Chapter 18
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Upon my awakening, I was met with somebody close by, who had been waiting for me.

I found out then, that the General had invited me to stay, that there was a guest room and that I could tell someone if I ever needed anything.

I only nodded my head, to say that I had received the invitation…Then watched as the other person stood there, looking quite conflicted.

What? Do they want a tip?

Guessing, instead, that they wanted me to tell them to lead the way, I told them that they could go instead.

The other person left, confused, didn’t the miss want to know where she was going to stay? Did she not want to meet the General to say her thanks?

I didn’t mind that the person had left with these questions and instead cleansed myself, re…Browning my irises and I redid my hair.

It was time to finally go to the Academy!

Well, it was take two…

When I had finished getting ready, I told Naruto to stay here. But, remembering the time upon the mountain and being left alone, I then picked him up.

He was already clingy enough as it was…

Making him even smaller, so that he was only the size of one hand, instead of two. I put him back onto my shoulder, and he cuddled into my neck.




After I teleported to a place, close to the Academy, I walked up to the big doors and bluntly asked to know how to be let in.

At first, the ‘apprentice’ seemed to be stunned into silence, upon seeing the beast on my shoulder and my gorgeous face.

“Oi!” I said, waving my hands in front of him.

When he finally got his bearings, he asked, after clearing his throat, “Isn’t that a beast?”

“His name is Naruto!”

The ‘apprentice’ looked at me confused, “Naruto?”

“Mmm, can you tell me now, what I have to do to attend this place?”

The apprentice really did try to regain his composure, but it took him at least half a minute…

“Ah, there are three ways. One is through cultivation and actively continuing to rise in your cultivation every month. The second way is through sum, transferring a minimum of fifty sum, every month. The third way is paying through silver, again, payment is every month.”

I put my hand to my chin, “Is that all? If I pay you, I can go in?”

The apprentice breathed in and said, “Oh! Of course, there’s another thing. Payment by cultivation is the most impressive, so they will always be able to do more than those who pay with sum or silver. Then those who pay with sum will be able to do more than those who pay with silver.”

Staying silent for a minute, to gather my thoughts, the apprentice looks back at Naruto.


So, if I use cultivation, I get treated better, but everyone will know how strong I am…Perhaps not at the moment. I want to keep a low profile for now. This, ‘sum’, I still don’t understand, so it looks like I’ll be paying with silver.

“How much silver?” I asked, getting out all the silver that I had, compliments to my mother.

The ‘apprentice’ was a bit surprised, he had honestly thought that this gorgeous girl in front of him would get in another way!

“Hello!?” I said, once again waving my hand in front of him.

“Oh, yes, it’s just three medium sized pieces.” He said.

I had, what seemed to be, one big one, two medium and several small silver bars…I had no idea how many small ones made a medium bar, or how many medium bars was needed for a large silver bar, to compensate…


“What’s the problem?” An elder said, looking like he was just about to walk into the Academy.

I turn around, and the man sees me and Naruto.

Honestly, for this poor elder, it was a shock. Not only did my pretty, innocent face look way too gorgeous, but Naruto was still silently cuddling into my neck and I was guessing he was asleep…

The elder just stayed silent and the ‘apprentice’ had talked, but he hadn’t heard a word!

“Master Moe?” The ‘apprentice’ says, trying to get his attention from me.

Seeing this, I thought it quite comical that the tides had turned. The ‘apprentice’ was nearly acting like I was just before, in trying to get someone else’s attention…

Master Moe puts his hand out to touch me and I frown.

After a quick touch, he pulled back his hand and then he went silent once again!

The ‘apprentice’ couldn’t believe that the Master seemed so silent for so long, with someone who’d he was sure that he had never met before.

Was there something special about her?

Wanting to find out about her cultivation base as well, he put a hand out, but I stepped back.

As it was, the elder was lucky I let him touch me for a moment. The ‘apprentice’ can stick his fingers elsewhere!


“You don’t attend here already? What were you doing before now?” Finally, the elder speaks, only saying the most important questions…Even though he desperately wanted to find out about what was on her shoulder and what meditation she knows.

“No, I came here…To go here…If I went here already, wouldn’t I have just walked inside?”

Actually, no, I probably would have teleported…That reminds me, I gotta find a good spot to teleport in and out from here.

“Did you go to another Academy then?” The elder asked next.

“No.” I answered.

