’t like the idea of letting her loose…

Sighing, Matthew knew he would have to report this to His Majesty in private and ask what to do with her. Obviously, they could just throw her out and make her reputation known, or they could detain her, stating that she had gone missing at some point…They could also make her marry the man that had taken her innocence…

But, since all this involved the Third Prince, Matthew couldn’t hide this news…Yet another reason that he didn’t like the fact that Band Three had gone as far as making her lose her innocence.

It really was a predicament!

There was another factor as well…Not only might she try and say that she had been intimate with the Second Prince in his own chambers, but, since she had gone as far as wanting to drug someone, who knows what else she might do!

It really was an unwelcome problem to Matthew, who hadn’t even attended court yet, but already had a headache!




Since he had some extra time before court officially started, Matthew sought out the Emperor beforehand.

“Emperor Father.”

The Emperor looked at Matthew and smiled, he was still very happy that he was being referred to as ‘father’ once again. It gave him a hell of a lot of pride to be known better in Matthew’s heart then that of a Golden Heir…Ah, if a light could show how proud he was, the Emperor would be a pure white light!

“My son!”

“This Prince has news.” Matthew stated seriously, taking a moment to collect his thoughts. “My Princess brought back the Seventh Prince from Purple Haven yesterday and this Prince would like to introduce you to him today.”

The Emperor looked at Matthew in shock…Had he heard that right…Purple Haven…

“Se…Seventh Prince?” The Emperor asked unbelievably.

Matthew nodded, “Yes, Your Majesty!”

“Emperor Father!”

“…Yes…Emperor Father!” Matthew smirked.

“My Son…Are you telling me…Someone from Purple Haven, is now in Green Haven?” The Emperor asked, still not quite sure how to understand what is going on.

Not knowing that the one who had mind controlled him in the past, was in fact from another Haven as well, the Emperor thought this as something that can never happen…In which case was still normal, it was unheard of, that someone from another Haven had come…The Haven’s were months in travel distance away as well…And someone from another Haven is here, and it’s not just anyone, it’s a Prince!?

Matthew took a deep breath in and then said, “Yes, Emperor Father, Purple Haven had come to misfortune and now only has the Seventh Prince, Prince Seth, remaining that is royalty. My Princess teleported him and his Princess here to Green Haven and I saw with my own eyes that they were hungry and thirsty. Prince Seth is hopeful and wants to help his people and this Prince thinks that it would be ideal that we treat them as honoured guests and even help them.”

The Emperor was silent, while considering these words. Teleporting all the way from Purple Haven to Green Haven!

How miraculous!

But…How in the world could they help Purple Haven!?


As a minute of silence went by, the Emperor continued to think about what Matthew had just said, and finally replied, “The only remaining heir to Purple Haven?”

“Yes, Emperor Father.” Matthew nodded. “This Prince believes that through some kind of revolt, the food workers were killed but were never replaced. By what I have heard, Purple Haven is in a state of famine.”

“Famine…Revolt. Last remaining heir…” The Emperor mumbled.

Matthew watched the Emperor as he paced slowly and had a finger to his chin, making his small beard a little crumpled.

He noticed that the Emperor looked a little bit younger now, that his beard, that had gotten a few white hairs, was now all brown once again.

Seeing the Emperor abruptly stop and look at him, Matthew waited…

“Bring this up again in court, we will all decide together.”

Nodding, Matthew still stood there, bowing his head because he was hiding a frown.

“…What else is there, my son?” The Emperor finally asked.

Matthew didn’t want to bring the next matter up at all! It was such a mess!


“My son?” The Emperor repeated. Was he…Did he have a disagreement with Sahara?

“This Prince also needs to report that Miss Haves had come into my estate unwelcomed and even dressed as a servant. She also attempted to drug this Prince…But, we did not get intimate…I have placed her into my dungeon for the time being…With the man who had taken her innocence.”

Matthew bowed again, not wanting anything else to do with the matter!

