57 – Devourer of Myths – Celestial Blue (Azure Mysteries)
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Celestial Blue is a short part, to be honest. It is more mixed in together with Purple Insurrection where most of the action is at where the system messages start to go all crazy. Everything from this point will be in the third person again.




-Millie's perspective-

"Hey, Shaggaroth! Can't you tell that this is my area! Get out!"

The silver-haired lady roared out at the giant mountain of meat.

"HEH, since when did a tiny fox like you get the balls to get cocky with me, the great Shaggaroth! Devourer of Myths!"

"Hmph don't start playing sizes with me!"

The lady shouted back as she transformed into a silvery-white fox with six tails.

The meat mountain laughed out in disdain as it looked at the barely 8 meters tall wolf. Compared to itself, it was probably at most a tenth of its size. It was a pitiful comparison. Shaggaroth itself had already tolerated the detestable fox's existence for over a century. It would tolerate it no longer! Knowing that the central overlord has gone into secluded cultivation to prepare for advancement toward Mortal Severance, he would not be able to spare any thoughts on how to control the other overlords. Thus, why he had gotten bolder over the recent few decades and started pillaging many villages near his region.

"Hmph! Looking down on me every time, looks like I will have to teach you a lesson this time lest you go around everywhere thinking you are unhindered and unbeatable!"

"HAHA! But I am unbeatable, what drivel do you speak of!"

The large mass laughed out as it lashed out one of its appendages toward the white fox.

"As if that is enough to match against me!"

Millie sneered as she gently swerved and dodged the tentacle with barely any movement.

"That is only because I am not trying yet! I guess it is time to taste some fox meat. DIE!"

Numerous eyes flashed as each eye released out a strong laser beam. The beams themselves were of various colors that lit up the dark night with an array of lights. It seemed that each color of the pupil represented a specific curse that would inflict the receiver with a specific type of debuff or damage.


Multiple lasers fired out as the surrounding appendages hurried towards the fox in front.

"Don't think I am just going to stand here whilst taking your offense!"

The blue fires on each tail glowed as they flew forward in rapid advancement to match against the laser beams. Clashes between the flames and laser brightened the dark sky as the two beings continued their extended engagement.

Numerous beams flashed out as they targetted Millie, aiming to corner her. Yet, the flying fox was unhindered by anything but the tentacles in the sky as she swiftly dodge every beam.

"Hmph, I think I have played around enough. Now eat my blade!"

Millie cried out as a faint black blade materialized in the fox's mouth as it charged forward to the mountain of flesh. The black blade gleamed brightly as a faint layer of qi coalesced ice on the blade edge. The blade was then swung hard as it buried itself deeply into Shaggaroth's body. Blood could be seen dripping out of the split flesh, yet the overall wound was minuscule compared to the size of the being itself.

"What is that. It is just a tiny wound. Barely a scratch! Is that all you can manage!"

Shaggaroth taunted with glee. The stupid fox was weaker than it had expected. It looks like it was really afraid for nothing, it should have invaded the western region much earlier. Looking at the obvious advantage in strength, the fox was probably at most Mid- Core Inversion. It had already long entered the peak stage of Core Inversion and could almost feel the cusp of Nascent Soul formation!

Flailing around its appendages the eyes prepared to launch out more beams while three of the mouths opened.

A purplish-black ball formed in front the mouths as a spell was being charged.

"Darkness Soul Devouring Blast!"

Three black acid balls flew out as it targetted the white fox. The three large flares of darkness rushed up onto the fox.

"Hmph, such slow thingies. Just watch me swerv-"

The fox sneered out as it swayed to one side when all of a sudden the black acid balls sped up.


Zoom! One of the ball barely grazed her as her untainted pure white fur got burned slightly. The rest of the other balls approached forward relentlessly as she chose to veil herself in flames and teleport away. The corruption that tainted part of her fur was cleansed, yet the lost fur could not be regained. It had barely eroded any of her power, yet it had caused to fox to be wary of the attack.

"You were always an eyesore to me, damn fox...."

Shaggaroth looked at the fox dodge his blasts arrogantly.


"Heh, you stupid fox. It is all because you appeared that I had to lose a part of my territory! Normally, more of Xin Kingdom would also be a part of my hunting ground. Now because of your existence, I can only run around the north!"



"Stupid fox!"

Countless voices supported the main mouth as Shaggaroth gave me a shot of disdain. His wide flesh whips swayed in the air, threatening to smash against my body.

"Hey hey, stop arguing amongst ourselves. It was already decided by Senior Viegris. We have no say in the opinion."

