Act 1 Chapter 3: Friends and foe
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Senko-"Umm...oh right, let's continue our history lesson from where we were left off last week."

Nasari-(History huh, should be a piece of cake for me.)

Senko-"So last time, we discussed the founding of each nation and also those that are destroyed and vanish from Antia itself, as we all probably have guessed, most of our history were tied to some sort of major event or conflict that happens every few decade or century."

Nasari-(Sounds about right.)

Senko-"Today, we will be reviewing the important event that leads to the founding and rise of our country Nippon."

Hajiwara sensei walks toward the left side of the blackboard and pulls down the map of Antia.

Senko-"! As we all know, Nippon is the largest country with the most amount of territory on the eastern continent of Antia, Nippon is also known to hold half the land of Antia itself as territory of its own."


Senko-"Starting from the year 391, our founder of Nippon claimed a small land next to the Holy Nation of Ursan to spite Leodinas the Emperor of Ursan, it's said that while our founder was traveling the territory of the Holy Nation, she was accused of being an unholy being and is chased out of the Holy Nation."


Senko-"Of cause, we know that it's not true, the people of the Holy Nation are simply racist and look down on our founder for being an outsider that does not belong to any nation at the time. Don't you guys think it's hilarious? Our founder was accused of being undead!"


The whole class breaks into laughter upon hearing Hajiwara sensei's lecture, Nasari however is trying her best to hide her guilty look.

Nasari-(Please stop...)

Senko-"As we all know, this results in the founding of the country of Nippon and also the start of the Holy War of 392."


Senko-"Yes? Senko-kun."

Saito-"What is the meaning of the name Nippon anyway?"

Senko-"Well, what we learned from history is that the word Nippon means the place where sunrise, when our people asked how did the name translate into that meaning, our founder simply shrugs and say 'Just let it be alright'. It was then the people of Nippon decided to drop the subject and accept the name of our country."

Nasari-(Not my fault really, it's way too complicated to explain in terms of Antia language anyway.)

As hours pass by, the morning lesson came to an end.


The bell rang and it's time for recess.

Right as Hajiwara sensei leave the classroom, the students begin to enjoy their recess, some head toward the cafeteria while some take out their lunchbox. Akari tap on Nasari's shoulder which then Nasari turn toward her in response.


Akari-"Umm...would you like me to show you where the cafeteria is?"

Nasari-"Oh, sure."

Akari then proceeds to lead Nasari out of the classroom and then proceed to head on over to the cafeteria, while going down the stairs, a large figure boy blocks their path and glare at Nasari.

Nawin-"You...I haven't seen you around before, you new here?"

Akari-"Umm...we are going to the cafeteria..."

Nawin-"Did I talk to you?"


Nasari-"Yea, I just transferred here today."

Nawin-"Oh? Then you probably don't know about me huh?"

Nasari-"I assume you are some bigshot that thinks he runs the school because of his talent in something, am I wrong?"

Nawin-"Heh, smart, save me some time to explain why it's better for you to hand over your lunch money than going to class with a broken arm."

Akari-"Please stop this...I...I will report you to the student council!"

Nawin-"Hahaha! See if they will care, they need me on this school, who else is going to win the cross academy martial contest otherwise for this school huh?"

Akari looks scared, she wanted to retort but she knows that the student council would protect Nawin instead, even the faculty might just simply punish him with detention. Nasari then sighs and moves forward, she let Akari cover behind her while she deals with Nawin.

Nasari-"So you just want some money huh, alright, put your hand out, my wallet is quite heavy."

Nawin-"I like the sound of that, smart girl."

As Nawin puts out his left hand, Nasari grabs his hand with her right hand instead of taking out her wallet.

Nawin-"Huh? What the hell are you doing?"

Nasari smiles with a closed eye as she responds.

Nasari-"Making you filthy rich."


Nasari's eyes shine and her pupil turns golden from pink, a golden glow also appears from her right hand as she chants.

Nasari-"Midas touch."

The golden light moves from Nasari's hand toward Nawin's left hand, as the light passes through his arm, it turns his arm that is exposed to the golden light into gold. When half of Nawin's left arm has turned into gold, Nasari then let go of her hand with a grin on her face. Nawin was still confused about what happened, he stares blankly at his left arm while slowly but surely he begins to move his right arm, as he touches the part of his left arm that turned into gold his face turned grim.

Nawin-"I...I can't feel my left hand...can't...can't move hand..."

Nawin slowly backs away from Nasari and Akari, his leg begins to shiver as he stares at Nasari with much confusion.