“What were you doing till now, to already reach the peak of rank four cultivation?”

I look at this ‘Master Moe’ and cheekily smiled, then shrugged, “It’s a secret!”

Master Moe narrowed his eyes at the young girl but was still quite shaken to her cultivation base. “What have you come to the Academy to learn then?”

“Dispersion.” I said happily. I smiled quite openly, looking like I could hardly wait!

My smile was as Matthew had thought, they both thought my face lit up the area…

“…Why Dispersion?” The elder frowned, both upset to him being distracted by a beautiful face and that she was wanting to learn a meditation that couldn’t offer her much.

“Because I will make lots of money!” I said, still happy.


Oh crap!

“Sum!” I said quickly.

“You…Think you’ll get rich?” He asked, finding the girl in front of him suddenly stupid…

“No, I don’t think…I know I’ll get rich!” I said, still happy.

At first, the elder was going to sigh in relief, but after the last words, he became absolutely flabbergasted!

How can she be so sure? It seems that she hasn’t learnt it at all…Did she not know that this meditation hasn’t been able to become rich in the last fifty years?

For some reason Master Moe didn’t want this girl to have dreams that couldn’t be accomplished, “I think you may have thought of another meditation and might be confused, my dear.”

“Ah?” I tried to think about what Matthew had said, back on the mountain, and I was sure it was ‘Dispersion’, “I’m positive that it was ‘Dispersion’.”

“Are you sure?” Master Moe asked, confused.

“Yes!” I said, back to being happy again.

“Thinking that you can do something doesn’t mean you’ll be able to really do it young one. One who thinks and pretends to be on a high mountain, will fall a great height when the mountain grows bigger and into something real!”

I gave a small laugh, it had been awhile since I heard a riddle!

I thought about what he said and totally dismissed it, even wondering if I could say it better than he did…

Not only is my mountain not fake, it’s a coloured one with a rainbow old man! A pretty little lake, a tree and…

“You think too highly of yourself!” Master Moe interrupted my thoughts.

I scoff and walk up to him, to which he backs away to my sudden movement.

“What are you doing!?” He asks.

I raised my eyebrows, “I thought I’d show you my mountain…”



Touching him, I flowed my spiritual essence through the elder’s body.

I fixed his joint problems and made his skin more elastic, fixing wrinkles that he had started to get over the last couple of years. His bones were a little brittle in some places, so I fixed those too, as well as his eyesight and hearing that had also deteriorated…

Even though I was busy doing all of this, time did pass, and I didn’t realize a whole hour went by.

But all this time, the old man had stood there quite astounded.

People passing by, for the most part, didn’t do anything. Only one or two stayed for about ten minutes and was wondering what was going on.

They hadn’t thought that this old man was currently being tended to by a healer, a healer that didn’t need to touch a pulse, nor need ingredients…So, they never thought that this girl was, indeed, the ‘Divine Healer’ that everyone wanted to meet…


Master Moe felt better, a few times that he had moved, whether it was his arms or legs, he could feel a difference!

Having awoken, Naruto went up to him as well, smelling him and clawing him, then cuddling him. Seeing that the beast had jumped on him, it really did hurt him at first as his claws dug slightly through his clothes and pricked his skin…But, being so curious about the beast, Master Moe actually patted it and smiled.

The ‘apprentice’ who had been curious even longer then Master Moe, wanted to touch the beast desperately and patted it now that it was on Master’s shoulder.

Naruto didn’t pay any attention to the ‘apprentice’, he seemed somewhat happy to be around this ‘Master Moe’ though, as though he had something that Naruto wanted…

“Master, your skin looks better!” The ‘apprentice’ said, pointing.

After this hour, I was sweating, and I had used half of my spiritual essence. Helping this old man, was different to the General. The bone problems were more common, but I didn’t have to do anything to his meridians. His joints had more problems, but I hadn’t had to work on his dantian. What took so much of my spiritual essence, was the old man’s skin. Having it go elastic again, was changing my spiritual essence and using it up!

As I started to finish up, I remembered a sickly male…Back in the Rolland Estate….

Now that I can heal…I want to heal him!

I tried to note that down, not wanting to forget my old friend from all those years ago.

Well, actually, he’s my brother, isn’t he? Would he be about seventeen now? Ah, I wonder if he’ll like Naruto!

I stopped and opened my eyes, thinking that I had proved my point that I was trying to make to the old man.