A slight sound of discontent was heard in the pacifying comment as a Crimson Red Flood Dragon muttered out. It was the Eastern Lord, Nagara Igrid. The late-stage Core Inversion flood dragon had been a long-time resident in the eastern regions which border the Devil Saint Country. She had always practised demonic beast arts that devoured the flesh of young prey to extend her youthfulness and lifespan. Many humans and beasts were not spared from her tyranny and her infamy spread far and wide. Her territory was indirectly affected as a portion of it was given to the other two overlords to compensate for the area lost. She herself was not too pleased with the arrangements as she had to search harder to source for fresh young prey to devour.

"What about your opinion, Mira!"

She passed over the baton of discontent as it was not her hobby to spread bad words.

"Ehhhh? I don't really care."

A lighthearted tone came across as a small young girl opened her tired eye while yawning out loud. A pinkish-white petal could be seen on her head as well as a colourful petal dress made of the very same petals. Miraglucia was a Millenial Peach Blossom Divine Tree Spirit that was at the peak of Core Inversion. Perhaps if she puts in greater effort in cultivation, she would have also reach Nascent Formation. However, the tree spirit is forever indulgent as she constantly takes long slumbers while slowly cultivating in her land.

At the side, there lay a large white fox with six tails, behind each tail was an azure blue flame. Millie could not be bothered with this meeting every 10 years as it was just their complaint session which was none of her business, to be honest. She would be perfectly content with not having any territory, but the Central Overlord said that every Core Inversion or greater demonic beast that stays in the range has to serve a region. Not only as a sign of power, but also obeyance towards it, the greatest power in the region.

Of course, this had harbored great hidden discontent in ambitious ones those like the Northern and Eastern Overlords. But Millie and Miraglucia could generally not give any concerns with it. Considering the central overlord demanded no tribute, nor showing signs of fealty or service, there are no real detriments of just managing a region. The bounty of the region could be completely taken by the ruling overlord as well.

Anyway, this was just an event that happened 5 years prior to the current series of events.



A quick warning was issued from below as Millie was shocked by its voice.

Liu Xun? That boy is here? What is he doing here, this is not a fight he could handle. And what did he mean?

The fox was caught by surprise as she craned her neck backward. The two balls of decay that she had initially dodged had arced back towards her. The Soul Devouring Blasts approached her with rapid haste as she flicked her tails once again.


The azure flames flew out as they engulfed the remaining two blasts. The fox breathed a breath of relief as she managed to avoid a problematic situation.

"Aren't you too lax already!"

Shaggaroth laughed out as it lashed out another two arms at her.

"Hmph, just because you own a petty trick or two..."

Millie sneered back as she glanced at the approaching black-robed youth from the side of her eye. Apparently, Shaggaroth had also took note of the new entrant as it flashed a glance of disdain. The eye at the very top of its body looked down toward the small man as it charged up another beam.

"Liu Xun, watch out from above!"

The fox shouted out while changing her initial sentence. She looked worriedly at the man who was just a new hatchling cultivator. There was no way for him to contest against a Core Inversion demonic beast, moreover such a long-lived one like Shaggaroth....

"How dare you puny human, just disappear..."

A beam flashed out as the eye at the top of the large flesh mountain stared at the youth.


This was unlike the previous few beams as it was the solely charged beam, making it seem much stronger in Millie's eyes. In fact, it was also rather quick while her warp ability had yet to recover. Looking worriedly at the youth, she could only helplessly shout to warn him.

"Run away, Liu Xun!"

Her words rang as she looked at the beam travel towards the unsuspecting youth. The youth did not seem to faze as he advance forward, perhaps he was unable to react fast enough as this was a battle that occurred several times faster due to the higher cultivation bases. The fox closed her eyes as avoided looking at the incoming tragedy. His death is inevitable, she thought.


Looking back into the past, I always had arguments with this annoying metamorphosing beast. Amongst the overlords of the regions of the Vermillion Ranges, the one I would least get along with was probably the Northern Overlord, Shaggaroth. The Eastern Overlord, Nagara Igrid, Southern Overlord, Miraglucia, and lastly the Central and Grand Overlord of the region, Viegris Trifania. All of us were generally rulers in the Core Inversion level, except for Viegris who was already a high- Nascent Soul Demonic Beast. As the newcomer to the group, I was given the smallest and most unbountiful territory of all the regions. And it was also my responsibility to uphold the order in the region. This meant guarding against assaults from human cultivators. To be honest, the job itself isn't really that hard and it is just mostly a prestigious title as our lands are too harsh for human settlement and not many cultivators would dare to step into our regions and cause trouble.