“Miss…Miss Haves!?” The Emperor became wide eyed in surprise, knowing who she was straight away. It was only yesterday that he sent the decree for her to marry his third son, “Are you certain!?”

Lifting his head, showing an annoyed look to the Emperor, “Yes, Your Majesty…Emperor Father…If it wasn’t for Band Three, I may have…”

The Emperor saw Matthew’s frown and closed eyed, pained look…

For having a woman want him so badly, to this extent…Why is he not happy!?

Will he forever be with only one woman!?

The Emperor was silent, mostly because he didn’t understand! But…He was silent because…Like Matthew, what was he going to do!?

“This is a predicament indeed.”

“This Prince knows, Emperor Father.” Matthew nodded and sighed. He knew that the Emperor might find it hard to understand, with the differences of their harems…But Matthew stood his ground, continuing not to give any future to Miss Haves that anything to do with him.


“If she can’t marry the Third Prince, because she has lost her chastity, then we would not obtain the ownership of the Spirit Convert Association rightfully. Her family is the richest and very well known, yet, she does such an act!”

The Emperor narrows his eyes, while looking at nothing in particular, “Does she think she can do whatever she pleases? Is this King to be taken for a fool!? In the case of the Third Prince intentionally becoming the next Emperor, how can she act this way as the future Empress!? This will not do! This King is very displeased!”

Clenching his fists, Matthew smirked.

Good! Emperor Father is angry. I did the right thing by informing him of the situation!

Matthew had been slightly worried that the Emperor would make him take Miss Haves into his harem…Luckily, though…She had slighted the Emperor himself, and that was what Matthew wanted the Emperor to see and act upon!

“Eunuch Chun!” The Emperor yelled. “Eunuch…”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Eunuch Chun bowed and said.

“Eunuch Chun, this King demands to see Master Merchant Haves! Bring him to me!” The Emperor stated.

Matthew took that moment to ask, “What of the ownership to the Spirit Convert Association?”

The Emperor turned quickly to Matthew and he was obviously angry, “Perhaps this King will take it off him for disregarding a royal decree, or should I dare take it off him for his daughter’s attempt of drugging my son! Let him ask for it, if he dares! Shameless! Utterly Shameless! He will be lucky if his whole family survives!”

Matthew nodded, agreeing with the Emperor. “Should we go to court then, Emperor Father?”

The Emperor let out a deep huff and seemed to calm down, “Yes, this King is ready for court.”

Matthew kept his small amusement in and followed after the Emperor.




I woke up, having to quickly dress myself but staying in bed, I didn’t feel strange having woken up naked. Besides, what had happened, wasn’t like I regretted it or could change it…

Yes, I remembered most of what happened the night before. Now that I had slept, I finally questioned why Matthew had come to me last night and why he had been the way he was. I tried to remember what the person said, when he put Matthew on my bed, but couldn’t quite remember…

Mmm, it isn’t my fault that I can’t remember, sweet hands were touching me in sweet places at that time…

…Obviously, he had been drugged, but how did he get drugged? And the type of drug…Well, wasn’t it obvious?

I sighed as I realised someone was out to get my man, and I wasn’t positive, but I did have an idea on who it could have been.

I should follow up on that after I get back home!

As Naruto licked my face, I absently pat him and remembered how intimate Matthew and I had gotten last night.

Ah…That’s right, in this type of era, maybe that kind of foreplay is hardly used, uh? Haha, the poor guy was pretty gone! I must have rocked his world!

How he had called my name really did make me smile!

I had heard how much he wanted me and that the drug only amplified his need. He’s lucky he was calling out my name, that’s for sure!

Haha, I felt pretty good after thinking that and it wasn’t long before word got out that I had woken up…Then had servants rushing me to eat my breakfast, so that I could get back to getting ready for my marriage…

But, I really didn’t want too!

Really, what do they need me for now!? They have my measurements…I learnt a lot of things last night!


I on purposely took my time eating, while wondering what I should do for the day.