And ‘the old man’ was visibly stunned, noticing that he had gained ten years in his life! He even visibly looked younger!

“Say old man, how big is my mountain?” I said, moving back away from him and smirking cheekily.


…What a brat…Yet, this brat is magnificent!

“What is your name, young one?” Master Moe asked, totally smitten with her. He was thoroughly curious about her and particularly just wanted to take her away and find out about everything!


“Give her a cultivation token!”

I shook my head, “I don’t want a cultivation token, I already stand out enough as it is. I’ll pay the silver.”

Master Moe took a moment to understand the young girl. After a minute he agreed with her, honestly wondering how she hadn’t stood out as it was, with a power like that! “Agreed, give her a silver token! Young one, come ask for this elder anytime. I will help you!”

The ‘apprentice’ gives me a ‘silver token’ and I quickly look it over, before putting it into ‘storage’.

Handing over a big silver bar, the ‘apprentice’ didn’t want to take it.

I glared at him and said, “Take it!”


The ‘apprentice’ looked grievously at Master Moe and the elder nodded his head, smirking.

This young one is funny! I want to see how she’ll go with learning ‘Dispersion’…

After the ‘apprentice’ took my money, I called out, “Naruto!”

The fox jumped back onto my shoulder and I asked, “Can I go in now?”

“Yes, you have your token. When you are inside and have signed in, insert your spiritual essence into the token and it’ll tell you were to go.”

“Oh! Cool!” I took the token back out of ‘storage’ and looked at it with a new light.

Walking away, the two males watched, with their eyes full of interest.

It really was the strangest of youths that they had met.

“Have you heard of a meditation that does this?” Master Moe asked the ‘apprentice’, putting his hands to his chest.

“No, Master, she did something to your skin. Made it look…Younger. It’s like she was healing you.”

“Healing? Yes! She healed me, even my joints aren’t sore! My god…Could she be?”

“Could she be what, Master?” The ‘apprentice’ asked.

Frowning, Master Moe knew why this person was out here and not anywhere else. He wasn’t very smart, easily making the elder not want to share his thoughts!

It wasn’t confirmed, but having a very strong suspicion, Master Moe smiled.

He will keep an eye on her and see if she is that ‘Divine Healer’ that sorted out the Rolland Estate!

Her age must be under twenty! Such a young age! …But where did she get that beast from!? Isn’t it impossible for them to enter the Haven’s?



After I walked into the Academy and ‘signing in’ with my token. I was raptured with how it could tell me exactly where to go!

I asked it a few things, and it would go in several different directions. Yet, when I asked it to take me to the ‘smoko room’ or ‘computer room’ it didn’t do anything at all…

Guess it was worth a try…

Having been so immensely into my own token, I didn’t notice that a few people stared at me and frowned…Or fell into daze.

It wasn’t like the planet had suddenly got an extra sun…Why was this person so happy about a ‘silver token’?

When I walked away, most just went back to what they were doing, yet a few would remark about how ‘stupid’ I looked and that my cultivation rank must be pretty low.

“Most definitely another commoner!”


When I finally made it to the place that the ‘Dispersion’ meditation was meant to be, I put away the token and entered.

Finding only five people there, three didn’t even look up when I came into the same room. The other two that looked up, fell into a daze, just like some others who had seen me outside.

I see that they are like this and blinked at them.

“New.” I said, pointing to myself.

Not wanting to go into details, I walked around.

The surroundings included, what seemed to be everything that the meditation needed. It had books, then empty pill packets that looked like modern pills that break into two. Seeing this, I sigh, remembering the good old days on Earth…

What seemed to stick out and gain my attention, was that there was a ‘token’ above the pills. It wasn’t the silver token I had received, and I attempted to touch the pills, but was repelled…

Nodding my understanding, I guessed this was just something I couldn’t touch, as a ‘silver token’ student.

Breathing in, and seeing elsewhere, there was a huge billboard or plaque that had the elements on it. On another side of the room had old and used nucleus’s, that were nearly empty, that people could practice on. This too, had a token above them, stating that they were also under some kind of restriction. But this token was different to the one over the top of the empty pills from before. Obviously one token was for sum and the other token was for cultivation, but I wasn’t too sure which was which. Thinking about the importance of the products, I assumed the white jade looking one over the pills were the ‘sum token’ and the black, jade like token, over the top of the nucleuses, was the ‘cultivation token’.


