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     Once he is seated in the car Rui crosses his long legs and leans back closing his eyes, thinking of how great it will be to be in the mountains with LiMei. Tomorrow he will have Bai Chiyu book his flight to Shingu Island when he goes into the hospital in the morning. 

     He has a notification he has a text. He looks at his cell. Thank you Rui I love the jade necklace. heart.. smiley face.. heart. He grins, he likes the cute emojis she includes in her text. He replies: Sweet dreams. LiMei answers: Call me tomorrow.. heart. 

      Rui is grinning she is adorable, he can't wait until she is completely his. The image of her  blushing face with her beautiful green eyes half closed as she was softly moaning under him is etched in his mind. He knows she is inexperienced so he will need to make it perfect for her first time. The crazy desire he feels for her is a new experience for him, he was barely able to control himself tonight. 

     While LiMei is washing her face she notices the love marks Rui left on her neck, she touches them thinking about how hot she was when he was kissing her. Her body was loving his caresses she has never felt those feelings before, like a wave of pleasure was washing over her. 

     Her cheeks turn red she didn't want him to stop. Is that shameless of her, they really barely know each other but she loves everything about him. His facial features are flawless. His eyes that seem to look into her soul make her heart pound when he moves his face close to hers. The way his lips curl up when he smiles is so sexy.his body is perfect, and his kisses make her feel hot all over. 

     LiMei suddenly feels very nervous he must be very experienced with women, she frowns how can she compare with the sophisticated women he probably has been dating.

     Now  she isn't sure if having him come to Shingu island is such a good idea. She is a bit more sober she doesn't want to sleep with him. Tonight the wine and the atmosphere of making up made her get carried away. She would have no idea what to do and it could be very embarrassing and what if then he threw her away that would be heartbreaking. she is not going to have sex with him no matter how romantic the setting, it would be too dangerous for her heart. She brushes her teeth with a resolute look on her face, no... I'm not going  to sleep with him. Not to mention how would I explain my tattoo from the Black Sky, she touches below her hip.

     LiMei sets her alarm and gets ready for bed, she puts the necklace back in the gift box on her nightstand leaving it open so she can look at it. Hugging her pillow she falls asleep.

    The next morning Chen Jianyu is in the Morning Glory Cafe having his coffee glancing around, doesn't the plain girl work here in the morning? He was planning to give her a ride to the company, he read the email she sent last night it only contained a few errors. He needs to look over some other bids this morning now that the fraud was exposed in the Zangwa's quotes. Lau An walks over to her table, “Jianyu do you have time to talk?”

     “Lau An you know I like this time to relax before work. Didn't I tell you to call me on Friday?” He continues to look at the financial section. “Where is the plain girl that was working here yesterday?”

      “I don't have any girls that work in the morning just Shirong.”

        “...” What was she doing yesterday turning chairs over and serving his coffee. “Wang Li didn't  she say she works here?”

        Lau An is staring at Chen Jianyu what girl?

     “I didn't ask Boss.” He thinks Chen Jianyu is acting very strange lately.

    “Anyway we need to leave. Lau An I will take a cup of coffee to go” Feng LiMei is probably out at the bus stop. He looks over towards the counter, is that flower boy Shirong her boyfriend? He is Lau An's cousin, the third son of the Chairman of Glamcon. Maybe she was helping him, he could afford the flowers she had yesterday. According to Lau An he only works at the cafe because he got in trouble and the old man wants him to see what it is like to be in customer service. Hmm..

     “Lau An does the boy at the counter have a girlfriend?”

    She never asked him. “Maybe, he is handsome enough and girls come in the cafe just to see him.”


