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“I want you to help me go back to where I came from,” 


Arcane was expecting a response but Symon said nothing for a long time. She peeked up at his facial expression, but he stood with his stoic face.

“Why do you want to go back to where you came from,” he asked in a disinterested voice.


“It is because... I have left a loved one behind...I want to see him one last time. I want to say a proper goodbye to him.” Arcane looked down because she felt like tear had started to form in her eyes, the video of the time when her brother’s body was thrown into the ocean came flashing into her head causing the sadness to come rushing into her heart,


Symon kept silent, and Arcane heard the sound of his boots approach her. She sucked in the air and stood her ground, She was ready to defend herself.

“Do you think I am an idiot?” he said sarcastically.

“Huh?” Arcane wasn’t sure what he was talking about. She looked up at him and saw the hatred in his eyes. 

‘Does he hate me even when I haven’t done anything to Soarsa?’

“Do you think you can trick me by saying those petty words and I will agree on sending you back to Ridavell? So you can deliver them secret messages under the king’s nose?” 

His voice was loaded with contempt, 

‘He knows that I am Arcane? But how?’ and What? Ridavell? Does he think I want to go back to Ridavell?’

“I have no idea what you are talking about! I think you have got the situation all wrong...Ack!”


Before Arcane could complete her words Symon had clenched her neck tightly, 

“Listen to me Princess, Arcane! I don’t know what you think of this country and what you think of me, But before you dare to hurt anyone that belongs to this land you will have to go through me.”


Arcane could feel her breath shorten, her eyes formed tears, she punched Symon’s hand while desperately trying to breathe.

“Let go of me!!” She said those words in pain. The violet eyes that looked more like burning fire blinked a few times before letting go of Arcane’s neck.


“Haah...COugh...Cough…” She fell to the ground and coughed harshly, Symon looked down upon her as if he was looking at a piece of filth.


“I hope you have learned your lesson today...It is saddening that I have to throw away the gift you brought m-’


HE was about to finish his hateful words when Arcane suddenly pulled his one leg and stood up with a jerk, causing Symon to lose his balance and land on the wooden table behind him. It crashed into two pieces, Symon’s eyebrows creased as he felt the pain of the sharp edges of the wood pierce through his back. 


Arcane’s throat was sour and dry, she collected the saliva in her mouth and tried to wet her dry throat before speaking with the same hateful tone that Symon had used.


“If I wanted to hurt the people of this land, I would have done it without you being able to cause me even the slightest of harm…” Her eyes held the sadness and anger that had built up inside her heart for ages. She picked up the basket and tilted it over Symon’s fallen body, all kinds of bread and sweet treats fell onto his clean clothes. “And these were made by  your girlfriend, I only make poison for people I hate.” Just like her character from the book she spat out the words and walked out of the door. She rubbed her neck gently which was burning with pain not noticing the blood under the broken table. 


Just a step out of the door and Arcane breathed in harshly and looked up at the sky,

No, you can’t cry like this! That bastard isn’t worth it!” She fanned her face and bit her lips to keep the tears in her eyes from falling out. She wasn’t hoping for this to happen but Symon was provoking her,


“Where is this palace anyway?! I am dead tired!! I want to go to sleep!!” Arcane wailed in the middle of the forest as she dragged herself around the forest. Her throat was burning firstly because of Symon and secondly because of the effort it was taking her to keep her tears inside. After roaming around the same tree for an hour, she felt like her muscles were tearing up, and just then she heard a human voice coming from the other side of the bushes.


“What about the Emperor?...,” It was a deep husky voice of a man, he was talking to someone in an almost whisper, “A human! That is the voice of a human!!” She muttered and stepped closer to the bush to check if it was worth it to greet the fellow human being, unfortunately, she stepped on a twig and it snapped. 


“Who is there!” 

The voice of the guy turned colder; it was almost a growl. Arcane felt like her heart froze up, and soon as she heard his frightening growl, she heard him draw out his sword.

‘What is happening?’ Arcane tightly closed her lips and sealed it with her hands trying not to make a sound, as the guy didn’t seem to be a nice human who could help her.


“I said come out or I will…” 



The leaves behind Arcane’s head were cleared in a single blow leaving the exposed fragile body of Arcane that was standing like a statue beside the tree.

“Hah! A sneaky rat!” He chuckled with disgust.

He was a tall guy about 6.1, as tall as Symon, He was wearing a long hood that made it hard for anyone to see his face. But the aura of hatred in the air was sensed by Arcane. She still had her hands against her mouth when she was caught. Her feet were trembling because of the lack of energy. 

“Who sent you here?” HE asked while stepping closer to Arcane,  SHe wanted to retreat but she knew that the only place her legs would take her was down so she stood her ground. “This...This is a misunderstanding...No one sent me,” She spoke with a lot of effort and not caring about her burning throat.

After hearing her answer the guy didn’t lower his sword rather he pointed it straight towards her neck, Arcane felt the cold blade touching her bruised skin.

“I said...it’s a mission…(ssk)” HEr eyebrows creased when the blade pierced the upper layer of skin and she smelled the rusty smell of the blood.

The tears she had held in dearly slipped out of the bridge of her eyes, ‘Why is this happening? Why is everyone here trying to kill me!! I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!’ The thoughts of how unfair the world was to her, crawled into her head. She could no longer stand up on her legs, She fell on her knees with a thud, the blade that was touching her skin vertically slit her upper layer of the skin, and now her neck was bleeding out rivers even when the injury wasn’t that severe.  

“Are you asking for mercy?” SPoke to the guy.

‘Mercy my butt!! If only I wasn’t drained out of my energy I would have taught you a lesson…’ Arcane thought to herself inwardly,


“Let go of her!!!” A sweet courageous voice came from the side. The guy under the hood turned his head around while still holding his sword at Arcane. “I said back off!” She screamed again.


‘Who is that?’ Arcane turned her hurting neck around, and what she saw gave her the shock of her life.



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