Chapter 1
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"Heyyooo, everyone!! It's yer one and only Kizu~chan! Today, we'll be playing "outlast 3", a new release series of the highly brought game in the industry, with a millions of copies all over the world! Hnnng, although I'm a bit scared, but since you guys are here in the chat, there's nothing to be scared of!"


".....And as what I was saying before, while I was playing game yesterday, the reason I've turned off the stream, was because, I could feel a weird feeling next door, as if I was being watched."

"Hngg…. Feels bad, that must be scary Kizu~chan!"

"And so, even now, I couldn't fully focus, since I still feel wee bit creepy by it, likee, anyone being stalked at would know what it feels, right??"

"Yeah, I mean, I've once had a creepy stalker myself, so I know how it feels. Unfortunately, I'm not there to comfort you, and make you feel at ease."

"Never mind that everyone, let's just start the stream, and do our best! I'm sure the stalker next door would definitely won't do anything weird since I'm recording so, let's do our best and try to defeat this game!!"

As her speech came into abrupt, the door suddenly swung open, and a lady wearing an apron stepped inside, without even allowing the middle aged man talking to his monitor to react.

"What a freaking hell! It's already morning, and yet look at your room!!" 

Leftovers scattered all over the ground. The bed sheet was even flown all over the place. It was as if a rat has confined this room, the lady was currently standing at.

Disgust started forming on her face.

"I'll fix it later, so why are you nagging at me so early in the morning?? Can't you see that I'm still watching my beloved wife, mother?"

Bloodlust started showing on her eyes, with bloody veins appearing on top of her forehead. What kind of son would say something like that in front of their mothers? Just who emotionless people would? 

And yet her son here, was acting like that….

'It seemed like he still lacked discipline. Should I start beating his ass?'

Kinda hesitating of what she should do, to this son of her, with his eyes dumbly staring at her as if he was really confused. Even though it was kind of obvious why she was nagging at him, why this son of her couldn't understand the words being set ablaze into her eyes?

"Yeah, he should get a proper beating…. Like, a really proper beating."

"....M-Mother, what are you talking about…?"

"Aigooo, did I've subconsciously spoken my inner thoughts?"

"Y-you did…."


Looking around the room she was currently standing at, it was really as if the whole place was confined by a rat. She doesn't give a rat ass even though her son was acting like a teenager even though he was already around his 30's, where he's supposed to have a job, and yett, here he was, watching some weird cartoons being portrayed on his monitor with adorable to ears voice or whatsoever, like a sloth whose's life purpose was to become a sloth, living a pathetic life. It really doesn't matter to her, and she already had accepted the fact that he'll be like this his whole life, and finally decided to support him, but him, not cleaning his own room, that itself was unacceptable.

"You've gone too far, you rotten son of mine!!"

Without even a signal, her mighty hands befall at the speed of light, at the middle age man's cheeky cheeks, with a sound unbelievable to believe. It was as if a gunshot was shot openly.

Even though it's impossible, for a human's slap to sound like a gunshot, it really did made one, believe it or not.


"....F-Freaking assholes…. Telling me I'm a trash or whatsoever…. Did you even thought of what I feel…. its not like I want to be born in this world. Its just, you two got horny in a night so high, and made love, creating me by some mistake. Hell, this is why I hate horny peeps. Why do they get horny over some peaches in the first place. In my whole 34 years of living in this world, the only thing I've found interesting was, watching vtubers and their innocent acts with their voice akin to a child with japanese accent, and yet, these normies peeps including my father and some other men, got so horny just from some peaches being shove in front of their face. I mean, just how low can they get? If I were to get reincarnated again after my death, I'll definitely won't become like them, acting like an assholes by some raw meats, and peaches that's pretty common to see in this world…"

After being kicked out of their house, his mother gave him an order to bring the meal she had cooked, for the lazy ass neighbor next door, due to the reason, of the neighbor next door, having her parents, going into some business trip, and so, his mother was asked for the task, since his father was their co-worker and also, gone for a business trip too along with them.

Actually, the main reason he was the one bringing it over, was because, he's mother was currently cleaning his room, after beating his ass for a really long ass time. The pain still etched on his buttocks, so he could only took a slow pace of steps.

After taking a few steps in slow pace, he finally arrived into his main destination. In front of a large 3 story building, which a person living alone in it, was impossible to survive there without experiencing fear, he painstakenly gazed his eyes through the exterior of the building outside. He still couldn't believe that this house only contained three members of a whole family.

"Wouldn't my whole clan members fit in there…?"

It was three times larger and bigger than their's, so a thought so weird like that couldn't help but to surface without him even knowing it.