     As he leaves the cafe Chen Jianyu looks towards the bus stop there are people waiting but he doesn't see her. Well she better not be late they have many bids to look over, he gets into the back of his car sipping his coffee. He considers maybe he should offer to give her a ride in the morning she must live by the cafe. She was irresponsible picking a fight with the burly man yesterday and he needs her as his assistant, a genius like her he can't let get injured. {LiMei would laugh her head off if she knew what Chen Jianyu is thinking right now} 

     LiMei has overslept she grabs an apple and runs to catch the bus, she barely catches it as it is leaving the bus stop. Normally the driver wouldn't stop but he recognizes her as the girl from yesterday who has strong backing, so he stops. "Thank you!" she is breathing heavily as she pays. He nods. A short distance from the Hushang Group there is an accident the bus driver pulls over and allows the people off who want to leave. 

     LiMei runs down to the Hushang Group it is about three blocks. When she arrives she looks at her watch I'm only a little late, hopefully the tyrant isn't there . She hurries to the elevator.

     The car with Chen Jianyu inside  pulls into the underground garage, they then take the elevator to the 35th floor. Suzi is sitting at her desk on the phone. He walks into his office where is the little assistant? He goes back out to Suzi's desk, “Have you seen my Special Assistant this morning?”

     “No CEO Chen.”

     “When she gets here send..” Before he can finish his sentence LiMei comes running out of the elevator with a half eaten apple. “Sorry CEO Chen there was an accident,  the bus let us off three blocks away", she takes one more bite of the apple and throws it into the wastebasket by Suzi's desk. Suzi glares at her that is for paper only, is she going to need to fish it out. After Chen Jianyu leaves she will tell the eyesore to get it out of her wastebasket.

     “Did I tell you yesterday I would dock your pay if you are late.” Chen Jianyu towers over her as he looks down he sees she is wearing the hideous green and white scarf again, it doesn't match her outfit at all. As a matter of fact the pantsuit she is wearing today is too big, shapeless and unattractive. “After we go over the bids you need to go with Suzi to our stores in the Hushang Mall and get new clothes. I told you I need you to look presentable.”

     Suzi can't help but momentarily show her feelings, she slightly frowns looking at CEO Chen and points to herself, motioning, ME? He nods, “Tell them you are my assistant and to put it on my account.”

     LiMei stares at him her strange blue eyes showing a murderous light. “CEO Chen shouldn't you be worried about my competence rather than my sense of style.”

     Chen Jianyu replies, “A person should be both competent and well dressed. I can't look at you in that scarf take it off.”

    LiMei touches her neck she is wearing the scarf because of the love bites on her neck from Rui last night, she can't take it off. “CEO Chen I won't take my scarf off I like it.”

     Suzi is stunned, this girl is absolutely unbelievable. She looks like she got her clothes from a second hand store. The CEO is willing to buy her clothes and she is giving him attitude. She is waiting for Chen Jianyu to fire this girl, she smugly sits at her desk watching the scene.

     LiMei starts to walk towards the office, Chen Jianyu is about to explode, his eyes narrow and he is exuding a cold aura. It is a simple request and she is making a big deal out of it. “Miss Feng?”


     “Remove the scarf it is giving me a headache or quit.” He can tell she needs this job she won't quit.

     LiMei looks at him is this man crazy! It is a scarf, what is the big deal. “I won't remove it and I won't quit. You can fire me though and I will report you to the Employment Board for harassment.”

     “...” Chen Jianyu thinks for a moment, now it is a matter of his pride as the CEO, Suzi is obviously watching Feng LiMei's insubordination.“Do you know how long it will take to get your compensation after I appeal?”

     LiMei wants to kick him in his leg, stupid tyrant. Her money is running out and she needs this job .He is right it could drag on for a long time even if they find in her favor. Well, what the hell she put vanishing cream on it and makeup it won't be that visible. She slowly unties the scarf while she is shooting daggers at Chen Jianyu. She can feel her cheeks turning red as she takes it off from around her neck. Smirking he feels like he just negotiated a huge deal, see if she will disobey his orders again.

     “There.” Chen Jianyu looks at her, what the hell? The little plain girl is wearing the scarf because she has love bites all over her slender neck. "Get in my office.”

     Once they are in the office he tells her she can put the scarf back on, LiMei looks at him with a look of indignation, is he shitting me? Is he bipolar...what is his problem? He is definitely insane, she wishes she was in her cute little cubicle downstairs. Working for him is going to be a living hell.