Taking another breath in, not caring too much for these ‘token’ restrictions, I see more books, but these had a token above them too. I wasn’t too sure what were in those books that made them better, but there were so many on the other side of the room, with no token, that I didn’t care much at present…

People had their own kinds of desks in the last area, but many seemed to be unused. Some desks were for reading, then there were desks for experiments.

But still, there seemed to be a lot of space in this ‘room’, but only half of it was used…It reminded me of a hall that I used to have to go to in school, from my previous life…

There were some other gadgets and gizmos that didn’t make any kind of sense to me whatsoever…But I stayed excited!

This was more like it!

I had been waiting impatiently to go to a ‘real’ school!

Nodding, satisfied with what was there, I got a book, that seemed to be the basics and important information on ‘Dispersion’, and sat down in a corner of the room, that was furthest away from everyone else…

The people raised their eyebrows, but never said anything, and continued to do what they were doing.


As I got comfortable, Naruto got into my lap and made the best of the situation…By sleeping.

Opening the book, it first stated what ‘Dispersion’ meant, which was relatively close to what I already knew, which was separation and distribution.

Following after that, was for someone who hadn’t opened their meridians yet. Having a quick look over the information, I let out a giggle when I understood it in a basic and simple way.

What one would have to do, is be able to open and close their meridians at your own leisure, so all I could think to describe it…Would be stopping your pee, while in the middle of it…

Having somewhat understood enough of that, I continued through the book, to find that ‘Dispersion’ meditation is very helpful when you need specific elemental spiritual essence. I look up at the huge billboard on the opposite wall, seeing the elements, and understood why it was there…Then wondered why this meditation wasn’t more popular.

Without my thinking further about the reason why, I never thought that there were other meditations that had some way as well, to distinguish between the elemental spiritual essence, so one doesn’t have to only learn that from ‘Dispersion’ meditation.

Instead, I shrugged and nodded with interest, as I noted to myself that I will read a more advanced book on that subject!

After that, it describes a few things that people with ‘Dispersion’ meditation can do…Obviously, the first one was to put concentrated spiritual essence from a nucleus, and into pills.


Finally reading more into it, I lean back against the book shelf and got comfortable. Seeing and reading the procedure from the book, I got excited…

This is why I am here! This is going to make me rich!

Paying particular attention, I started to read very observantly and tried to figure out a very simple way to understand it all.

Having the opened, see through, empty pill in one hand, one then uses their spiritual essence against the nucleus, like a small sieve, so that the concentrated spiritual essence can slowly flow into the pill.

After a small amount is in the pill, more of your normal spiritual essence is then inserted and then the pill is closed up.

After that, it needs to mix, and the purer the mix the better it will work.

If the mix is done extremely well, the pill will turn white and becomes no longer see through. If the pill is poorly mixed, the pill is black and again, is no longer see through.

How it is mixed, whether it is good or badly done, the pill will show how ‘pure’ it is by the colour.

After that, there was a small section that was written, that indicated that taking these pills makes one immune to them after a certain amount of time…

Seeing this, I was a little unnerved. But then I thought of the population and somehow felt better. I was pretty sure that I could get a good price for each pill I wanted to sell!

Nonetheless, I was a little interested on why there was this ‘immunity’ and decided to try and investigate when I was to take a pill next. If I could figure out how the pill worked, maybe I could find why there becomes an immunity to it…

If I can break that immunity, then…Oh well, I’ll think about it later!


So, basically, I had finished reading the introduction book, finding it well into the middle of the day…Time really did slip by!

Putting the other book back, I look at another book that had more in-depth information about the ‘elemental spiritual essence’.

Sitting back down, I see that Naruto had woken up and I was getting peckish.

Taking out some food from my ‘storage’, Naruto smelt it and ran up to my shoulder, “Arf!”

Sighing, I took out more food for him and put it on the floor, so I could eat my food in peace.

The people in the room, over the last couple of hours, had gone from working very determinedly to being slightly distracted.

They had tried and tried to concentrate, but two of them had practically given up and would watch me as often as they could, trying not to look rude or obvious. Having seen this girl giggle earlier, made them look twice, and now she had gone to another book, making them want to question her. Seeing the pet she had and that she was eating, made them so curious that they were very tempted to go and talk to her!

While I ate, I saw one look at me and I looked innocently back at them. Before I could ask if they had wanted some food too, they looked away.

