V² 10: [Seryk Side] [Infernal Suffering]
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[Time skip 1 Month]

My name is Weritho Seryk.

And now... I'm in hell!!

I'm tired.


~Crech~ (A stick breaking)

He's here.

"Hey~ where are you~? Come here~ I will not hurt you if you came~" said the voice.

I started to run again, faster than before. 

"Found you~," said the voice, now in front of me.

"I lost, again," I said "But you are very fast, Sura"

The voice who was chasing me was Sura, now I'm training my speed and resistance. 

Every day, during this month, I ran, hunted and "used" magic.

My aptitude for magic is terrible.

I can use just Non-Elemental magic and Fire Magic.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Sura.

"Nothing... Just how weak I am." I said.

"Well... Yes, you are weak, but you can become strong," said Sura smiling.

My soul trembled. 

Maybe he is my [Half-Soul].

No! He's a wolf, I'm a cat. 

He is my teacher. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Why are you face red..?" asked Sura with his nose touching my nose. "Are you sick?"

"N-no!! I'm just thinking!" I said.

Why? I'm just a toy. And toys don't need feelings. 

I don't need feelings.


"What happened?" asked Sura 

"Nothing." I smiled. "Let's go back?"

Hum... Let's see the status.




[Name: Weritho Seryk]|[Lvl: 20|50]|[Age:24]|[Species:Catkin (Behemoth)]|[Job:Ex Sex-Slave]|[Magical Elements: Fire/Non-Elemental]


[Skills:] (Active) [Dash lvl 8]|[Mining lvl 3]|[Clear lvl 2]|[Jump lvl 6]|

[Non-Elemental Magic:] [Mana Bullet lvl 4]|[Body Reinforcement lvl 5]|[Mana Shield lvl 2]

[Fire Magic:] [Fire Bullet lvl 3]|[Fire Shield lvl 2]|[Fire Armor lvl 3]|[Fire Impulse lvl 2]|

[Martial Arts: Sword] [Cut lvl 3]

[Racial Skill:] [Beast Transformation lvl max]

[Skills:] (Passive) [Pain Damage Resistance lvl 4]|[Physical Damage Resistance lvl 3]|[Magic Damage Resistance lvl 2]|[Big Sexual Stamina lvl 2]|[Big Stamina lvl 8]|[Tiredness Resistance lvl 4]|[Mana Control lvl 1]|[Swordsmanship lvl 2]

[Languages:] [Beastkin lvl max]|[Elf lvl 6]|[Wolf Language lvl 2]

[Titles:] [Bastard Son]|[Hell Training Survivor]|[Toy]

[Status effect:] [Tired]|[Cursed]


"Well... Because of my sex slave curse, I can't transform into my [Beast Form]" I said while walking to the cave "But I can fight now, thank you." I said looking at his eyes. 

He blushed...? What?

Wolfs can blush? 

"W-well, let's go, I'm hungry," he said entering the cave.