     LiMei puts the scarf back on then sits at her desk. She takes off her jacket he must have the heater on here full blast. She touches her new jade necklace thinking of Rui. Well, at least the  arrogant tyrant is taking her to Shingu island and she can go hiking with Rui. She smiles as she turns on her computer.

     Chen Jianyu is sitting at his desk with his legs crossed watching the little bunny. He didn't mean to embarrass her he thought she was being willful and it annoyed him. LiMei can feel his eyes on her what is his problem.

    “Feng LiMei.”

     “Yes CEO Chen.” Her voice is a monotone not exhibiting any emotion. If he saw so what it is none of his business. Suzi couldn't have seen because of her position, she doesn't want gossip about her from that haughty woman.

     “I went over the email you sent me you did a fairly good job with only a few mistakes. Print it out.”

     Mistakes my ass! “CEO Chen I left a copy on your desk when I left last night it should be right there.We can go over it again “ Idiot it is probably right under his nose.

     He looks on his desk the only papers are concerning an investment in Hushang Entertainment.

     LiMei can see him looking, she huffs over to show it to him, it was right in the center of the desk.

     She bends over flipping through some papers, not there. As she is leaning the over desk the white jade necklace is hanging down. Chen Jianyu can't help but notice her light scent it is filling his nose, he is distracted for a moment then he sees the jade necklace against her creamy white skin. What the fuck! It is flawless piece of white jade, the design is unique. He recognizes the necklace it was a piece at the jewelers auction at the Crescent Moon Hotel a week ago. Lau An was interested in it but was outbid by an exclusive downtown jeweler. They would mark the price up further when they sold it so the price was even higher. 

     Chen Jianyu's eyes widen, who would give the little bunny something so valuable and she is wearing it to work as though it is a common piece of jewelry. He is baffled, after the scarf incident he can't ask her, the little assistant seems to have quite a temper and they have many bids to go through.

     His thoughts are interrupted when LiMei says to him, “You have a spy I clearly left it on your desk yesterday afternoon and most likely the email was corrupted. Luckily I have a copy in my purse. You will find it has no mistakes” LiMei is confident in her work when she was with the Black Sky she learned a hard lesson anytime she made a mistake. Kuang Fu is a sadistic bastard and loved to find an excuse to have her whipped as he watched. She shivers as she remembers his sinister laughter as she screamed in pain if it weren't for Kuang Bo's healing lotions from Uncle Xinghi she would have a back full of scars. His insidious voice as he would tell her, “Qin Daiyu if you aren't perfect..what good are you to me.."

   Chen Jianyu rubs his temples, this project hasn't begun and it is a pain in his ass.  “Let me see.”

     LiMei walks over to her desk then pulls the report from her purse hands it to him with a smug look on her face. After reading through all the pages his face contorts in anger as he can immediately see the difference between this report and the email he received, this report is flawless. He bangs his hand on his desk, picking up his phone, “Suzi get in here now!”

   Suzi panics, could he have discovered she took the report from his desk and Sun Yichen corrupted the email. No impossible. She can say she never saw the report. Straightening her skirt and putting a fake smile on her face she enters his office, “What do you need CEO Chen?”

     LiMei admires Suzi's composure, this woman is good, she is the only person who has access to his office but she looks calm with that smile on her face.

     After reconsidering Chen Jianyu decides he isn't going to confront her right now, “Take Feng LiMei to the Mall , I have a meeting and won't need her until after lunch.”

     “...” Limei is stunned thinking what the hell Chen Jianyu aren't you going to fire her, why do I have to go to the Mall with her? You were going to fire me because you didn't like my scarf!  She sabotaged your plans!

    “Both of you go.”

     Suzi smiles, “Feng LiMei I will call the driver we can meet him out front.”

     LiMei doesn't want to go with this sneaky witch anywhere let alone shopping for clothes. Dammit, the stupid tyrant makes no sense at all.