52- Resolve
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“Hey Millie, will you promise to wait for me?”

A gentle and soothing voice traveled out as a blurry figure speaker out. Stroking upon the tiny little fox on her lap, she uttered out words with a slightly choked voice.


The fox looked up as it felt water droplets lightly pelting its soft fur coat. The lady above seemed different today, she does not seem to be smiling at all. Why, why are there tears in her beautiful eyes? I don’t want that, please smile for me!


A small response. It came from the small silver fox, behind its back were two small silvery tails with trailing blue fire. The fox jumped into the blurry figure embrace as it desperately licked the face of the female.

“Ehehe…stop it, it tickles! Ahaha!”

She continued to hug the fox as she ruffled its soft and warm silver fur. The lady then proceeded to play with the fox joyfully for a short while.

The day soon turned to dusk as the lady finally placed the fox down onto the ground. The lady then moved towards a group of men as she looked at the tiny fox with one last glance before turning away.

“If…if I do not come back within ten years. Please stop waiting for me, please…please be free!”

She said as she walked away briskly. Tears could be seen flickering as they fell to the ground as the lady walked into the distance. By her side were a large group of men as they escorted the lady away. The fox looked at the scene in confusion. Isn’t she just going home? Why does she look so sad? Oh well, I will play with her more next time! The carefree fox went on to munch upon a golden yellow apple as it slowly fell into a deep sleep.

The fox thus waited, in this lonely mountainous retreat. Hours turned to days, days turned to months, months turned to years, years turned to decades, decades turned into a century. The fox did not know how long it had waited. It kept waiting silently as it looked upon the moon hanging up in the sky every night.

The fox was no longer small and tiny. Its two tails had turned into six. It had already become the overlord of the region, ruling over all demonic beasts in the area. It had become one of the strongest beings alive. Yet, the lady had never ever returned. Still, the fox waited with tears in its eyes as it looked up into the night sky.

“Why have you not come back? Do you not like me anymore?”

The fox wondered to itself each passing day. One part of it was eager to go out and find the lady, yet another part of it hesitated. Hesitated about what? The fear that perhaps it would not be able to find the lady, the fear that the lady might have died long ago, the fear that the lady no longer recognizes it. There were many things it feared, thus it waited. In the small blue valley spring. Alone. For her to return.

One day, the fox had a revelation. To continue to get stronger, or to take a short break and assume another form. What do I need to see her again? Power? No. I need to look like her so that I could see her again, maybe she will be surprised! A wistful wish.

A silver-haired beauty was thus born under the moonlight that night. Her soft and tender flesh was like a newborn as her image was reflected upon the lake of silent blue water. It was a pity that the mesmerizing scene had no spectators as it was a place where there was nobody but her and only her.

The beauty continued to wait for the lady in her memories. The image of her face had long faded, yet she still waited for the lady. She remembered the first time she met the lady as an injured cub. She bit upon the little girl’s hand. The girl who was bitten did not cry or scream but proceeded to hug her. The little girl then took care of the little fox as the both of them grew up together.


The beauty muttered out the reminiscent name of the little girl. The silver-haired lady’s hand stretched out as she took a step forward. Yet, her feet stopped before taking another. She hesitated as she turned and walked back into the valley. It is unknown how many times she had repeated this process over the years. The fox girl may have changed appearance, similar to that of the lady’s. Yet deep inside, it was still just the same little fox who was frightful of everything.

One day, the silver-haired lady was gazing upon the lake as per usual. The thing different that happened that day started with a single message.

[Congratulations Host Liu Xun for signing in at the “Entrance of the Small Blue Valley Spring”. You have obtained the grey prize - Fairy Pearl Powder!]

The black-robed youth slowly opened his eyes. He looked by his side, it was empty as the silver-haired lady who was usually by his side was gone.

He slowly recalled the smile of the lonely stubborn old man as well as the lighthearted laughter and the ringing of the bell of the silver-haired girl. Clenching his fist, he silently mumbled to himself.

“System, open system stores no purchase the Demonic Possession Stone on sale worth 1050 points.”

[Affirmative, host! But why are you purchasing at this moment?]

A small ka-chink sound was heard as the youth observed that the 1000 credit store voucher in his inventory and 50 credits from his inventory were deducted. In its place was an onyx black obsidian stone with blood-red marks etched deeply into it. The youth looked upon the stone in his hand with a resolute expression as he placed it into the inventory as he slowly got to his feet.

“Isn’t it obvious? I am going to the basin!”

He said as he resolutely turned his back around. He took upon his trusted ax and cloth sack as he walked into the darkness.

He was resolved to meet both Senior Gan and Millie again. He could not let this be their last encounter! Even if what stands between them is a Core Inversion Shaggoroth!

A black-robed monk was laying his back against a tree trunk as he silently meditated. The monk was still and silent, but his mouth slowly opened as he began to speak with his eyes closed.

“Are you not going to stop him?”

Senior Xuan spoke out softly. Despite it being soft, the message had reached its intended recipients.

“Nope, it is his decision. I may have chosen to bring him along. But I am aware it is his decision to make and his consequence to bear.”

A young and gentle voice came out as Senior Qin replied while keeping guard. She kept looking at the sky as she looked at the moon. It sure was a bright moonlit night tonight.

“It is his choice, I respect it. It is a pity the Liu Family would lose a potential youth. Alas, it is youth to seek romance freely.”

Liu Five’s voice traveled from the other side as the middle-aged man in meditation replied before continuing his silence.

”Youth, huh. Indeed, this is what is about.”

The black-robed monk muttered before returning to his meditation. Fufu, Senior Qin chuckled for a moment before continuing to keep watching vigilantly.

Thus a consensus was made between the seniors. To not interfere with his decision.

In another corner, a voice was heard.

“Oh, so he finally decided to move out. Reckless, but just the way I admire.”

The voice mentioned as it released a soft chuckle.

“Now then,  shall we go and have a look?”

A silent ruffle was heard as the shadow moved. The stillness continued as the rest of the wasteland was quiet and silent.

The bright moonlit night continued to pass as dark shadows traveled from various points.

A bit short since I have to go to work. Most of the setup since chapter 1 is done. Now time to reap my hard work! The next chapter onwards is the fight, all the various perspectives have been shown. Liu Xun was usually a side character for the majority of the action and the glow was mostly on the seniors…well not anymore!

Extra note: 100k words! Woohoo!


Additional side note: New art was added in the prologue for the three great ones, chapter 3 for Liu Suyu, and lastly for The Million Suns in The Forgotten Eclipse (1).