Act 1 Chapter 6: Apology Not Accepted
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Tsubasa-"Since we have all introduced ourselves, it's time to discuss the main purpose of why we called you here."

He then gets up from the chair and walks toward where Nawin is kneeling, he then grabs Nawin by the hair and pulls it down, causing Nawin's head to face upward and look directly at Nasari.

Tsubasa-"Just as we practiced, say it."

Nawin-" Sorry...Nasari-Sama, I should have never try to shake you down, I deserve to be cursed..."

He apologizes while sobbing, Nasari then peeks at Tsubasa as she thought.

Nasari-(So he's the Alpha of the pack then, must have some skill himself to turn Nawin into this pathetic states.)

She then notices that Tsubasa seems to be waiting for her response, Nasari however, did not give in easily.

Nasari-"I see, if nothing else needs my attention I will be taking my leave then."


His expression immediately changed, he has most certainly predicted Nasari to accept the apology and lift the curse from Nawin, this outcome however is not within his calculation.


Akari tug on Nasari's sleeve lightly, seemingly to signal her about the tension in the air she just caused.

Suzumi-"Eh~? This didn't go as we planned earlier."


Suzumi-"Ah! Oops, my bad! Teehee!"

Suzumi pretends to be cute but Akechi ignores her shenanigans.

Noel-"This is most problematic, an unusual situation."

Tori-"Are we done yet?"

Nasari then turns her chair toward the direction of Nawin and Tsubasa, she then shifts her leg into the crossed leg sitting pose and stares at Tsubasa while smirking. Right as Nawin tries to turn around and check on Tsubasa's expression, a wave pressure hits Nawin and smashes him right onto the ground, as if gravity itself increased tenfold and pulled Nawin down to the ground.

Nasari-(Gravity magic without chanting, artifacts...heh, interesting.)

Tsubasa's expression then returns to his usual smile, he proceeds to dispel the gravity magic and walks back to his chair.

Tsubasa-"That is all, you may leave now, thank you for coming."

He says in a calm yet intimidating expression, Nasari then gets up from her chair and grab Akari's hand.

Nasari-"No problem, let's go Akari."


Suzumi then bends over and pokes Nawin's head.

Suzumi-"Aw, he's out cold, Tsubasa I think you were too harsh on him there~"


He did not respond and seems to be in deep thought about something.

Akechi-"I will taking him to the infirmary again then."

He gets up and proceeds to drag Nawin out of the student council room.

Noel-"I will try talking to the new transfer student."

Noel also left the student council room.


In the hallway...

Noel has caught up to Nasari and Akari.


He yells while panting slightly, Nasari then turns around to see who's calling her.

Nasari-"Hmm? What do you want?"

Noel-"Well, I am hoping that you would listen to what I say and consider to get in good term with Tsubasa senpai."


Noel-"The thing is, Tsubasa senpai has actually planned to recruit you as a member of the student council in good faith for lifting Nawin of his curse,  as you might have guessed Tsubasa senpai himself hold a lot of influence in this academy via his reputation as a son of a royal family and his overwhelming victory on the past two-year cross martial art competition."

Nasari-"Does he now?"

Nasari-(Tsubasa Ito...Ito family huh, doesn't ring a bell.)

Noel-"Indeed he is, the Ito family is widely known to create numerous state-of-the-art artifacts around the world, it's said that his ancestor even has a certain relationship with the founder of the Kin No Ryu corporation. "


Nasari-(Ito...Ito....hmm...wait a minute, that guy...yeah, must be him.)

Nasari-"Well I get the gist now, but here's my question, so what?"

Noel-"Huh? I mean-"

Nasari-"No, from what you have told me, you are telling me to get on a good term with Tsubasa simply because of how much power he holds in this school and potentially his family could cause me problem if I were to get on his bad side, isn't it?"

Noel-"Well when you put it that way, it does sound a little harsh..."

Nasari-"Here's the thing, Noel, I don't really care and I would rather be left out of whatever plan Tsubasa have for me, also, why do you care anyway, if my memory serves me right you mentioned that your family name is the Griffin right?"

Noel-"Well, yes."

Nasari-"Do you mind telling why is the descendant of the great Griffin family following the whim and order of others?"

Noel-"I have my reason..."

Nasari-"Well so do I, so leave me and Akari out of this plan of Tsubasa alright, see ya."

Nasari then walks away while Akari walks out from a corner and follows Nasari, she turns around for a second and gives a small bow to Noel as if to apologize for Nasari.