Normally, on the last day of being single, one goes out to party, yet…

I looked around, seeing a maid ready to take my breakfast, a maid waiting to make my bed, a maid waiting to do my hair and clothes already prepared…I’m sure that I got two extra maids because of what was going to happen tomorrow…

But…When did I say I wanted help? I’ve lived so long now without help from anyone that these maids are really irritating me! At least at Matthew’s estate, it’s only one that hangs around me…Not three!

What I didn’t know, was that Talon had put these maid’s here to keep me here and to what I’m told…

Putting some more food in my mouth, I pouted and ate slowly, I must think of a good reason to get away from here…But what?

I had to think of a way to get those men from Purple Haven here safely and without teleporting only one or two at a time. If I do that, then whoever was left behind in the vast, open land area may come into danger and would have more trouble surviving, because they would have less around for safety.

So…If I bring them back, I have to bring them all back together. And there was three of them…

What would bring back all three though? Could I use rope? Tie em up, and fly em over here?


After a few minutes of seeing a strange long rope connected to three people in my head, I blinked and shook my head…

No…That won’t work. With how fast I would bring them back, the rope would have to be pretty tight on their bodies and that wouldn’t be good…Mmm, what about rope with something else, like a wooden board?

I slowly munch away and see Naruto staring at me…

“Can you get Naruto some food please…” I said, while covering what was left in front of me.

He looked at me with puppy dog eyes and I shook my head, “No, they’ll get you some food!”

Wait…Naruto…Could he go and get those men? I’d have to make him bigger and teleport him in and out of the barrier…But, when would I know that he’d be ready to come back? And…He was only a rank four beast, would he be enough to protect them? Ah! Wouldn’t it be so cool though, how he could carry some things in his tails and on his back, haha!

I pictured the little bugger being a few metre’s tall and he’s tails holding onto food and water, then having some kind of saddle on his back. I let out a snort and breathed in, trying not to look stranger then I already did…

I sighed and saw him lick his little snout…Why does he have such a large tongue!?

“Miss, this one would like to know if you are finished your breakfast now?” A maid interrupted my thoughts.

I turned and said, “No! I’m still eating!”

“Sahara, you don’t have speak like that, it’s rude!”

I look up, knowing that Talon was behind the screen.

Really, what’s he doing here! I still have bed hair! Wasn’t this bad!?


“You are taking too long to eat and get out of bed! We still have to go through everything again and the old madam wishes to see you.”

I roll my eyes and sigh, “Go on, have it!”

Naruto immediately starts eating my left overs, while I get out of bed. “Father, I don’t want to go through everything again, it’ll be a waste of my time. Instead, I have better plans!”

“Nonsense! Are you trying to lose face by saying your time is better spent then that of being the best bride for the Second Prince?”

Uh? The best bride!? What the hell!

“Father, I think you are more into this then I am…” I said grudgingly, as I went to change my clothes, still behind the screen.

The maid hadn’t liked that I had started to undress, but all she could do was wave her hands as I continued to talk to Talon.

I know I shouldn’t change clothes while a man was in my room in this ancient era, but seriously, I’m up now…Might as well get on with it! It’s not like he can see me anyway!

“I am happy, of course, Sahara. I…Want the best for you.” I heard Talon sigh after that.

I smiled and finished getting dressed, “Trust me father, I will be fine. I’d like to heal Zeus instead, I think that is more worthy of my time.”

“You want to heal Zeus? Sahara…That…That would be wonderful.” Talon said, I could hear the smile in his voice. But…He was also taking a deep breath in…As good as that news was…Why can’t she heal Zeus another time!? Her wedding was tomorrow!

“Mmm, so I will forgo the useless time of doing things I already know and go and help someone instead.”

“Sahara! That is no way to talk of a wedding!” Talon yelled! How can she be the one that was most relaxed, when she was the bride!?

I rolled my eyes again, “If nothing has changed from what I learnt yesterday, I don’t see any use now, so please let it go, or I’ll go back to the Second Prince’s Estate early!”

Silence filled the room…