Volume² 1: [Crystal]
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My head hurt...

It's strange... I don't feel sad anymore.

But my head still hurts.

Too much information at the same time.

Ok, the pain passed away.

Status, open new information.


[Congratulations your brain now can handle. The Book of Analyst can now be open!]

[Unique Skill:] [Mature Will (New)]


The [Book of Analyst] can be opened now? Finally.

Open [Book of Analyst].

[Initiating the process of absorption of basic information.]

Bad idea. I fainted


"Wake up! Darling, wake up!"

"Hun... More five minutes Rita."

Wait...Rita? Using my back I got up quickly and looked at the direction that came to the voice.


"Duh?? Who would it be?"

Uh...my head.

"Are you with a headache?"

"I guess so..."

"I'll get medicine for you, sleep a little bit more"


Huh? I'm back? 

It's already morning.

Looking around I just saw the mountains and the crater created by my parent's fight. I think I'm back.

[Basic information absorption concluded]

[Welcome to the Book of Analyst]

What? System? 

[I'm not the system, I'm the Book of Analyst]

So... What are you good for?

[Save and Retrieve information]

What? Save and Retrieve? How I do it?

[To save the information you need to say (Save) and the slot number]


[Say Book Materialize]

"Book Materialize"

A book appeared in front of me, blue cover and in its cover written [Analyst Book]

What is this?

[My body]

Your body?

[Yes, you can save information on my pages]

Ok, let me try.

"Save [Sura Status] on slot 1"


Only that? 

[You want fireworks too?]

No. So... How I buy information?

[With Analyze Points]

Analyze points?

[Yes, because of your nature, when you analyze anything you gain Analyze Points to buy information from me, or you can buy Analyze Point with real money or Magic Crystals]

Ok... I got it. I guess... I want to buy the information.

[Just need to say Analyst Shop]

"Analyst Shop"

----------------Analyst Shop-----------

[Analyze Points:] [500] 

[Specific Information:] [250 Points]

[Random Information:] [50 Points]

[Skills Specific Information] [300 Points]

[Skills Random Information] [200]

[Item Specific Information] [200]

[Item Random Information] [150]


Oh... interesting.

[You chose the information that you want?]

Yes, I want the [Item Specific Information]

[Depending on the item rarity, plus points will be charged, bear this in your mind]

Ok, I want this crystal information.

I said pointing at the crystals that my father and mother gave d me.

[Buying Information (300 plus points) ...Transferring Information.]

All my [500 points]?? Ok.


[S-Rank Beast Heart Crystal]

[It's a crystal of a rank S beast, can be used to create magic items. When consumed by a beast, the beast has a little chance of acquiring one of the crystal past owner skill.]


What? One skill? Let me eat it.

Putting the two small crystals on my mouth, i bit it down.


Author: What skill he will get? I'm thinking about it.

Bye bye pon.