After I finished eating, I went to get comfortable again, but a beeping noise happened close by. It was somebody else’s token.

Watching that person pick up his token, he put what he was doing down and left.

I watched further as the few others that had beeping tokens left too…

Taking out my own ‘silver token’ I saw it blink and put my spiritual essence into it to find out what was going on.

Oh…It’s…Lunch time…So, I could have just waited uh…

I was a bit upset on missing out on what they would supply here for food…

Sighing, to finding out something new but unable to use it, I put the token away.

I wasn’t hungry anymore, and seeing that everyone had left, I decided that I’ll have to find out where the food is later.


Opening the old book that I had picked up before I started to eat, I found some graphs, pictures and elemental names. The book was bigger than I thought it was, and then when it was closed it just looked normal, but upon opening it, it…Somehow grew!

Going to the first page, and reading the introductory, I was able to find out how this had happened. The book was all about ‘elemental spiritual essence’ so it gave a good example, by showing that straight away when someone opens the book!

A nucleus is surrounded by metal, not by rock, as I first thought, and inside this metal, where the nucleus resides, consists of the hidden core of concentrated spiritual essence. So, what people had done, is use the metal element that surrounds the nucleus, and made a hidden, core into the book, using the spiritual essence inside of the nucleus. As they separated both the metal and essence, and then distribute it to the book, the book was able to grow…

One must be able to differentiate the metal element to be able to do this and it consumes the entire nucleus in the process. But, wow, what a great example!

Closing the book up again, you could see that it was old, but it was still in relatively good condition. I wondered if the metal element had added some kind of extra protection to it or something…

This kind of example doesn’t exist outside of ‘Dispersion’ meditation, because the ‘example’ is using the ‘Dispersion’ mediation. In other meditations, if one wanted to learn about each and every elemental spiritual essence, they would most likely have at least thirty books, instead of one. One or two other meditations, though, may have been able to do something similar, as in able to use the mediation and an element to put the books into one, but many hadn’t.


The book was separated into parts, each part was dedicated entirely to one element and there was just…Way more information than I had originally thought!

I was stomped though, where do I start!?

Having not really thought too much about the elemental side of things, yet, I really didn’t have a clue on which element to look at!

Quickly skimming through the elements, finding other types of elements under subheadings, I shook my head in amazement. I came up the sun element, that was a subheading element under Earth, and remembered about light pearls. I also found the nature element under the Earth element. Each of them had some kind of pretty awesome feature and I was stunned…

It was obvious though, to what they would do. The sun would provide some kind of pure light, yet it was also a subheading under the Fire element, and there the sun would then provide a purer flame.

Nature would help with a few things as well, like healing and cooking, giving the mixtures a purer taste or faster healing touch.

So, on the most part, all of these elements were making things more authentic when doing other things. Using a specific element can rid of any other unneeded elements within the normal spiritual essence used and become purer.

I wondered if I were to learn a specific element and then use that to help with my ‘storage’ technique…Would the space become even bigger?


There were just too many to look at though!

I tried to find a special interest in something, perhaps wait for my instincts to show me the way…

But nothing really stood out, so I just continued to skim through, until I had gone through about half of the book, and by the time I looked up, I found that Naruto was wanting to play with some things, disrupting the class, as the other people had returned…At some point…

Not only was I thinking that Naruto wants to go outside, I also wanted to find the kitchen, so I knew where to go tomorrow. And remembering about the kitchen, also reminded me about finding a good secluded spot to teleport to and from here.

Deciding that it was a good time to finish with ‘Dispersion’ for the day, I pick Naruto up, before he does something bad, and looked over at the five people.

They were all looking at me, making me blink in return.

Pointing at myself, I stated, “Leaving.”

Taking my leave, they watched as I went out of view and didn’t know what to make of the new comer.

Having seen her read all this time, they wondered if she had learnt anything, and her not going to eat, having brought her own food, did she look down on the Academy?

A few thoughts went through their minds, but, they were able to finally concentrate again after a few minutes.




My plan was to find the kitchen, so I happily followed the ‘silver token’ towards it.

After I got there, I walked in, and found a huge area that held quite a few people walking around.

“Hey! This is off limits, out!” One of them yelled at me.

Stepping back, I smile guilty, “Sorry.”

Turning around, I nearly bump into somebody, but was quick enough to get out of the way. “Sorry.”