During our decadal meetings, that unpleasant meat blob would always insult me by calling me the weakest and most foolish to assume human apotheosis. In fact, amongst the 5 great overlords, I was the only one who chose to do apotheosis. It was a given fact that such a skill would be much easily obtainable once one reaches Nascent Soul or perhaps Mortal Severance Stage. To sacrifice a large part of the strength to gain such a pointless ability was probably a foreign concept to them, but for me who is used to human company. Such a choice was obvious to me.


I lightly gripped onto my other shoulder as I looked at the water surface whilst heaving a deep sigh. I have still yet to gather the courage to go out and find her. Yet, every day I awaited without any change. For years, and decades, and now it is over a century. There is probably no one left for me to wait for. I fear leaving the enclave, fear facing the truth or perhaps news of her passing. Yes, every day I remained to stare at the lake whilst glancing at the unreachable moon. If I left this valley, would I lose something else yet again?



A surprising sound rang as the silver fox opened its eyes in surprise. This was definitely the sound of someone getting devoured by an overwhelming attack. After the dissipation of the blinding light, all that remained was a deep impression on the ground. In the center of the impression was a youth who held up a greenish-white spear. The black-haired youth did not have a single scratch on him as he slowly advanced forward once again towards Shaggaroth.

"What is this!"

Shaggaroth roared out in rage.

"First, an old man! Then the stupid fox! And now a qi gathering baby! Everyone is inclined to get in my way today, huh! Well, I will eat! EAT ALL OF YOU!"

"Eat! Eat!"




Its angry voice traveled out as its arms flashed forward whilst its eyes began to flash to more beams. The surrounding mouths on its body kept spewing out words as it released its continuous array of spells. More attacks flew out as it targeted both the fox in the sky as well as the youth on the ground.

"Liu Xun, be careful!"

The fox did not know how did the cultivator she met barely a week ago garner such power. However, she did not have the luxury to worry as the majority of the attack was thrown in her direction as she swung the blade in her mouth will burning away the attacks from the flank and rear with her flames as she jumped towards Shaggaroth.

Taking a light step forward, the fox then warped right in front of the mountain of meat once again. This time she had teleported directly in front one of the eyes. She had already been fighting Shaggaroth for hours and had tried numerous things against it, yet the beast just kept regenerating its wounds. It is a given that both of them had been expending their powers, but Shaggaroth would have the advantage if it could just regenerate all wounds while she had to tediously avoid each one. It had to have a weak point!

"Azure Gale Guillotine!"

She shouted as the blade flashed a strong blue light and an arc of a blue blade was emitted forward.


The blade bisected the eye as it went deep into the body. The fox then retreated as it watched expectantly to see if it had finally found a weakness.

"OOOWWWW....that hurt! Well, a tiny bit it did."





The large mountain teased out as the surrounding mouths all laughed alongside it.

"Damn, not this one as well huh!"

She grunted in disappointment. It is not like she did not know any weakness. The main large mouth at the base was obvious one of Shaggaroth's main bodies as it kept talking out the main conversation while the other mouths just supported it. The mouth at the base was tightly guarded by the surrounding arms and eyes. It was a well-defended weakness. Yet, she felt that one of the eyes was also another main part of Shaggaroth. What evidence she had? Purely instinct. The mode of using eye beams and tracking prey, there had to be something important responsible for that as well. She had been targeting several of the numerous eyes already, yet all of them had not been successful so far. Looking down, she could see the black-robed youth manage on his own as he dodge several beams, ran up the meat mountain, and pierced several spots near the main mouth while avoiding the arms.

"Wow, he seems to be faring much better than me...I cannot lose to him. Heh."

The fox muttered out in intrigue as she observed the youth continue his struggle against the main mouth.

"Stop ignoring ME!"

A whip flew across by her side as the fox took several steps back, avoiding not only the arm but several beams that flashed towards her. The fox then swung its blade forward as it swung like a boomerang towards the body. A blue flame then welled in the depths of its mouth as an azure fireball charge up and grew in size.

"Azure Howlizter!"

The blast flew forth as it landed on one of the swing arms. The encroaching flames spread on the meaty tentacle as it encased the entire body in blue flames.


The entire mountain of meat jiggled around as it swayed from side to side. The burning arm slowly turned into crisp as it failed to regenerate at all. Initially, the beast had 8 of such arms and now there were only 7 remaining. Shaggaroth roared in fury as it began to charge up even more attacks. Most of its rage was directed towards the fox in the sky as she heaved a sigh of relief.

At least, Liu Xun would be safer this way with meatball there being aggravated towards me.

The silvery-white fox then continued her battle with Shaggaroth in the sky.