There were too many people in there anyway! Even if I was hungry, I’d probably prefer to wait until they were all gone…

Once outside of the kitchen, though, I realized I hadn’t seen any younger people and I was a little stumped, isn’t the kitchen where we eat?

…Wait! It probably isn’t! Haha, what an idiot!

Finding a tree quite a few metres away, I walk towards it. With no one around I take out my token and looked at it…Then look back at the kitchen.

Not only did it give me a little bit of reminiscence from the past, but I was running a little low of food in my ‘storage’.

I’ll just take a little bit…

Putting the token away and bringing out a star instead, I send it into the kitchen and made several transferal trips of teleporting food to myself and putting it into ‘storage’. After I had finished, several stars that had fallen into the kitchen really looked out of place, but no one could answer on why they were there…

Thinking that this will be the last time I stole something, I decided that I should wait to get money and finally buy food!

It really was a mystery on how much food I could store, and there were other things I needed as well. I really needed to make pills as soon as possible!

I must try to do them tomorrow! If I can’t teleport the pills out of the token area, I’ll have to upgrade my token…Sumhow…Haha, yeah couldn’t help that! That’s right! I still have to read the plaque that I stole!

Sighing, I bring out the token once again, asking it to take me to the ‘eating place’.


Now that I had found where I have to go to eat for the next day, which reminded me of a normal, general eating area, I didn’t see too much more to look at. So, I happily moved on to look around.

I found that it was too busy here and that if I wanted to find a teleport area, it will have to be elsewhere.

Leisurely walking towards an area that I thought wouldn’t be popular, I, instead, found students that were hiding behind a wall.

Stopping in my tracks, I peeked at them.

“That’s nothing to him, I don’t have that much guts!”

“It’s not guts, I’m ganna be strong one day! You’ll see!”

“There’s no way you’ll beat him! Last month you were slaughtered!”

“I practised! Look, my eyes are all black!”

Laughter was heard, “And if he practised too? Seriously, why do you battle him every single month! Are you crazy!?”

I didn’t hear the next part because it sounded like the one being questioned reverted to mumbles.

More laughter was then heard and then a voice, “Fine! Just don’t get angry at me when I laugh at you again!”

“You’re supposed to cheer me on, you bastard!”

More laughter and I rolled my eyes, it looked, and sounded, like three boys talking about some kind of battle that happened every month.

“I’ll show you! One day I’ll get him down and then what will you do!? Ah! I want you to buy me something!”

“Oh! You know what! If you beat the black knight, I’ll definitely buy you something!”

“Food! You buy me food!”

“Fine, Fine!”


Walking away, I ventured elsewhere.

Shaking my head, I wondered what ages those boys were and what they were talking about.

I honestly was curious about this ‘battle’ and really wanted to see how the people my age fought here!

Would I find someone to spar with? Will I even be able to beat anyone? Haha, and this will probably include cultivation too!

As my interest grew, I found myself stopping in a place that was secluded.

Oh! Haha, that’s right! I was looking for a place to teleport…

Doing a 360 turn, very slowly, I found minimal people close by, and that this area was half boxed in. It was a little pavilion that seemed quite nice, as a breeze flew around me.

Ah! I like it here.

Outside of this opened place, there were some well placed trees, flowers and plants.

Well, for now it’ll do. But…Just in case, I’ll teleport outside of the pavilion.

Walking around to the other side of the wall, I see a tree and that was it.

Perfect! I’ll look for a second teleportation spot, next time.

Taking my token out, I felt a map in my mind, for where I was, and memorized it. And…It was to the side of the eating area and ‘Dispersion’ place. It would be able to same amount of travel to both places.

Teleporting away from the Academy, and back to the horse paddock at the General’s estate, I didn’t think that I would have missed out on someone waiting for me, to see how my first day went…But, the poor person will only wait to see that no one will come…



Naruto had run off almost straight away, leaving me by myself, as the horses seemed to have gone elsewhere as well.

Widening my eyes at their attitude, I let them be, wondering if I smelled bad or something.

Having thought this, I cleansed myself thoroughly and even changed my clothes. I then practised my Martial Arts and then decided to properly cultivate with my stars, as I hadn’t done that for a while, and…The fact that I was so close to ‘dinging’!

But…I had not foreseen that I would find someone that I’d met once before, running wildly, out beyond the capital…